Crowning Achievement

Wha!? We’re already at the hospital, just about to make the delivery? Dead Skunk Head didn’t escort them there while wearing the Wonder Woman costume he got caught in when Darrin rushed over to his house unnanounced? TomBat missed comedy gold!

I don’t want to be here in Today’s strip in fact, none of us do, but the trip to the hospital was actually a non-event. So Darrin used a company vehicle to take her wife to the hospital. Hardly a story worth repeating around the Thanksgiving table years later.

I see where the comedy was *supposed* to come from in P3 “I’m the one doin’ all the work here, ya goob!” but it just comes across like dear ol’ Jess is right on the verge of asking for a divorce once the baby pops out.


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19 responses to “Crowning Achievement

  1. Epicus Doomus


    Yep, the irritating husband annoying his pain-ravaged wife during her delivery…there’s a trope you don’t see too often.

  2. Rick Brooks

    USA! USA!

  3. Rusty

    I don’t remember having to wear a surgical mask during my wife’s deliveries, including caesarean. Meh, just more hackery.

  4. John

    “And then she told everybody in the delivery room that my parents were never married!” — Bill Cosby….THREE DECADES AGO.

    Way to tackle contemporary issues affecting young adults in a realistic and sensitive manner there, Tom.

    What next? Mother-in-law jokes? Airline food? I can hardly wait.

  5. How is this screwed up? Let us count the ways:
    1.) Lying flat on the back=lousy birth position. Especially if you’re going the no-painkillers route (as seems to be the case here); one of the advantages of not having an epidural is that you can move around or squat or get into whatever position feels right. (Even if you’re on an epidural you can sit up, which is better than nothing.)
    2.) Even assuming Jess and her doctors don’t know #1, her legs should be pushed up around her belly or in stirrups or something, not flat on the bed (which is the only place they could be given the composition of panel one).
    3.) There is only one reason I know of for Boy Lisa to be in surgical scrubs and a mask: if Jess needed a C-section and he was going into the operating room with her. If this were the case, they would be busy prepping her rather than going through the “push, push” routine.
    4.) I know hospital beds aren’t exactly models of comfort, but damn, that is the narrowest one I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t even have safety bars.
    5.) The birth seems to be taking place in a black, eternal void. (No wait, that actually makes sense for this strip.)

  6. Epicus Doomus

    So the first two days of this arc were straight-up lifted from an old arc (which itself was as corny as all hell), the third day featured two other totally unrelated characters TALKING about that old arc and now this piece of crap straight out of a terrible, long-forgotten 1980’s prime time network sitcom that was cancelled without fanfare five episodes in. How anyone could actually get paid for coming up something this blatantly devoid of imagination, substance and entertainment value continues to amaze, shock and depress the living shit out of me. I mean based on what little I know about him, TB seems like a nice enough guy and I THINK he’s sincere and all, but come on. He has to either have pictures of high-ranking Kings Features executives in highly compromising positions and/or a shrine to Mephistopheles in a secret room behind the bookcase in the Batom Inc. studio. Otherwise it’s just inexplicable.

  7. DOlz

    I think the wife of dead Lisa’s son Darrin is speaking for all of us to TB in the last panel.

  8. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Today’s strip would benefit with that Wally reaction shot as Panel 4.

  9. Gyre

    Well, this isn’t really bad. It’s just dull. In a way that’s even worse. At least you can say something about something bad.

  10. Sometimes I try to imagine myself as a syndicated cartoonist. I’ve been drawing the same strip for over forty years. I look at the model sheets of my characters and the blank drawing board, and I sit back and fold my hands over my chin.

    I hate every single one of these characters. I cannot stand to look at them. For the last ten years, looking at them has been like putting thumb-tacks in my eyes.

    Compulsively, I lean forward, pick up a box of thumb tacks on the left side of my desk, and place it on the right side. I lean back again.

    Why do I keep doing this? Why don’t I just quit and do something I enjoy doing? It’s not too late, is it? I don’t have to do this, do I?

    Then I see my syndicate contract, sitting under a stack of bills. I sigh, pick up my pen, and start drawing, without even looking at what I’m doing. I only know when I’m done.

  11. Orbiter

    It would be funny if Groucho Marx popped out from between her legs.

  12. What could have been an important chapter in the Westview saga becomes just another filler arc before band turkey week.

  13. billytheskink

    Is the doctor in panel 1 wearing anything under those scrubs?
    The colorist sez “no”… Kinky.

  14. Professor Fate

    The child shall Lisa! Sing in the Streets our Lisa has come back to us!

  15. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Is it a boy or a girl?

    Neither, it’s just a prop!

  16. One of our tropes is “gee, TB seems like a nice enough guy.” How, then, does he ruin every good thing with banality? I don’t mean to compare a superannuated, lousy comic strip with the infamous acts of the Third Reich, but this, too, is the banality of evil.

    So. Batominc is a nice enough corporation, but its comic strip

    • Portrays women (except the Sainted Lisa) as harridans and fools who live lives of quiet desperation out of deference to their husbands
    • Depicts life as an interminable sequence of insults, illness, stroke, debility, cancer, alcoholism, senility, and death (except the immortal Dead Lisa, who haunts park benches, living rooms, and white courtesy telephones)
    • Has an author avatar whose smugness is exceeded only by his inadvertently depicted incompetence and unhealthy inability to let go of his dead wife (dead 2 decades!), to the detriment of his racially chameleon-like doormat of a second wife
    • Treats the teenagers who are ostensibly its focus as callow, spiteful buffoons, principally characterized by their ignorance, dishonesty, and secret homosexuality
    • Insults its readership with wall-of-text diatribes about how woefully they misunderstand comics
    • And, now, today, treats the “miracle of birth” with plot lines and jokes that were already old 40 years ago

    And so it goes. Heigh-ho.

  17. Charles

    Portrays women (except the Sainted Lisa) as harridans and fools who live lives of quiet desperation out of deference to their husbands

    That’s merely the Madonna/Whore trope framed in a particular way. Lisa’s the Madonna; all the other women are “whores”.

    I would forgive today’s cliche dope-tastic strip if tomorrow shows Jess grabbing Son-of-Lisa’s bottom lip and pulling it over his head.

    The only way to portray an old joke is to go extreme.


    –It would be funny if Groucho Marx popped out from between her legs.–.
    No not really. Given how badly this strip is drawn, Groucho Marx would probably look exactly like Les Moore. Imagine Les Moore emerging from your wive’s crotch? Thank, you and pleasant dream.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    DavidO: Excellent post title today, BTW.