Old Lame Syne

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I guess Les isn’t hosting his New Year’s party this year and all I can say about that is thank f*cking God. Anyone who lived through THAT trauma knows exactly what I mean. Anyhow, Cory and his lady friend Rocky obviously decided to take the lamest possible approach to their NYE planning, opting to sit on mom and dad’s sofa while the geriatric Funk-Man staggers off to bed at quarter to twelve, fully living up to his “my life is already over” philosophy.

The punch line here left me a little baffled…”they know, they know”. What, that they can tell time? Or that they’re unbelievably lame? While I never really “liked” Cory, he sure was more enjoyable when he was a surly disagreeable punk instead of boring Corporal Winkerbean.

Hope everyone has a happy New Year, looking forward to another fun-filled year of prestige arcs and filler (mostly filler)! Enjoy!


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11 responses to “Old Lame Syne

  1. Well, this makes no sense. Usually when comic strip authors trot out the “too old to stay up for New Year’s Eve” gag, the characters in question are in bed by ten. Yet Ma and Pa Winkerbean stick it out, only to give up moments before the ball drops. That’s less a sign of age and more a sign of willful misery.

    Rocky, meanwhile, is fulfilling her purpose as a Funkyverse female by feeding straight lines to her male counterpart.

  2. O.B. Dan

    I guess Les isn’t hosting his New Year’s party this year and all I can say about that is thank f*cking God. Anyone who lived through THAT trauma knows exactly what I mean.

    Yes, we know what that means…and you know what I mean when I say that doesn’t mean Les won’t slip away for a few moments with the one he loves the most. Or Lisa, if she shows up…

  3. O.B. Dan

    Because I can’t handle visiting Funkytown every day, instead only visiting occasionally, I’m usually behind on the blog, too…and in this case I wasn’t there when the call for help went out.

    I can’t recall who asked, but – no, Cory should no way in the real Army be a corporal. At best, and only if he absolutely aced basic and MOS training (Basic Combat Training, or BCT, and Advanced Individual Training, or AIT), would he be at most a Private First Class (PFC, with a chevron, or “stripe, and a rocker under it).

    I taught Military Police AIT at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and even the best of the best never made that kind of rank that early on.

    To sum up – Batiuk is, once again, out of touch with the real world.

  4. Funky gives the biggest “stage yawn” I’ve ever seen. It’s clear that he wants Cory and Rocky to, you know, “get busy.”

    Cory, being a Winkerbean-by-proxy, knows that there will be embarrassing performance problems, and he was hoping Funky would put everyone into a death spiral with his grousing and moping. And now he’s on the spot.

    That’s how I interpret this strip. I certainly don’t see a joke. Nice that Rocky finally gets a couple of lines.

  5. merrypookster

    Well these (2) combat veterans are still too young to drink so the only alternative would have been a movie and a pizza.

  6. merrypookster

    Hi ya OB Dan…. It took me exactly 2 years to make E-4.

  7. I can’t wait for a few months from now when Holly’s excitedly telling all of Westview that Cory’s been promoted to “court marshal”.

  8. billytheskink

    This is my New Year’s resolution
    When Funky gripes and Lisa’s specter lurks
    And Les lays it on heavy with the smirks
    I resolve not to complain so viciously
    I should never have had expectations for TB

    With sincere apologies to Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

  9. Chaos Clockwork

    Gotta say – Gleeb’s comment at Comics Kingdom is perfect.

  10. I think I figured something out.

    If you were to print out, say, two weeks of Funky Winkerbean comical stories and arrange them in a notebook or something, I know how you could really make use of those pages.

    If you know any hyperactive, bouncing-around children (if you work in a daycare, for example), you could read the pages to those children and it would slow them right down. They’d never complain about going to bed again. You’d always know where they were–right there, silent and staring on the couch. And if they got nothing for Christmas, they’d be happy about it.

    Funky Winkerbean–toddler control for the modern age.

    I wouldn’t read them more than two weeks, though. You don’t want them to kill themselves after all.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    O.B. Dan: That was me. In the main, I don’t pretend to be some military know-all, but I thought Cory rising through the ranks so quickly was a tad unusual. As I understand it, you start off as a plain old private and then you graduate to PFC. Like I said the other day, Cory is like the anti-Wally…his military service is all rainbows, women and promotions, unlike Wally’s which was all misery and woe.

    BC: I had the exact same fleeting notion, that perhaps Funky was allowing Cory and Roxanne a little (ahem) “alone time” on the ol’ Winkerbean sofa. It’s sort of interesting how Cory…the former rebel without a cause…is now so domesticated that he’ll spend NYE on his parent’s couch. I said “sort of” as in “not really but kind of semi-noteworthy”, at least to beady-eyed nitpickers like myself.