Ret-Kahn Time

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I couldn’t resist one last awful Khan pun to close out the week. I guess the retcon panel is supposed to imply that Montoni’s managed to somehow survive in the worst commercial space in the entire world even in spite of the fact that the business was owned and operated by a complete imbecile with extremely low expectations. So as I pointed out yesterday, nothing has really changed in that town regardless of the current state of “the economy”…it’s a huge fail-hole populated by depressing, stupid people is all. Knowing how these people think, they probably rub the burn scars they got from eating “pizza on a stick” fondly while reminiscing about “the old days”.

I’d like to believe that Old Man Montoni would likewise be amazed by how unbelievably narcissistic and self-absorbed these idiots are and that he’d be appalled by how they always make everything about themselves. But he did live there too, so I doubt he’d even notice that anything was amiss with these clowns.


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10 responses to “Ret-Kahn Time

  1. Oh please, like “Let’s introduce breakfast pizza several years after everyone else has thought of the idea!” was such a great business innovation…

  2. I’m going with Batiuk blaming the government just like he did when Funky lost his chain of pizzarias. (When it was his fault.)

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Love the snazzy new masthead, TFH!! Long live Khan, and Kahn too.

    Poor downtrodden old Funky, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. And how ironic is it that the president of the local chamber of commerce just happens to be the last business owner standing? Yeah, there’s John too but seriously, come on. Until he invests in a sign for his door that is a clubhouse, not a business.

  4. Saturnino

    “Knowing how these people think, they probably rub the burn scars they got from eating “pizza on a stick” fondly while reminiscing about “the old days”.”

    Given that Crankshaft is set ten years in the past as against FW, I would say they got their scars from the napalm that Crankshaft used on the gardens back then.

    Napalmed pizza on a stick. Yummy.

  5. Merry Pookster

    I got another use for ya with that stick Batiuk

  6. Inexplicably—or in a rare case of inadvertent Batominc genius—Jeremy Hillary Boob portrays the elder Montoni in panel 2.

  7. John

    Funky: “I almost felt pity and compassion for someone other than myself, Tony….but then I decided nope, it’s all about ME!”

    Tony: “….why did you call to tell me this?”

    Funky: “I don’t know and I don’t care. Like I said, it’s all about ME.”

  8. Chaos Clockwork

    After a week of dealing with a disillusioned Afghani immigrant (now an emigrant), a shell-shocked war vet, and an old-before-his-time pizza joint owner, as they’ve dealt with economic depression, I think there’s an important sentence we should all keep in mind…

    ‘Funky Winkerbean is a reality-based comic strip that depicts contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.’

  9. So now there was a senior Mr. Montoni, who looks like one of the anthropomorphic creatures from the PBS cartoon “Arthur.” What a twist!

  10. Actually the art is so bad I can’t tell who is senior and who is junior.