And The Cradle Will Smirk

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BAAHHHH! Oh, don’t mind me, I was just startled by that weird pacifier-sucking baby head floating around in the first panel. Absolutely haunting. As are those snow-covered stairs leading up to that apartment, a real death trap if I’ve ever seen one.

I don’t know about you guys but I never get enough of Boy Lisa MBA cracking wise about the technology these kids today something something what who cares. Oh sorry, I meant to say “Never get. Enough.”, sorry about the mix-up. And that side-smirk Jessica throws him, are women supposed to be smirking like that so soon after giving birth? Or at any other time? And what is that eerie glow in the room? That baby’s head looks strangely translucent today, doesn’t it?

Oh well, it’s been a blast as always but now it’s time to turn things over to the next young firebrand on the SoSF team…the always snark-tastic Beckoning Chasm! Until next time…stay Funky!


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9 responses to “And The Cradle Will Smirk

  1. Gyre

    That… really wasn’t funny. I mean, it wasn’t terrible or anything. But were this some other writer I really would expect more from a Sunday strip than this.

  2. crm114

    Is it the display on my phone or does the masthead show the baby with a two day growth/ beard? More weird and funky time travel or simply lazy Bats? Really, it’s fun to find the bizarre mistakes such as backward reading pizza store
    signs, etc.

  3. Give him credit, at least Skyler looks roughly the age he’s supposed to be today. The rest of the strip is a non-entity, but one thing about it is right.

  4. DOlz

    Are you sure that’s a pacifier in the baby’s mouth in the header? On first seeing it I thought the colorist had made a mistake on his mustache and goatee.

    Of course having gotten to the last panel and reading the baby is already embracing the modern world (technology) maybe it is a mustache and goatee. After all aren’t those a hack’s visual cue that someone is evil?

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Give Batiuk credit where REAL credit is due: He can’t draw Darin holding a baby properly, but CAN draw said baby in a mangled heap as a result of his previous failed art attempt. Bravo, Mr. Batiuk! Bravo!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Are Darin and Jessica the only people on Main Street after Montoni’s and the Korner close? Man, that seems creepy and come to think of it I’ve never seen a cop in that town either so hopefully they have some sort of way to defend themselves against the copper pipe and wire-scavenging hordes that descend upon the place every time another business tanks. It’s so funny how Boy Lisa is an MBA in a town with no businesses to administer and a computer-gizmo-whiz-kid-genius in a town that shuns all technological advances. No wonder he ended up living above some of mid-central Ohio’s least coveted real estate, you know? That supposed “good job” he allegedly had in the “big city” before he was “laid off” is looking more and more like a bullshit story to me. Interesting how they never mention or refer to those mysterious missing ten years, you know? It’s almost as if someone or something wants to pretend that the “time jump” never happened, but only when it makes the story simpler…oddly enough.

  7. That floating baby head looks like he’s wearing a Heisenberg beard, but I guess it’s supposed to be a chrome-plated pacifier? We’re barely into 2014 and Bat-ick has already reached a new low in his “drawing.”

  8. John

    Epicus: The weird thing is, when one realizes the mysterious phantom “friends” Darin & Jess were allegedly going to stay with before Les budged in haven’t been seen or alluded to at ALL, that in fact from what we’ve seen they HAVE NO FRIENDS, not of their own, it becomes clear Pizza App and Budding Documentarian have lived a lie for years upon years.

  9. John

    The family situation isn’t much better. Darin sometimes acts as if he kind of cares about Ann and Fred…when he isn’t inexplicably mooning over Lisa.

    Jess has a living mother who remembers her father John Darling Who Was Murdered Who Les Wrote a Book About a -lot- better than anyone else, but Skyler’s birth was the first contact seen between them in YEARS. These people are so ISOLATED.