For A Good Time Call Anyone But These Two Guys

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So, what’s the “modern day equivalent” of a FW comic strip? Overdosing on muscle relaxers? Too much turkey and wine? Going to jury duty? Melatonin? Ambien?

So who’s more annoying today? The ever-mopey Pete, who acts like his dream job is nothing but pure torture? Or Boy Lisa sitting around in his socks making obnoxious snide faces as he uses the internet to complain about the internet? It’s a toss-up IMO, although Boy Lisa definitely has punch-ability to spare today. He’s almost as insufferable as that mother of his used to be. And if he’s so smart, why is he still working at Montoni’s? What a bio-step dick.

All of this nonsense might be slightly less incoherent if the whole thing wasn’t Pete’s idea in the first place. But Ban Tom got all caught up in breaking The Internet’s balls, so things like continuity and events that actually occurred in the story were pushed aside so he could take more shots at…well, us, I guess. The funniest thing about this one is that after blowing his wad in panel two, he tries to take a shot at “editors” just for the hell of it, which of course falls completely flat because readers with actual functional memories will recall that his editors were all 100% behind the idea. Again, he ignores facts in favor of taking a jab at something, then fails at that too. What a sad and pathetic debacle.



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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I wonder if Pete’s response will be to write a comic about how awful internet commenters are. That would really be as close to reality as this strip’s ever gotten, actually.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I wish he’d just do the anti-snark blog arc he’s dying to do and stop with the nonsense already. The idea has been proposed before and I’ve already trademarked “Epic Doofus”, “TF Hacky”, “Blech-oning Spasm”, “oddcrock”, “DavidWoe” and “sillythestink” in anticipation. What does he have to lose? We’re practically the only people reading it anyway.

  3. Wow…Tom Batiuk’s skin is quite a paradox. It’s incredibly thin and easily scraped, yet it’s amazing tough and resists all outside forces.


  4. Epicus Doomus

    BOOOO-ya! ZING! In your FACE, Boy Lisa!!!!!

  5. Nathan Obral

    “So, what’s the “modern day equivalent” of a FW comic strip?”

    I really want to answer the question, but this is a family blog. And I can’t do a good impersonation of James Rolfe’s “Angry Video Game Nerd” character.

    The best answer I can give? Arsenic.

  6. Jim in Wisc.

    L’Auteur Glorieux thinks, “Boy, I got those Internutz but good! They’ll never recover from this stinging insult!” The Internutz, however, just laugh at what a think-skinned crybaby he is.

  7. merrypookster

    At least we are seeing less of les……and zero of summer,wally & rachael crazy harry or any of his (3) kids, darins parents, his step sister (?),Rana,jinx, wally junior, that dog buddy,those 2 black people, Susan Underhill, Audrey Farber & especially Betty Jo Bilasski.

  8. Jim in Wisc.

    @merrypookster: Hey now! Don’t be dissin’ on Buddy. He’s the only likeable character in this strip.

  9. SpacemanSpiff85

    The fantastic thing about all this is that Pete’s never once defended the storyline. He admits it’s stupid. And apparently the only retort he has to the tweeter tots is “Oh yeah? Well you’re stupid!”. Batiuk’s writing a month-long arc about how evil internet commenters are, and yet all he’s really got to say about us is “Hey, you suck, just because”. He’s showcasing exactly why people criticize him.

  10. @merrypookster–Oh, you must mean Nancy! You can sit here in the waiting room, or wait here, in the sitting room…

  11. Rembrandt36

    Epicus – your inverted Deathy McMask looks like Farrell Williams in his bell hop costume. TH – please never ever ever ever ever ever get rid of the pic of Funky choking Les in the masthead. Jim – I agree, Buddy is alright. So was Kili the cat – which we will never see again. Cute little thing.

  12. Nathan Obral

    Wait a minute… St. Darin the Fair Good works at Montoni’s? When did that happen? I thought that both he and Jessica Darling (the daughter of My Father John Darling who was murdered) were both unemployed after Jessica Darling (the daughter of My Father John Darling who was murdered) failed spectacularly in her documentary attempt (on My Father John Darling who was murdered).

  13. Rick Brooks

    merrypookster and beckoningchasm – “You haven’t seen the last of me.”
    “No, but the first of you turns my stomach!”

  14. DOlz

    Panel one, “You should see the unprintable things they’re saying about my clone story on the net, Darin”

    Umm if you’re reading these comments then they have been printed. I know TB doesn’t value anything not published on pulp paper, but electronic or not they’ve been printed.

    Panel two and three, Did some mean editor suggest you compromise your artistic vision by doing one of the following:

    1) work on your continuity
    2) try to draw your characters consistently and no brick walls aren’t a character.
    3) actually finish a storyline
    4) actually finish a storyline in a way that make sense
    5) feel free to add to this list

    Is that what got your knickers in a knot this time TB?

  15. Jon I Am

    Batiuk seems to care a whole lot about us meanies on the internet for someone who professes so much to be above it all.

  16. Epicus Doomus

    Rembrandt36: Masky McLife!

    Nathan Obral: After Boy Lisa and wife moved in to Moore Manor (he was “laid off” from his Big City MBA job and crept back to Westview in shame with no real plan), Les used his pizza connections to secure Darin a job at Montoni’s. He created some sort of “app” then he invented breakfast pizza. As far as I know he’s been employed there ever since and he currently holds the world record for shortest work commute. As far as what he actually does there, you’ll have to ask Wally and Rachel. I’ve never really cared much for him, especially since he was revealed to be Les’ bio-stepson.

  17. DOlz

    @Jon I Am, yep and he could shut us up if he put half as much effort into the strip as he does whining about being a poor misunderstood artist.

  18. JerrytheMacGuy

    Is Mopey Pete a descendent of George Baker’s lazy, but put-upon World War II army private, “Sad Sack”?

    MP’s “snoze” and lethargic manner reminded me of the character I read in Harvey Comics in the early 1960s. All MP needs is a bucket for latrine duty and “Sarge” to bark at him.

    Here is a fine article on George Baker I found using Grandpa Google:

  19. Darin and/or Batiuk is just jealous because he wishes he could aspire to asylum-bathroom level prose.

  20. @Rick Brooks — “Fortunately, he stopped on a dime! Unfortunately, the dime was in Mr. Batiuk’s pocket!”

  21. There he goes again with this crap! Again, Tom: it’s NOT our fault if YOUR comic strips stink. If we feel the need to react, we react. It’s completely natural to voice an opinion (within reason). Especially those readers who have followed this strip since the original group were high school kids. Ever though about that, Mr. Batiuk?

  22. And of course, it’s neither Pete nor Batiuk’s fault if people fail to love his material. There must be something wrong with us because the alternative is that he made a bad decision for a specious reason and can’t get out of the corner he’s painted himself into.

  23. Chyron HR

    “Once I throw a temper tantrum on the pages of hundreds (would you believe dozens?) of newspapers nationwide, everybody will finally start respecting my work!”

    – Tom “WAAAAAH” Batiuk

  24. Rusty Shackleford

    From the front page to the comics page, newspapers have become total crap. I’m still amazed that cartoonists get paid for this crap. FW could be a good strip, but instead it’s just place for Batiuk to scribble out some random thoughts, and maybe a few pot shots at his critics.

    Then he cashes his check and heads out to a coffee shop to chat with his Kent State buddies to pine about “the good ol days”

  25. billytheskink

    Sorry for the short comment today, but I have to make time to write “How do these two video chat without cameras? And how does Durwood video chat at all on a 20 year old Powerbook Duo?” on the wall of the lavatory here at the institute before they give me my medication.

  26. captaincab

    “But you should see the comments from my editors! YUK-YUK *cue canned sitcom laugh track*”

    As Epicus said, this line is made all the more brazen in its laziness obviously due to the fact that his editors WANTED him to do the story just to get the internet whipped into a frenzy and “troll the twitter tots” for some dirty, cheap PR for the comic. But now these same editors who WANTED to set the internet on fire are trolling Pete online over the fact that….he set the internet on fire by trolling fans which is what they told him to do in the first place and because they’re mad about THEIR OWN mandate to troll the fans? Funky Winkerbean: The Anti-Moebius Strip!

  27. I come late to the party, but I did manage to make here. Love the header of this website. As for TB, his feeling about the “interweb” are sadly well known.

  28. captaincab

    Also, DOLz makes a good point, I really do wonder if any of Batiuk’s editors have leaned on him to try and actually improve the quality of the strip? “Hey uh, Tom. Yeah, we appreciate your work over the years but we’re seeing an increasing amount of calls from newspapers who want to remove Funky Winkerbean so they can replace it with current, popular strips like Mutts, Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy. Now nobody is teling you to get rid of serious storylines, but is there any chance you could at least vary the stories more, make the characters a bit more sympathetic and identifiable with our readership and punch up the writing a bit?” Batom: “Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! Now my editors are just like the mean people online who don’t understand my genius! I’m gonna make a storyline about BOTH fans AND my editors!!! wahhhhh”

  29. Jim in Wisc.

    Rembrandt36 wrote: Jim – I agree, Buddy is alright. So was Kili the cat – which we will never see again. Cute little thing.

    Yeah, the cat was pretty cool, mostly because he tormented Less More.

  30. These two 30-something men are drawn in a way I can describe only as gelatinous.

  31. captaincab

    Also, Batiuk looks really cranky in that picture in the banner, fits so well, haha

  32. Professor Fate

    Actually if memory serves the Author does not HAVE and editor at the syndicate – which explains quite a bit.
    Anyway I always wondered if it bothered the author that he has not only – this site – congrats on the anniversary by the by – but a regular monthly review of the most depressing FW strips that month pointing out just what a horrible train wreck this strip is, plus FW is a regular target of mockery over at Comics Curmudgeon . This strip answers that . It bugs him noooooo end.

  33. Jimmy

    The asylum comment is the only thing that makes sense because this arc is full-on crazy now. Pete pitched it, or his editors forced it on him, then he wrote it, and they edited it, now they hate him, and 19th century asylum walls, and the man in my head is real.

    I’m suing TB for giving me cognitive dissonance.

  34. @Jim – that was a different cat. Kili the kitten went up Mount Kilimanjaro in a development that could only be called “really stupid.”

  35. Gyre

    Here’s the even weirder thing. This was all intended to happen to stir controversy and boost sales. So why is Pete so surprised? Making customers angry was the whole point of it.

  36. Smirks 'R Us

    Today’s strip is so obviously directed at this website that I think a cease and desist letter is in order.

  37. I meant to write *thought* on my previous comment. Not “though”. Sorry about that.

  38. bad wolf

    My only guess is that this may reflect some story from Tony Isabella or John Byrne, about having to write a story at editorial request that then got hung on them after fan blowback. I’m reaching here, as i don’t remember such a situation offhand, at least not with one of TB’s friends.

    I mean i’m trying to find any sense here.

  39. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, Kili The Cat was the kitten that stowed away in that idiot Dan’s luggage during the big Kilimanjaro arc a few years back. Le Chat Bleu is Les’ tormenter. Too bad Pete doesn’t hallucinate a giant squid or a crocodile or something, anything that might end this arc early would be welcome.

  40. Jim in Wisc.

    @beckoningchasm: That’s right. I’d forgotten about that piece of idiocy.

  41. Jim in Wisc.

    Oh,m and thanks also to Epicus for helping refresh my memory.

  42. Jim in Wisc.

    captaincab wrote: Also, Batiuk looks really cranky in that picture in the banner, fits so well, haha

    That was when he was at ComicCon a couple years ago. I’m guessing that was taken right after someone called him out as a hack.