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Failing Up

No doubt TB means to suggest that a “Netbusters” movie is barely a notch above “straight to cell phone.”

Me, two days ago

OK, I stand corrected: they are equivalent. For once, Batiuk seems to have achieved synchronicity between seemingly divergent plotlines, and the results are just as implausible as you’d expect. Pete, who sat practically mute as his editors shitcanned him, vents at length to his Skype wife Darin (these guys are too cutting edge to just talk over the phone; anyway, Pete’s panel 3 air quotes would be lost in translation).

The Hollywood writers don’t know how to handle superheroes…” This has to be the most howlingly funny and asinine thing that TB has written in years. Comic book adaptions continue to be among the biggest-grossing movies year after year, and probably not on the strength of the writing. Mason Jarr the movie star, because he has just so much clout in this town, decides that the answer is to “bring in some fresh talent” from the comical books. This of course spells opportunity for Pete Reynaldo, freshly chewed up and spit out by New York, whose epic struggles vs. deadlines should play just fine with the studio.



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Off The Deep End

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I believe he’s used “shallow end of the gene pool” before, although I don’t remember where or when. It’s too Batiukian, there’s no way that’s new. Maybe during one of those Owen arcs with Wedgeman or something.

So let me get this straight. Pete decided to write a balls-out crazy “Mister Sponge” story to attract attention even though he knew it’d annoy and alienate some long-time readers. Then he became angry over the online whackadoodles who told him they were annoyed and alienated. I see. Perhaps his next step might be a series of puff-piece interviews where he could blithely dismiss his critics, followed by a hardbound set of “TAMS: The Other Clone” comics and maybe a book tour or two. Then art would REALLY be imitating life, eh?

What a strange and really boring story. Everything that Pete and his editors said would happen did happen…the end. I assume the guy who wrote it also realized this, so at the last minute he has Pete yell at his editors (who were nothing less than 100% supportive of the whole idea from day one) to create some “conflict” then has him feign surprise upon learning that the plan worked as predicted to give the story a “twist” at the end. And it fails miserably, as is to be expected when you’re filling that precious word balloon space with a bunch of unhinged anti-internet rants instead of, you know, stories and stuff. Nice try though.



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Goop Rage

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“Never seen such vitriolic memes before”…obviously not a SoSF regular, eh Pete? Well here’s a little vitriol for ya, pal…you suck, your comic book sucks, you’re a big mopey whiner, you talk to yourself out loud and everyone hates you. Feel better now? I sure do.

Man, does this one really take me back (sniff). Some of you fellow snarkers of a certain age know exactly what I’m talking about here. Back “in the day”, we didn’t have all these wifi doohickeys and high def plasma phones with the MP-whatevers. No, when we wanted to go online we’d all gather around the monitor and watch the black & white hand-drawn webpages flicker by together, as a family. There was just something about it all being on paper that made it so much better, you know? Paper that YOU drew on and that YOU decided was good enough…yep. Those were the days.

This one is amazing because he actually self-sabotages two separate jokes here. First he kills the crash dummy gag by drawing the most insane rendering of a web page ever. Then he craters gag two by choosing Gwyneth Paltrow as the least likely person to leave a hate comment on an online comic book nerd forum. I mean sure, she’s an unlikely candidate to do such a thing, there’s no doubt about that. But it just seems like such an odd and random choice, doesn’t it?

He should have used “Tom Batiuk” in that joke instead. That would have been pretty goddamned funny IMO. I mean come on, that would just blow everyone’s mind, right? “Hey, I got a tweet from Buddy The Dog…”i will bite you on sight you suck”!”. “You will never amount to anything you fraud – Le Chat Bleu”. “Finally, a writer the public hates more than me, love Mr. Moore”. “Thanks Pete I am now ruined – Chester The Chiseler”. You get the idea.


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For A Good Time Call Anyone But These Two Guys

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So, what’s the “modern day equivalent” of a FW comic strip? Overdosing on muscle relaxers? Too much turkey and wine? Going to jury duty? Melatonin? Ambien?

So who’s more annoying today? The ever-mopey Pete, who acts like his dream job is nothing but pure torture? Or Boy Lisa sitting around in his socks making obnoxious snide faces as he uses the internet to complain about the internet? It’s a toss-up IMO, although Boy Lisa definitely has punch-ability to spare today. He’s almost as insufferable as that mother of his used to be. And if he’s so smart, why is he still working at Montoni’s? What a bio-step dick.

All of this nonsense might be slightly less incoherent if the whole thing wasn’t Pete’s idea in the first place. But Ban Tom got all caught up in breaking The Internet’s balls, so things like continuity and events that actually occurred in the story were pushed aside so he could take more shots at…well, us, I guess. The funniest thing about this one is that after blowing his wad in panel two, he tries to take a shot at “editors” just for the hell of it, which of course falls completely flat because readers with actual functional memories will recall that his editors were all 100% behind the idea. Again, he ignores facts in favor of taking a jab at something, then fails at that too. What a sad and pathetic debacle.


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