Deaf-con Five

In today’s strip, Dinkle learns that there are two kinds of people in the world, those that can magically eliminate their hearing loss by forgetting about it and those not named “Harry Dinkle”.

I very much like the final panel today, or rather, the implications of it. Not only did Dinkle’s high schoolers not listen to his direction, he apparently believes the full-grown adults in the Wally plot device community band don’t either. That makes three separate bands that don’t listen to him. I see a common denominator.



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15 responses to “Deaf-con Five

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Classic BanTom, totally ignoring his own history for the sake of a shitty joke. Thank God this nightmare is over…I hope.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    If they can’t hear, then how does he know they know how to listen?

  3. John


    … Dinkle’s world, ‘text’ is just something Those Evil Teenagers use.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    First he does a gag about a band box trombone player with one arm (right in front of a man married to a one-armed trombonist, no less) and now he’s doing jokes about old people being unable to hear Dinkle, a man who once lost his hearing (although he apparently found it shortly thereafter). Just fascinating. Is he just messing with us here? It’s all so surreal.

    I’m not paying to read this, but it sounds quite interesting and (zzzzzzzzz).

  5. HAnzMFG

    Oh, those old people, they sure are old, what with their old hearing and oldness whatnot.

  6. So, why would deaf people want to form a band?

    How come Mort could hear Dinkle perfectly well yesterday?

    If they’re doing “Quartet for the End of Time,” the drummer’s not going to have anything to do. Same with the trumpeter. And Dinkle.

    The most important question is this: how many strips until the 50th anniversary, and this comic has a pillow pressed over its face?

  7. Nathan Obral

    I found myself looking at the SoSF masthead instead with a bit of puzzlement. Who is that 16 year old who is clearly showing signs of intoxication? Oh wait… that’s Holly Cindy… never mind.

    As for today’s strip… well, the Mythbusters proved that you really could polish a turd, but you can’t polish THIS turd, no matter how much you try.

  8. Apparently, it’s called “writing”.

  9. You’d think the World’s Greatest Band Director would be able to inspire a love of music in others. Of course, that would require Harry to love something other than Harry Dinkle.

  10. @TheDiva: That is the problem right there. Forty years in and it’s still all about him and his tawdry, ridiculous dreams of glory.

  11. Nathan Obral


    The most important question is this: how many strips until the 50th anniversary, and this comic has a pillow pressed over its face?

    The strip hits the 50th anniversary on March 2022, but at the rate Batom® is going, I would be shocked – SHOCKED!!! – if Funky Winkerbean lasts until then.

  12. DOlz

    @Nathan Obral, I believe dismayed would have been a better word than shocked. At this point I can’t believe anyone in charge of purchasing FW for their newspaper has actually looked at it in the last decade. It’s reached to point where like cockroaches the only thing that would survive a nuclear war is FW. May god have mercy on the cockroaches.

  13. Jimmy

    I see a common denominator.


  14. John

    Here’s a good question: What sort of Home decides to have an unqualified, untrained, non-credited amateur drive in one day and assault their Special Needs residents with no plan and no method for dealing with them beyond screaming? A lot?

    A bad Home, that’s what.

    I can see it now:

    “Authorities to begin in depth investigation of Bedside Manor after loud, obnoxious, untrained stranger breaks in and tries to form an impromptu Hair Metal Band with random disabled residents.

    New evidence from elsewhere in town suggests this same stranger is suspected of breaking into Westview High at all hours and once forced one of the female teachers into discussing his penis.”

  15. Jenny Tulls

    After rehearsal, Becky will be organizing a volleyball team for amputees.