Phone-y News

C’mon though: in a strip universe where an out-of-work comic writers gets flown out to Hollywood…where a guy who work in the pizza parlor is tapped to illustrate a graphic novel…where that guy’s wife sets out with the family camcorder and fancies herself a documentarinneshooting a newscast using an “I-Phone” seems a tad…implausible?


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    F*ck you, Batiuk. This is lazy, awful, hacky garbage that any adult should be deeply ashamed of writing. I know he thinks this is a clever riff on how slipshod and “fly-by-night” the “internet” is but actually it’s representative of what a shitty writer he is and nothing more. He’s done some really out-of-touch crap in the past but wow, this is just abysmal. It’s not intelligence insulting, it’s intelligence murdering. Smug trashy bullshit from the mind of a smug lazy fraud, just embarrassing in every way.

  2. Does Tom Batiuk look at this and think, “Wow, this is incredibly hilarious”? Because that’s just sad. I mean, really, really sad. Like when an old man wants to be taken to see the latest John Wayne movie, in the cinema. And you have to sit him down, and think, How am I going to say this. How the hell am I going to say this.

  3. Gyre

    Eh, really just boring. On its own, without this general plot, it’d be really forgettable.

  4. JerrytheMacGuy

    In this arc, Batiuk is aiming to achieve the brilliant satire of modern American life like the TV shows “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”. Sadly, this inane schtick is more like “My Mother the Car”.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    Batiuk seems to think that “aaaaahhhh technology!!!!” is enough on its own. There’s not even an attempt at a joke here. He could at the very least had Cindy say “That doesn’t seem very smart”. That’s the way this whole storyline has been. Literally the only thing that could possibly be interesting about this storyline is seeing how badly run Buddyblog is supposed to be. But that’s completely undercut by the fact that Cindy didn’t find out about any of this before she took the job to be closer to a man.

  6. On its own, this could be a cautionary example of a stupid woman ending up hanging out at a very bad start-up. Given the wider context of “the only real use of the Web is to allow people to pretend to be Starfleet officers” premise that informs Batiuk’s worldview, it becomes less a PSA and more a tiresome old joke.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Yeah we get it. Internet children pretending to report the news = bad. Newspapers running crappy comics from cartoonists who stopped trying years ago = good.

  8. Monotony

    I’m surprised – and thankful – that Cindy wasn’t told she would be filming the newscast herself, using a selfie stick. But this strip was probably written before those became a thing.

    Notice Echo’s expression of supreme indifference in that last panel. Anyone able to muster that level of apathy over their own work ought to be declared an honorary citizen of Westview.

  9. The more I learn about Buddyblog, the more I like them. A group of dedicated young people putting together a newscast with nothing more than their enthusiasm and the technology available to them. That shows passion, heart, and the joy of creating something just for the love of it. Who knows? Echo Chambers might just be the next Felicia Day.

    …That’s probably not the reaction Batiuk was going for, is it?

  10. Nathan Obral

    When I die, the first thing I will ask God beyond the pearly gates will not be, “What is the meaning of life?” Rather, it will be, “How in the f**k did Funky Winkerbean get nationally syndicated?”

    Then I expect Masky McDeath to smother me with a rag laced with chloroform.

  11. Rusty

    Cindy’s next job offer will be from the producer of a snuff film. She will be just as diligent in checking it out before agreeing to be the star.

  12. Seems that neither Cindy or TB have any idea how a professional (or semi-professional) podcast is shot. I guess this is more of that “contemporary issues affecting young adults in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner” make it up as we go stuff.

  13. billytheskink

    First it was the Amazon logo smirks, now TB is blatantly pitching for a product placement deal with Mobli.

    By the way, we never see Rob’s left arm in this, his debut strip. The odds that he has one would go up if this was any other comic strip.


    Wow!. I knew Johnny Drama’s career was in trouble, but surely he could do better than character model for Funky Winkerbean!

  15. Jim in Wisc.

    I’ve seen reporters from traditional TV news operations doing the same thing. They don’t even have a camera operator. The reporter just attaches their smartphone to a tripod. Thus, once again, Tom Batiuk’s attempt to paint Internet news as low-budget and not “real” has failed miserably.

  16. John

    In the real world, these internet news shows can use ads on services and sites like Blip TV and YouTube to generate revenue.

    In the real world, even those who don’t can manage to buy decent equipment to get good sound and image quality. Because it’s something that’s important to them, so they set aside funds and make the sacrifices to do so.

    I guess in Tom’s view, people with the self control and ambition to actually go out and DO THINGS instead of just whine and passively wait for the world to award them (like Les, natch) are automatically and innately evil, stupid, and crazy.


    Why does that not surprise me?

    Internet shows have been a fact for over a decade now. It’s a little late to start claiming they’re just a Pet Rock, Tom. Especially when one’s medium is a beaten down, dying old horse and buggy, the gag-a-day daily newspaper comic strip.

  17. Geez, they should at least be using a GoPro on a quadcopter.

  18. Mister Miggle

    When I said yesterday that they were going to hook up the studio cameras to a laptop, I really didn’t think that TomBat would go even more cynical. What naive fool I am.

  19. Professor Fate

    I actually like the blank faced look of despair on Ms. Chamber’s face. fit’s the ethos of the strip perfectly.

  20. @John: Ah, but there’s the thing. Batiuk knows about the real world and hates it because we ARE getting results OUR way and his way leads to being ignored by the people in his own patch.

  21. I really want to know what Tom Batiuk’s scenes as Art Professor in those The Cardinal videos were shot on. Or maybe not, because whether it was on a smartphone or a compact VHS camcorder, he wins the Les Moore Punchability Ribbon (with oak cluster).

  22. Epicus Doomus

    In case you didn’t notice, I HATE this arc. He’s not even trying to make this plausible, it’s utterly ridiculous. BB is going to hire a nationally-known TV news anchor, put her behind a cafeteria table and film her via a smartphone camera? I mean come on, this is bad even by FW standards.

  23. Monotony

    At the very least, the founders of a real startup would have the decency to be obnoxiously enthusiastic about their dumb idea.