Set Up to Fail

Irony. It’s a word whose definition has been tortuously stretched since the mid-1990’s. So I don’t know if this situation is truly ironic, but boy, don’t you bet Cindy would love to have back that Channel One News set that she so blithely gave away to Westview’s high schoolers? I’ve seen hostage videos with more elaborate staging than what passes for a “news set” at buddyblog. All their budget must have gone into the signage on the building’s facade. Cindy, who yesterday was cracking snide about her boss’ youth, is taken down so many pegs that it’s surprising Batiuk didn’t resort to those Benday dots on her cheeks signifying shame or nausea. Or both.


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22 responses to “Set Up to Fail

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Yes Tom, everything on the internet is a poorly-constructed sham and it’s all run by obnoxious know-nothing kids. Unlike your comic strip, for example, which is a poorly-constructed sham run by an old person. I mean come on, this is just insultingly bad.

  2. bayoustu

    I’m beginning to suspect CindyHolly was let go from her New York and Cleveland gigs for reasons other than being “old”…

  3. Guest Page Turner Author

    C’mon, they own a large building with the name on top. How stupid can this all be? Cindy, you VOLUNTARILY quit your News 1 job back in Ohio, stop bitching about the contrived and unrealistic set!

  4. Hi folks, I was gone over the weekend and didn’t comment because, hey, if Mr. Batiuk doesn’t care, why should I?

    Anyway, I think we’re missing a bigger picture…which is the Band Box Arc got resolved! When has that happened before? True, it got resolved in the most boring way possible, without showing any actual work or anything, but it gave Les a chance to be an inaccurate a!hole, so it’s all wrapped up in a bow, and set to be the cover of The Complete Funky Winkerbean, volume “Dead” and “Gone.”

    As for this current arc, well, there’s no Les, no comic books, no chance for a dorky white man to give a lecture, so one suspects that no one–at least, no one with the surname “Batiuk”–gives a single damn what transpires. Gettin’ to that 50th, that’s the plan!

  5. JerrytheMacGuy

    Karma is a Bitch, eh Cindy?

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    Given that her entire reason for taking this job was so she could be close to a guy she was freaking out about when he didn’t call her back after they first hooked up, I think Cindy has no right to complain about anything. Especially since she’s seeing all this stuff for the first time after she’s already accepted the job.

  7. DOlz

    Oh come on now. They might go with a crappy desk, but they would at least have the background be a green screen not the name of the company behind her. TB do yourself and everyone else a favor, do five minutes of research before writing about anything.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    But that would be five minutes he could be reading comic books instead.

  9. He also doesn’t feel the need because he’s writing this mess for people who think like he does. Mansplainers, self-made misfits and imbecile Luddites stuck in a past where they almost mattered need a voice too and it’s him.

  10. John

    Echo: “Listen, as you might have guessed from the name of our company, we do a lot of spreading and seeking news via the usage of social media-”

    Cindy: “EVIL TECHNOLOGY!!! ….*…, I mean, a “blog” has to do with social media? Who knew?”

    Echo: “You were a television journalist for -decades-….surely you have some familiarity with it? Twitter? Facebook? Hell, ANGELFIRE WEB PAGES?”

    Cindy: “Oh, that stuff. Well, I did once post on how I’m so glad that I’ll never get an STD when I visit foreign countries. Because I’m WHITE. HAW! Funny joke, amirite?”

    Echo: “….”

    Cindy: “Oh, and I posted on a friend’s wall gag photos of me making obscene gestures at a cemetery where soldiers who died in combat are buried! Just as a gag, of course.”

    Echo: “……………………..”

    Cindy: “And just today, I decided to liven up a boring conference by cracking some penis jokes within earshot of someone who looked like they were taking things much too seriously! They must’ve liked the joke, because they took my picture!”

    Echo: “MIKE!!! Can I talk to you for a sec?”

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Echo: I should have passed on Cindy the moment I saw her aol .com email.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Full disclosure. I use aol but I’m not a tech savvy or media savvy person. Nor am I interviewing for any social media jobs.

  13. billytheskink

    Speak for yourself Cindy.
    Sure, I had a card table back when I was a kid and used my Dad’s Betamax camera to tape myself doing a mock news broadcast, but I sure as heck didn’t have a sweet rolling chair. And I’ll bet your broadcast won’t end with your sister whacking you in the head with a pool cue like mine did. I’m sorry, but I really don’t have much sympathy for you here.

  14. Jim in Wisc.

    They can afford to occupy the entirety of a huge building (see yesterday’s strip), but they can only afford a folding table and a cheap office chair for the news set? Once again, Tom Batiuk is “a quarter of an inch from reality.”


    You know at this point I would have fired Cindy by now. She’s surly, insubordinate and just damn ungrateful for the opportunity that she is given. Seriously I feel more empathy for Dark Haired Twiggy over here who has to endure Cindy’s bitchiness.

  16. John

    Jim in Wisc.- Weird, isn’t it? Yesterday’s illustration depicted that massive building, the word balloon placement indicating that the company took up so -much- of the building that they occupied multiple floors…and now suddenly they have a budget of 39 cents, a piece of floss, and a stick of gum.

    Consistency, Tom. Consistency. Are they Evil Young People because they’re rich and therefore spoiled, or Evil Young People because they’re too cheap for your standards?

  17. Mister Miggle

    Put a dirty microwave in frame and that’s every break room EVER.

    The studio cameras are going to be hooked up to a laptop, aren’t they? Because the Internet is a fraud, isn’t it?

  18. Jim in Wisc.

    @ Mister Miggle: Not only that, but the camera will also look like some 1980s VHS camcorder.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    It’s just so idiotic. Why would they even bother with hiring a professional well-known news anchor if they can’t even afford a reasonable set? It’s just lazy uninspired hackery at its worst.

    And perhaps Cindy wouldn’t be so pissy if she’d bothered to check out BB before she stupidly took the job based on a phone call from Mason Jarr. Remember, Cindy was a national network news anchor who most likely made millions of dollars during her career, but as usual BanTom ignores his own history in favor of cheap lazy gags. As of right now this one could be the dumbest arc of 2015 so far.

  20. Batiuk doesn’t give a rip about the facts because he’s reached the point in his creative life where what he feels with his gut is more important than what his eyes, ears and brain are telling him.

  21. Monotony

    @billytheskink Ending Cindy’s broadcasts with Echo whacking her in the head with a pool cue probably wouldn’t hurt BuddyBlog’s web traffic.

  22. I’d honestly rather see whatever comes from this bare-bones, kids-with-heart setup than see any more of Cindy’s “jaded professional” attitude.