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Phone-y News

C’mon though: in a strip universe where an out-of-work comic writers gets flown out to Hollywood…where a guy who work in the pizza parlor is tapped to illustrate a graphic novel…where that guy’s wife sets out with the family camcorder and fancies herself a documentarinneshooting a newscast using an “I-Phone” seems a tad…implausible?


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Set Up to Fail

Irony. It’s a word whose definition has been tortuously stretched since the mid-1990’s. So I don’t know if this situation is truly ironic, but boy, don’t you bet Cindy would love to have back that Channel One News set that she so blithely gave away to Westview’s high schoolers? I’ve seen hostage videos with more elaborate staging than what passes for a “news set” at buddyblog. All their budget must have gone into the signage on the building’s facade. Cindy, who yesterday was cracking snide about her boss’ youth, is taken down so many pegs that it’s surprising Batiuk didn’t resort to those Benday dots on her cheeks signifying shame or nausea. Or both.


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Echoes of a Summer

California! Home of palm trees, bicycles and bottled water. Cindy has picked up and relocated here, in a desperate bid to be near her younger, movie star boyfriend, but also having accepted a vaguely defined job with an undetermined salary from an internet startup who hired her because she was affordable. And not until she arrives on her first day does she meet, and proceed to dismiss, her new boss, who resembles a catatonic and even more androgynous Summer.


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