Through The Boredom Of Future Past

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The artwork is just awesome today. I like how everything is just blackness, it reflects the content of the author’s mind so effectively. Is this a record for “most individual word balloons in a single-panel FW strip”? If not, please do NOT show me the current record holder.

If Harry hasn’t tried out the time pool how does he know it works? Why is Lisa all hunched over like she’s freezing cold? If I were her I’d get that checked out. Twice. Why does she want to visit 1990? Isn’t that just a tad unambitious of her? Why does Holly assume they’ll all be “long gone” by 2015? Ooops, yeah that’s right, I almost forgot. And isn’t it really 2025 in the Funkyverse? Or are we now officially ignoring the infamous “time jump”? Then there’s the biggest question of them all…are they EVER going to actually do this thing or will they spend another week talking about it instead? Talk about plodding.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Dick Face’s annoying propensity for bringing everyone and everything down. Even then he was such a dick. The guy discovers a time pool and he’s already finding ways for it to fail. He’s nothing if not consistent. Truly a dick for the ages, a timeless asshole whose annoyingness spans decades.



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19 responses to “Through The Boredom Of Future Past

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Les is right to be worried about meeting his future self. I think the only person Les is more obsessed and in love with than Lisa is himself, so a copy of himself suddenly showing up would probably be a dream come true.
    And how was it that Harry didn’t remember this until the BM Band showed up? He knew exactly what year they went to. I can’t imagine if you time travelled to the future, you’d forget what year you visited.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    And given how dumb Batiuk portrays Bull, I’m surprised he didn’t say something like “but aren’t anomalies in the ocean?”.

  3. And isn’t it really 2025 in the Funkyverse?

    Nope, there’s just a rogue comet that passes over Westview every now and then and ages everyone through radiation. Remember, last Fall, Bull could have said they were posing for “this season’s” team photo. Instead, he said it was for “the 2014 season.”

    The only way that would work is if everyone in Westview cosplays about the one year they won the season, so they all dress up like…uh. Huh. Never mind, I stand corrected.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    This actually COULD have been an interesting departure for TonBam, but in his hands it’s just another dumb gag delivery vehicle. He might consider his critics to be beady-eyed nitpcikers and hidebound literalists but it doesn’t change the fact that none of this makes sense.

  5. Uh, oh! Spoiler alert!

  6. billytheskink

    In the year 2-0-1-5, if Bull is still alive
    If Lisa can cer-vive, they may find…

    A 5 piece band of octogenarians playing at a class reunion in a high school gymnasium.

    Huh, that sounded better in my head.

  7. “I wonder if there’ll be flying cars…”

    Is that a Back to the Future reference? Because if so, a) way to jump on the bandwagon seven months after everyone else had exhausted the topic and b) so they graduated in 1985* now? And where does this put the Cosmos reference earlier?

    * Yes, the flying cars etc. were featured more prominently in the sequel, but the DeLorean does fly at the end of the original and Doc did say he was going thirty years into the future, so the reference is (barely) admissible.

  8. JerrytheMacGuy

    “Let’s go to the future!”

    Yes, by all means, be specific and advance to Saturday, July 18, 2015.

    That is probably when this stupid, boring story arc will end.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    I know that Act I Lisa was a mousy annoying dork, but that little old lady pose of hers is just too much. Every time he trots her out it all comes back to me…the cloying melodrama, her deep devoted bond with (blurgh) “Spanky”, that perfect blend of female empowerment and knowing her role, it was just unspeakably awful. If you ever want a book to throw across a room in rage, just find a collection of Act II Lisa strips.

    Yeah, he sure loved that Lisa character all right. Too bad he went and (chuckle) killed her off like that. It was Batom’s deal with the funny pages devil. He got some brief publicity and shock-value fame but it quickly went away, leaving him with no more favorite character and cases of unsold books (actually more of a collection of previously published comic strips, not a real BOOK book).

    And I only mention all of this because today, in typical Batom style, he finds a way to work his beloved Lisa into the strip, then dresses her like a bag lady and has her mutter like an idiot about nothing. What a maroon.

  10. Not astonishing at all: TB has drawn his author avatar, Les, literally at the center of the Universe.

  11. I do remember what an annoying author appeal character Lisa was. It made me assume that the author is pretty much Meathead from All In The Family: a guy who likes to think that he’s more progressive than he actually is. Norman Lear had Mike Stivic join a commune and dump Gloria and Joey chasing tail; reality would have him join the Tea Party.

  12. After, of course, becoming a Reaganaut……

  13. ComicTrek

    “After we’re long gone.” We all KNOW that Lisa is dead by now. We freaking KNOW! (*facepalm*) So, still–what are we getting at here? Either way, I’m expecting disappointment, trauma, a smirk or two, and maybe some of those final-panel sad/weary group half-smiles thrown in for good measure. Certainly not anything funny or light-hearted.

  14. @ComicTrek:

    Of course it won’t be funny or light-hearted. That’s because these stupid children will see what they become and make the stupid decision to not try to avoid becoming the screwed-up (or needlessly dead) people they become because the future is a done deal.

  15. So future Les is going to have the opportunity to knock up Act I Lisa, so maybe he is Durwood’s real father after all.

  16. Ray

    And yet Berke Breathed has only had Bloom County back for two strips and has already addressed a time leap, and made fun of the Internet, and it’s 100x funnier than what has been offered to us here.


    Is that a Twin Peaks, reference, Epicus? Kudos!

    Makes me hope these characters are actually in the Black Lodge.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$: gold star for you!

  19. Mister Miggle

    “Greetings, geezers! We’re you from the past!”
    “Yeah? I don’t remember ever taking a field trip to the future. What year are you graduating, kid?”
    “Goddammit, I don’t even know anymore…”