Channeling Bull’s Inner Batom

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A “TV reporter”? Really Bull? He’s getting a little carried away here, given his career 10-350 career record and all. But then again, the guy IS married to Linda, so I suppose he’s entitled to a little joy wherever he can find it. That guy looks a lot like the lawyer character on “The Simpsons”, so my best guess is that Bull’s about to be served. I actually kind of like anon-o-guy’s reaction, though, as I imagine that’s how every “outsider” reacts upon getting a dose of that famous Westviewian wordplay. I’m kind of surprised that more Westviewians aren’t sporting black eyes and/or broken jaws.

I also like how Bull looks totally different in each panel. Those eyebrows in panel two are just screaming for a do-over, as he looks like a Halloween jack-o-lantern on November 10th. At least he’s too fat for a real hatchet face, as evidenced in panel three. I’ve never considered Bull to be as objectionable as most FW characters, but if this gloating continues I may need to reconsider that.

And does anything summarize the Cayla Experience more than panel two does? Look at her there, all tucked into the corner, totally marginalized yet again. At least she has dialog today, bland as it is.


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14 responses to “Channeling Bull’s Inner Batom

  1. Batiuk really only has two types of characters–loathsome, like Les and Lisa, and dull, like Funky and Bull. I’ll take Bull over Les any time at all, but it’s not so much an enjoyable switch as one with a duller edge.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    If Bull was wearing a name badge like every student or employee of a school I’ve seen for the past fifteen or so years is required to, this guy wouldn’t need to ask who he is.

  3. billytheskink

    Here’s three Buddha statues that even the world’s worst Chinese restaurant would refuse to put next to the bowl of mints.

  4. Gyre

    I think his face in panel three is Funky’s with a smile added. To be fair it probably looks better in black and white on a newspaper.

  5. Looks like Batiuk is testing the waters for that Very Special Episode on Down’s Syndrome…

  6. Rusty

    IRS, or an attorney. Or FBI, with a search warrant for his school computer.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    Does nobody in Batiuk’s universe use any kind of technology? Like, this guy just wanders into the school hoping to stumble across Bull somewhere? It’s pretty apparent Bull’s not expecting him, so I assume he didn’t e-mail or at least call ahead. If there was some drama or humor ahead, you could overlook this kind of dumb writing, but as it is the best we can hope for is a horribly bad, tasteless acronym (my guess is this guy wants to hire Bull to coach for the Pennsylvania Technical School of Design).

  8. Well, it’s obvious who Mr Buzzkill is: some person from the State come down to tell Bull that his program is to be suspended indefinitely for a reason that boils down to “evil outsiders want to keep us from winning because they don’t value good things like sitting in a comic book shop obsessing over Flash’s Rogues Gallery, sitting in a depressing pizzeria eating horrible Ohio pizza, sitting on a bleacher watching an idiot blame his players for his own colossal ineptitude and sitting in front of a television watching Saint Dead Lisa spout platitudes.”

  9. Charles

    So here comes the guy to harsh Bull’s mellow. Bull has been way too smugly pleased with himself to not get taken down a peg. Tomorrow we will introduce this odd stranger in some oblique manner rather than get to the specific point of why he is here. So that means that the actual point of this sequence won’t be addressed until the week Batiuk has devoted to it is more than half over.

  10. If anything, Mr. Ithinkhesa Lawyer ought to be issuing a C&D at Bull for this stilted, awkward dialogue.

    Because this strip is now in permanent stasis, I’m mildly curious to see how something is apparently going to happen in a universe where nothing ever changes.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    And tomorrow we jump back to Mason Jarr and Cindy…because…why not?

  12. Jimmy

    So, this guy looked somewhat familiar to me. I did a little sleuthing on this site, and the guy in the arc where DUI was courting Bull last year looks similar to this schlub.

    Given Batiuk’s keen eye for detail and continuity, I’m willing to go out on a limb and guess this is the AD from DUI, begging Bull to come coach for the Fighting Drunkards because their coach was just sacked.


    OK, so what bad news does this blue suited harbinger of doom brink to our chubby, happless coach? Program Suspension? Steroid charges? Lawsuit ? Jenny Craig sponsor? High Class Hitman? What? Seriously I can’t contain my excitement to see where this plot goes.

  14. Professor Fate

    “I understand you won a game using a mascot as an active player? Granted that was last year but we have a small staff here in the child endangerment division.