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Only TomBan could do a football team arc that features a bunch of anon-o-characters talking in a boring conference room.  So what the “committee” is saying here is that bullying is OK if the bully has been heavily bullied in the past? Well OK then. Perhaps next week we’ll see Les Moore stealing candy from babies and punching puppies. It’s all about the context, you see? Another “very serious” issue tackled…time for pizza and comic books!!



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18 responses to “Running Aground

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m actually kind of disappointed they didn’t rule against Bull. I would’ve loved to see how wrong Batiuk’s understanding of “the death penalty” when it comes to sports programs is.

  2. Perhaps next week we’ll see Les Moore stealing candy from babies and punching puppies.

    Presented without further comment.

  3. @SpacemanSpiff85:

    I would’ve loved to see how wrong Batiuk’s understanding of “the death penalty” when it comes to sports programs is.

    Knowing Batiuk, the “death penalty” would have involved the entire Scapegoats team contracting terminal cancer.

  4. Rembrandt36

    Ah – the ever punchable Les Moore – you just had to post the Hollywood strip Nathan. *snicker*

  5. So, pretty much like the last “bullying” arc, this one went nowhere and did nothing. Par for the course, then.

  6. Rusty

    Wow. Another plot line narrowly averted.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    It’s all so bizarre. The Scapegoats are winners now but the focus is on how much they used to suck, which makes one wonder why he bothered with making them successful in the first place. It’s like if Charlie Brown finally kicked the football then spent the next ten years talking about all the times he didn’t. He does it all the time too, like with Dinkle and Lisa. He radically changes something, then endlessly jabbers on about how great that thing was before he changed it. I think some folks refer to it as “having your cake and eating it too”.

  8. I wonder what will sputter out and die next week. More of Boy Lisa and Mopey Pete being non-union people? Funky and his exercise dominatrix?
    The Lisa’s Legacy thing? Whatever it is, it’ll collapse into smirking and leave us standing in place.

    That being said, it’s sort of irritating to see them hand him a pity no-bill. Worse, he’s cravenly grateful to take it.

  9. Rusty

    I suppose we have been spared a week of Lisa’s Greatest Hits as viewed by Crazy Harry, so there’s that.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    With this story wrapped up, it is time for Batty to spin the plot wheel and see where the needle lands…will we see dead st. Lisa? , a Band Box story, mason Jarr? What touching issues will Batty touch upon…stay tuned to find out!

  11. Don

    “37 years of winless football”? Didn’t they have a win against Big Walnut Tech when BWT used an ineligible player? (No, I’m not confusing that with when Westview won, but forfeited that game when it turned out Bull had a “minus 2.0” GPA and was ineligible.)

  12. bad wolf

    If anyone was missing them, looks like The Defender stopped by CC to take a weak swipe at SOSF. Yeesh, I’m not going to accuse her of being TB but certainly has the similarity of having exactly opposite Intentions and Results in their writing.

  13. Mister Miggle

    And thus ends (one can only hope) this year’s Funky Winkerbean “Bullied…BY HILARITY!” Fall Pageant. If you have any helpful notes, please deposit your comment card in the shredder provided at the auditorium door.

  14. Really? The Defender got banned? Huh. I assumed one of Tom Batiuk’s checks bounced and that’s why he/she hasn’t been around.

  15. Epicus Doomus

    “The Defender” was mildly amusing while he/she stuck to “defending” the strip, but then the personal attacks on other commenters began and we don’t do that here. It applies to everyone, although we rarely ever need to point it out as it occurs so infrequently.

  16. Rembrandt36

    @bad wolf. I read that over at CC. I am a little sorry Defender got banned, but there is a civil way to take an alternate stance on FW (I have done it a few times here). But I can read between the lines and there was some definite insults being hurled at us and some mocking too. It’s a shame, as I found some of the writing giggle inducing. I had just gotten to the point where I wasn’t going to acknowledge him/her. I still think it is the same person that goes by Red Ronin over at CK.

    But to get on topic (sorry). This has been very flacid as far as bullying has been concerned. First the lame Owen crap and then this light, fluffy Bull scenario. I feel this CAN’T be the bullying stuff that TB was talking about. This is even way, way weaker than the gay prom story he did.

  17. bad wolf

    @Rembrandt, Epicus: Yeah, as i and others here have said, just make a reasoned critique of a strip or at least an alternative take, and while others may disagree they’re not inclined to attack people here. It’s almost a shame that noone seems able to do it without losing their shit in short order.

    That poster very quickly got quite insulting, both in general and against specific posters. No loss. Unfortunately this week has been such a drag these minor distractions are about all i’ve got.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    Anyone is free to dissent or disagree whether it’s shtick or not. But personal attacks and blatant trolling aren’t welcome here, simple as that. It isn’t a lot to ask for IMO.