You Lose Some, You Lose Some

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Good LORD what the HELL is going on with Coach Hunter’s schnozz? It’s like his face grew a handle or something. He could be “Crankshaft’s” stunt double. Otherwise, yawn. I guess this beats another year of having Bull standing around the practice field cracking wry with Les about how much the Scapegoats suck, but still, this is as tedious as it gets. In the last few weeks he’s done two “bullying” arcs. In the first one, no one actually gets bullied at all and in this one the bullying victims don’t even mind. Real cutting edge stuff there, Tom. During his next puff interview in the Akron Sunday paper he’ll be crowing about “addressing” the “issue” of “bullying” and oh, how we’ll laugh and laugh. Somehow he’s managed to do a “bullying” arc that features no bullying at all AND a football team arc that features no football and gags about how much WHS sucks even though they don’t anymore. Kind of remarkable, really.



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13 responses to “You Lose Some, You Lose Some

  1. Today’s lesson: bullying is okay if the other guy did it first!

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Why on earth would Hunter even be there? He didn’t file the complaint. I’m not sure if that makes more or less sense than why this looks to be taking place in a courthouse.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Coach Hunter apparently doesn’t care about his job either, so the 93-0 beating his team took is no big deal to him. OK, fine. So what is the point of this arc supposed to be? Is it supposed to be hilariously ironic how Bull finds himself defending WINNING by too much? Is it some sort of sidewards commentary on overly-sensitive helicopter parents or campus political correctness running amok? Or is it just all a needlessly elaborate way to use more of those “boy does our team suck” gags he has stuffed in the file cabinet in the drawer labeled “September”? I think we all know the answer there.

  4. So–it looks like Mary Sue Sweatstains sold her soul to the Devil! Just like Les always knew. That Les is so perceptive, and he has so much to teach today’s teens!

    Unless…um, unless that isn’t Mary Sue Sweatstains, and is just another fat blonde, someone who…maybe…once turned down a certain someone for a date. But the art is great, because how else can you draw a fat blonde? There is no other way! Admit it, we’re seeing the best ever here.

  5. This is a very stupid way to resolve the situation. I could get behind the other coach wondering why parents complain if they don’t like the idea of their children hearing the character building words “You’re bad at football” but to make Westview High being usually God-awful as a means of doing it is simply beyond the pale.

  6. billytheskink

    If this isn’t the worst episode of What’s My Line ever, it is at least the most confusing.

  7. “Kind of remarkable, really.”—E. Doomus

    Yeah. Sure. Remarkable is one word we could use. 😉

  8. Of course, it doesn’t matter how the KIDS felt about such a humiliating defeat, as long as their coach was okay with it…


    Did Bull run up the score or is he pleading guilty to murdering coeds in the showers ?? What’s with the big massive courtroom setting??? I could be wrong but wouldn’t this type of thing happen in someone’s office? Because if it did, why the hell is Bull not bringing his own legal counsel???!!!..Does Westview even have any lawyers???

  10. DOlz

    @$$$WESTVIEWONCOLOGIST$$$, the only lawyer in Westview died of dun, dun daah CANCER.

  11. Jimmy

    Eh, I’m over this storyline. Can we get back to comic books or kill fees?

  12. @Erich: The only child who matters is Summer and the only reason she matters is that she wants to start the First Church Of Saint Dead Lisa.

  13. That blonde woman at the table looks a lot like Holly.