Just Take A Knee Already

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Is Principal Nate supposed to be “slow” or something? I mean Bull JUST EXPLAINED THE BASIS OF THE COMPLAINT, did he not? I mean having a seldom-seen character adding nothing to a story is an old FW standby and all but this is insane. Perhaps having Nate’s question appear in panel one would have been somewhat more sensible but then we might have missed out on that boffo punchline, which would have been a real tragedy, as I hate seeing such hilarity ending up on the (guffaw) cutting room floor.

Coming tomorrow: the characters talk about the premise some more, but you already knew that, didn’t you?



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21 responses to “Just Take A Knee Already

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Gosh, if this gets really serious, the athletic director might have to do something about Bull. Oh, wait…

  2. Love to read the Deaf Ender defending this. The tears that ran would be tears of joy, to misquote Procul Harum.

  3. The last thing we need to see is Bull trying to Lewis-and-Clark this premise to a dumbfounded Principal Nate.

  4. So, the Important Bullying Arc is about middle-aged adults feeling sorry for themselves. Yep, sounds about right.

  5. Rusty

    Well, he hasn’t explained if a “bullying complaint” is a lawsuit or just a form submitted to the local board of education.

    I don’t get why Bull is constantly drawn like an overgrown fat toddler, but not 20 years older than his actual age like his classmates.

  6. This arc is so mind-numbingly stupid, yet at the same time, I find it absolutely hilarious. As if Tom Batiuk finally reached The Room territory after years and years of (not) trying.

    And just remember… March 26, 2022 is still a long ways away.

  7. Man, today’s strip just reeks of padding. What are the Vegas odds that this storyline will be 2-3 straight weeks of meandering, half-baked controversy, before it peters out, and Batiuk goes back to writing about something involving Les and Dead Lisa?

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    You know, usually when most people complain about FW it’s in regards to it being horrible depressing, and terrible things happening all the time to the characters. I LONG for that to be the case again. At least something would be happening. Now it’s just days of repetition, like the entire first panel, with no jokes. And it still has an air of melancholy and self-importance around it which makes it even more intolerable. Ten years ago this storyline would’ve ended with Bull having a massive heart attack after being confronted by the irate parent. Now, I guarantee it’ll end with smirks at Montoni’s.

  9. Someone on Comics Kingdom suggested that Batiuk believes that bullying is result of weak children not being able to handle life. I believe that Westview is ‘bullying’ the Fighting Chances because they are not supposed to win. People expect that a group of toddlers could take Bushka’s team and are trying to force them back to the basement where they ‘belong,’

  10. billytheskink

    What is cellular phone video showing Bull growling “Against this team we should have twice this many, now lets run it up! Remember, it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!” during a second half timeout?

    I’ll take plot developments more interesting than the one we are getting for $400, Alex.

  11. They say it’s bullying.

    They what?!

    Say it’s bullying!





    What’s bullying?

    Winning a game!


    Yes, winning!

    Wait a minute! How can it be bullying if they won the game?

    No! We won the game!


    Look, we’ve been storing up points for 43 years. They just shot out all at once.

    Couldn’t you have looked for ways to keep losing? Put in a mascot? Implement a running clock?!

  12. Wait – in that third panel the perspective is looking out into the hallway. Shouldn’t that wall supporting the lockers be brick?

  13. Jimmy

    Actually, I think Tom Batiuk has some accuracy here. My college football team used to be so awful that an opposing team took a knee in side the 5-yard line at the end of a blowout. That was embarrassing and had some wondering if the opposing team was engaged in poor sportsmanship.

    There was also a game where the team emptied its bench completely at halftime. The fourth-string running back still gained almost 200 yards, and the final score was 80-7. The other side could have easily eclipsed 100 if it was so inclined.l

  14. Jimmy

    My point is, Bull is being called out for doing the honorable thing. I get the joke in the FW context.

  15. DOlz

    @Fred Blurt, Actually that’s part of Les’ new initiative to improve literacy at Westview via osmosis. They’re not using bricks anymore to build the building they’re using Cliff Notes.

  16. Professor Fate

    It’s interesting – not in a good way but interesting -that a few days ago Bull was about to hurt his arm patting himself on the back for the 90-0 or whatever score and now he’s captain sportsman.

  17. Mister Miggle

    So basically this week is all about TomBat sinking his multi-year anti-bullying campaign for the sake of cheap “laughs”?

    Stuff like this makes me wish we were following Darin and Mopey Pete right now.

  18. bayoustu

    Welcome to today’s installment of “Back of The Head Theatre”…


    —-Tom Batiuk finally reached The Room territory after years and years of (not) trying.—

    Hey, now!! Let’s just all be thankful we aren’t seeing multiple panels of Les Moore having sex every two weeks or so!!!

  20. Epicus Doomus

    The idea that the Goats are now a juggernaut isn’t bad in and of itself, it’s the intensely boring execution of the idea that’s the problem. Again we see Batom come up with a premise and stop right there, endlessly rehashing it over and over instead of developing even a simple story around it. Finding ideas isn’t his problem, expanding upon them is.

  21. Smirks 'R Us

    Dang if that isn’t some A+ artwork today. In the 3 panels, Bull resembles (in order): a Muppet, himself, and the perfect Alfred Hitchcock silhouette. Actually, the strip is much funnier if you read it with Hitchcock’s perpetually stuffed up voice.