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OK, color me baffled.  I have no idea what THIS is supposed to be but that last panel is definitely shudder-inducing for a whole wide variety of reasons. Lisa is back and this time, it’s with a vengeance! Seriously though, having her suddenly popping up all over the place again is definitely not a good sign. In all likelihood, this will merely be some drippy Lisa sap aimed at whatever lucky gal managed to reel in Dick Face after her very tragic drawn-out death, but then again you never know with this BanTom guy.  And hopefully the “For Les” DVD features Lisa explicitly telling Les that he is under no circumstances to ever write a book about her, as THAT would be funny. Which of course means that you can safely rule it out.

Why doesn’t he just tell her what’s on the stupid tapes instead of being all weird and cryptic about it? What the hell are “practice tapes”? WHOSE “senior year tape”, Summer’s or Lisa’s? I guess it’s supposed to be for Summer, but was a separate tape for each year of college really necessary? Seems like overkill and honestly, a bit domineering too. I wonder how long they go on for? Does she cover the bases right up to retirement? When he first introduced these VHS tapes I thought oh no, he can conceivably mine these tapes for Lisa material forever and damned if it isn’t happening right now.

But all this idiocy is totally overshadowed by Batiuk’s greatest artistic achievement in quite a long time: that disembodied, lifeless Summer head with the AV cables sticking out of her neck. They really should be connected to a copy of “Lisa’s Story”, as it IS the only thing keeping her alive right now. But nonetheless, it’s a chilling image.


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  1. Whatever comes of this, it can be guaranteed to be the dullest possible story imaginable.

    I’m curious about what “converting to digital” is supposed to mean, especially since Harry goes on to say he’s put them on DVD as well . Has Harry put them on a hard drive for her–negating the need for DVDs–or has be posted them online–negating the need for DVDs–or is there another, duller answer?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “Just to be safe, I also put them on these wax cylinders and floppy disks!”

  3. “For the other woman.”

  4. bad wolf

    @beckoning–having just gone through a computer back-up ordeal i will charitably guess he meant a hard drive. Or a flash drive, or the cloud, i suppose, although it does sound like there’s still years and years worth.

    Yikes, a new direction. I guess this is supposed to be Summer’s senior year finally (?), so maybe it’s a chance for Lisa to tell Summer for her to make her own decisions and not just look to her (tapes) for approval, and possibly a chance to tell Les not to hang on to her too long, to not make the “other woman” always live in her shadow. But somehow i doubt it.

  5. Apauled

    What does he mean by “Easter eggs”?

  6. @beckoningchasm

    I’m curious about what “converting to digital” is supposed to mean, especially since Harry goes on to say he’s put them on DVD as well . Has Harry put them on a hard drive for her–negating the need for DVDs–or has be posted them online–negating the need for DVDs–or is there another, duller answer?

    This is a case where the other, duller answer is the best possible answer.

    And who can blame Summer for acting like an emotionless zombie? Obviously Tom Batiuk has conceded that her character was a total mistake. The least he could do is retcon her out of the strip completely.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    I would love it so, so much if “The Other Woman” was Lisa talking about she was actually lesbian and had been carrying on an affair with Linda.

  8. The thing is, Harry’s addition makes no sense. If you take some video tapes to a place that can convert them and say “I want these digitized,” when you return, they will generally hand you back your tapes and some DVDs. Either that, or they’ll put them on a hard drive/thumb drive. There’s no “digitizing” that doesn’t end up with a physical format.

    (Yes, they could post them to a website or to Facebook, but that’s going kind of above and beyond.)

    So Harry’s “I also put them on DVD” is just head-shaking. Imagine taking your car to the shop and asking them to replace the tires. You return and ask them if they replaced the tires. “Yes, and just to be safe, we also put some of those big rubber things, those things with treads, around the wheels! I forget what they’re called.”

    I think you’d find another shop. Of course, with Harry’s price of “free” and his speed of “in a couple of days” I suppose Summer would put up with a little idiocy.

  9. How do you get “Easter eggs” on a VHS?

  10. Epicus Doomus

    The whole thing is totally insane. In the header you can see a tape labeled “freshman college” which apparently means she DID record a tape for each year. And I thought this was Summer’s third year of college, so I guess she can’t watch the “senior year” tape until next year. And isn’t it kind of weird that Crazy Harry is now pretty much the ultimate Lisa expert in town?

    TheDiva: I am assuming that he meant there was some footage she “forgot” to erase or something, as it seems sort of weird that she’d spill some sort of dark secret while “practicing”. Trying to figure out what The Author means is just part of the fun with FW.

  11. DOlz

    A couple of things. First Harry’s, “I also put them on DVD”, I’m guessing TB is thinking going digital means putting things in the cloud. In which case I’d bet a buck that he has no idea how the cloud works. He probably thinks its this nebulous thing with no physical component. That’s are far as I’m willing to try to get into TB’s head.

    Second, @Epicus Doomus, “But all this idiocy is totally overshadowed by Batiuk’s greatest artistic achievement in quite a long time: that disembodied, lifeless Summer head with the AV cables sticking out of her neck.”

    What this means is that Lisa is the Borg and resistance if futile.

  12. Rembrandt36

    I’d have to go that they have been digitized to a hard drive, and back ups are on DVD. This is not uncommon. I worked at a replication shop and we alway urged the customers to have hard copy back ups, as hard drives CAN go bad. Unfortunately, this means he has found a FUCKING way to drag Lisa back in to our lives. Let her fucking die already! I would completely forgive Batiuk if he did a Bobby Ewing and took the comic back before Lisa got pregnant (and then didn’t go that route).

  13. SpacemanSpiff85

    That disembodied Summer head is foreshadowing what will happen to her in the future. When she’s diagnosed with terminal cancer, she’ll have her head removed and hooked up to composite cables so Cody can just plug her in whenever he wants to hear her wisdom.

  14. SpacemanSpiff85

    That’s the thing, Batiuk obviously really wishes he was still writing Lisa, and probably high school jokes too. Just go all the way with it and actually bring her back. Or if he thinks that’s going to hurt his artistic integrity or something, just have Les one day say “I remember that time when Lisa did….” and go to permanent flashback.

  15. The Dreamer

    Exactly how did Lisa put hidden easter egg features on a VHS tape?! You couldnt do that untl dvds came along

  16. I thought I’d give you the full bit of the Summer head.

    Yes, it probably needs spider legs there somewhere, and no, I’m not secretly Tom Batiuk.

  17. ComicTrek

    Today’s strip is so jumbled up, it’s confusing. Well, anyway, at first I was already annoyed at the dialogue in the beginning. (English! GRRR.) Then I started laughing like a nut because as I read I imagined Crazy telling Summer that he literally *burned* the tapes “to be safe”! I’m so horrible!

  18. Yuck. Ptooie. Actually calling whoever Les remarries the ‘other’ woman so as to remind her “I have no idea who you are but he married me first so you’re just someone there to take care of him until he joins me and Masky McDeath in the featureless void of an afterlife.”

  19. Rusty

    How would her advise change for each year of college? How about the one for Your Wedding Night, or Your First Roommate After College, or Your First Time at Burning Man? Keep in mind that these tapes are now aimed at a woman in her early 20’s who would be a complete stranger to Lisa. So fucking dumb.

  20. Brazos

    All of the above. Wow. Just wow.

  21. Jimmy

    I’m just wondering how much time all these tapes took. Maybe the cancers didn’t do Lisa in as much as the constant video taping and Howard Hughes reclusiveness. I mean, with all these tapes popping up, she had to have generated weeks’ worth of content, which would have taken months.

    Worst Netflix original ever.

  22. Unfortunately for Crazy Harry, this image appeared on the tape following Lisa’s “practice recordings…”

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    Check out Bloom County today. A daughter asks her mother about her Hobbes tattoo. Mom, what’s the funnies?

  24. Don

    I am guessing “digital” means a thumb drive or SDHC card – a 32GB drive can hold something like 25 hours of video at VHS quality, I think.

    What surprises me is, Lisa apparently assumed Summer would graduate in four years.
    (Coming this March: Les’s trip to the Women’s Final Four?)

  25. @Rusty: Also keep in mind the fact that while everyone else was thinking about that woman on Oprah who did the same thing for the same reason, Les was thinking about Asimov’s Foundation Saga…..despite the fact that Seldon was pulling a very long con by making very good guesses about how the future would look.

  26. Charles

    “For the other woman.”

    The amazing thing is that that’s what Crazy wrote on the disc after having seen the video. It wasn’t a label that Lisa made. It’s Crazy’s label. So rather than writing “Cayla” despite the fact that I presume that it’s supposed to be “for any woman Les is involved with after Lisa’s death”, Crazy decides that it’s more important to maintain fidelity to Lisa’s narrative. Lisa didn’t know Cayla, so obviously it wasn’t meant for Cayla specifically, and he MUST reflect that.

    It’s extraordinary how much Batiuk marginalizes Cayla. He has to marginalize her despite the fact that NOT marginalizing her would be a more natural, believable act. It’s so obvious that he doesn’t look at her as a character, but rather a tool to indulge Les’s needs.

  27. The idea that “the other woman” would have any desire or need to hear from Lisa is ridiculous. The only thing Lisa is going to say is “Les is the best man on the planet and you should be thankful every day that you were lucky enough to marry him.” The “other woman” would throw the video in the trash and probably call a divorce attorney. The only obvious use for such a tape is for Les, to watch by himself over and over, telling himself that yes, indeed, I am so great.

    I can imagine Les telling Cayla about the video, and then suggesting that the two of them sit on the couch and watch it together. If Cayla had anything resembling a spine, she’d say “I’ve got a better idea, let me invite my divorce lawyer over so all three of us can see it! He’ll just love this.”

    I’ve said this before but when Les married Cayla and expected acclaim and awards didn’t rain down on Tom Batiuk, I’m sure he immediately regretted it. All Cayla is–or was–was a barrier between Les and Lisa.

  28. Epicus Doomus

    So what does Harry say when he bumps into his old pal Les? “Yep, I digitized those tapes and wow, did I learn a LOT about Lisa! But sorry, it’s all a big secret!”. Yep, that’ll go over well.

    Cayla has never been anything but an excuse to remind his readers that Lisa died and Les is ever so sad. It appeared that Les was finally “over it” when he first began dating her, then when it got “serious”, then when he finally married her. But it still always goes back to Lisa. Batiuk just refuses to let it go, as he seems to believe that Lisa was some sort of fascinating compelling character that no one could possibly ever forget. These idiotic tapes are an even dumber gimmick than his insufferable park bench ghost Lisa appearances. One or two tapes, fine, that’s semi-believable. But this endless series of tapes and journals full of previously-untold Lisa secrets? As dumb as it gets.

  29. Rusty Shackleford


    You are right, Batty was just trying to be edgy by having Les hook up with Cayla. There is no other reason.

    He just tries to shoehorn in all of this crap in an attempt to be artsy and to chase his Pulitzer.

  30. Epicus Doomus

    Not only was he trying to be edgy, but once he started it he realized he couldn’t very well do his Lisa stuff while Les was in a “real” relationship with someone else. So he waffled for years, stalling for time. Then, after he finally married them, out came these f*cking video tapes.

  31. Charles

    You are right, Batty was just trying to be edgy by having Les hook up with Cayla. There is no other reason.

    I disagree. I think if he were trying to be edgy, he would have made a much bigger deal about it, perhaps enlisting Roberta once again to condemn this beautiful interracial couple so we’d know just how edgy Batiuk is. This is Tom Batiuk we’re talking about, after all; the man who doesn’t realize there’s a B in subtle.

    Again, one of the common situations he mined earlier on in Act 3 was Les and Summer chafing each other with their embarrassing or willful behavior. So he came up with the idea of having Les get involved with the mother of Summer’s biggest basketball rival just to grate on Summer. He had already introduced the rival as a black girl so obviously her mom had to be black as well. But then he realized that he couldn’t hook Les up with a white woman without breaking them up, but if he broke Les and Cayla up and then had Les hook up with a white woman, he’d look palpably racist. So rather than doing that, he changed Cayla’s character design to make her more distinctively white, and reduced her role down to pretty much nothing. Remember that the hairstyle change from a distinctly black style to a distinctly white style was done with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, and happened right when Les was deciding to commit to her.

    I mean, here’s a woman who could conceivably be playing the role Lisa played prior to the time skip. She’s the main character’s wife, for Christ’s sake. And yet all he has her do is sit by and listen as some other dope flaps his gums, smirking or looking concerned or whatever indication Batiuk wants to give to the audience about how they should feel.

  32. Epicus Doomus

    Charles is absolutely correct about the Cayla character. He wrote himself into a corner and not knowing what else to do, he marginalized the character and changed her appearance so she’d be more bland and generic. Cayla and Les never have the sort of story arcs that Les and Lisa did. Their rare domestic interactions are either sitcom-level tripe or center around some other stupid plot point that somehow mostly involves Les and often times Lisa too.

    And furthermore, the only reason to have Les “move on” and re-marry would be to demonstrate that he has indeed moved on, yet he clearly hasn’t. So not only is the Cayla character poorly developed and not very well though-out, she’s pretty much useless too.

  33. batgirl

    Lisa originally had curly/frizzy hair. Cayla originally had an Afro. What is it about intimacy with Les (sorry!) that straightens women’s hair?

  34. Charles is, and always has been, very perceptive about this strip. His comments are always must-reads.

  35. Lisa’s having a more prolific post-death career than Tupac.