Lisa: The Complete Box Set

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Well, that was certainly worth the wait. Batiuk uses his favorite tool…the rehash…to draw out the “suspense” regarding the “other woman” premise for the first of what promises to be many, many, many days. Sigh. The idea of these two idiots watching these DVDs together makes me queasy, so I hope Les at least has the decency to watch them in another room or something. The way Summer’s sitting there with them like they’re Pokeman cards or something makes me feel very, very uneasy about her future. Didn’t she used to play basketball or something?


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23 responses to “Lisa: The Complete Box Set

  1. Rusty

    I guess Summer dropped out of college. Well, Kent State.

  2. As always, the strip finds ways to be more and more terrible. Who could have thought anything at this depth was possible?

  3. Rembrandt36

    So, looking at the size of the box, there was at least 15 tapes in there. 30 hours of Lisa. From years ago, back when Les had hair. Trying to cover all bases. Even left something for Les (holy fuck ugh) and whomever Les may end up with. Just stating the obvious. I got nothing. I’m sure this will all be very maudlin and sappy. Mr. Batiuk I beg you, time travel it all back to 1976. All will be forgiven.

  4. So, how many ways will Batiuk find to restate this basic information over the coming week? I’m guessing at least three.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    I hope the “For Les” DVD is a Lisa/Frankie sex tape, at the end of which Lisa looks right into the camera and says “He was always better than you. And Summer is his.”.

  6. billytheskink

    Lisa Crawford Moore, the Tupac Shakur of the comics page.

  7. Goody. A week of Lisa spouting mush about two situations she couldn’t possibly get right. First, instructions for her idiot husband which she might get sort of right because she remembers what she married and second, nonsense about a woman she’s never met and doesn’t know anything about.

    Also, it’s telling that everyone sees Les as somehow cheating on Lisa because he doesn’t live alone.

  8. Is it March 26, 2022 yet?

  9. A HREF

    Who is speaking in the final panel? Who is holding the disks?

  10. I’m not sure, but I think someone digitized some old videotapes onto DVDs, and found some unexpected footage. Again, it’s not entirely clear, but I’m sure Tom Batiuk will explain it again & again until it becomes unambiguous that nothing interesting has happened.

    Intrigue alert: someone has labeled two of the DVDs “For the Other Woman” and “For Le”. The latter label is partially obscured by what I’ll charitably describe as a thumb, so it’s probably “For Le Chat Bleu”—although, given today’s news out of the UK, it could as well be “For Le Cochon Bleu”—but it won’t, because that would be hilarious, and this—this is Funky Winkerbean, and hilarity is beneath us.

  11. Professor Fate

    ‘what to see something really creepy?” – well no but I suppose we are going to anyway.

  12. Rembrandt36

    The Header – is that the banjo player from “Deliverance?”

  13. Jim in Wisc.

    So, judging from this week’s masthead, Dead St. Lisa of the Holy Tumor recorded these oh-so-important messages to her beloved Leslie and “the other woman” as she was sucking in her last gasps of oxygen? Only in the strange, strange alternate reality created in Tom Batiuk.

  14. Lisa’s new message from beyond the grave to the “other woman”:

    “This is just to inform you that during Les’ flashback dream during his blackout at the reunion, he made the conscious decision to not only hide the truth of my future health issues from my younger self, he intentionally withheld information that could have potentially saved my life as an adult…Yes, it was a dream, but it was still a karmic test and for a woman he claims to love even in death, and the mother of his child, I feel his ethical choices are highly dubious and this test of character has been a resounding failure…So just keep that in mind and get out while you can, *NOW*.”

  15. ComicBookHarriet

    What I find impossible to believe is that we’ve ALREADY, years ago, been introduced to the tape Lisa made for Les to watch on the event of his remarriage. She cracked a joke, and he smiled smugly as he watched. What more could there be?

  16. Jimmy

    Wow, can’t wait to see how this drags on.

  17. DOlz

    @Jimmy, “Wow, can’t wait to see how this drags on.”

    Masochist! Of course since the rest of us kept reading this drivel we must must have the same problem. 🙂

  18. DOlz

    At GoComics you can read B.C. from the beginning now. This is another case of a comic that started funny and a little subversive and then in Johnny Carson’s words, stayed too long at the party.

  19. Mister Miggle


    I hate baloney.

  20. I keep picturing Batiuk screaming, “Lisa’s story was a significant part of my career as an artist. Pleeeeaaassseee! Give me a damn award this time.”

  21. Don

    Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess: the DVD labels are switched…

  22. @Don: Holy Toledo. That kind of twist could only be spewed from the pen of the hackiest sitcom-writing hack that ever hacked out a script for The Golden Girls. So of course it’s a spot-on prediction for this strip.