Can’t Wait For The Blu-Rays

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The image of Summer hanging out at home while surrounded by her Lisa videos is one of the more disturbing FW scenes I can remember, right up there with those faces you can sometimes see when TomBan draws gigantic asses. No wonder she’s shunned by the cool kids (and apparently everyone else too). I especially like panel two, where she’s literally watching a DVD in the truest sense of the term. Simply groundbreaking.

And it’s “fireworks factory” syndrome again as BanTom shamelessly draws out his “story” with a few profound silent panels. Everything involving Lisa is treated with such intense gravitas and profoundity with all sorts of seriousness and pondering. And I guarantee when he FINALLY gets to whatever it is on those DVDs that merits all this angst it’ll be the sappiest bunch of crap you’ve ever seen.

“Hey Cayla, got a minute?”. That’s up there with “hey Funky, you hungry?” or “hey Owen, wanna read comic books?” or “hey Les, wanna act like a smug annoying jerk?”. I mean of COURSE she has a minute, especially if it’s to remind everyone that she’s just Les’ second insignificant wife and not the one who died. This is already hands-down the most annoying arc of the year and they haven’t even played the f*cking DVDs yet.


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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m really on the edge of my seat to find out whether or not Cayla has a minute. I can only hope that we’re lucky enough that Batiuk lets us find out before the end of the week.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    I’m surprised there is no armpit hair…wow is Batty out of touch with the real world.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m extremely curious what happened after yesterday’s strip. Did Summer not tell Les what Crazy found? Did she only mention the “For Les” DVD? If so I assume he’s locked himself somewhere in the house to watch it, and Cayla’s totally oblivious. But Summer’s looking at two DVDs, which makes it seem like she just told Les there was new Lisa footage, but didn’t give him the DVD. Of course I’m sure I’ve put more thought into this than Batiuk, whose driving writing principle seems to be “how can I stretch this out as long as possible”.

  4. Rembrandt36

    “You’d better have a minute, or I’m going to bully you!”

  5. Cayla has gotten to the point where she’s just grateful when someone notices her.

  6. Funky Weinerbink

    “Hey Cayla… got a minute?”


    First two panels, Cayla peering inquisitively into Summer’s room.

    Third panel: “Yeah… what’s up?”

  7. 2,378 more days of this “writing” and “art…”

  8. If only the “fireworks factory” method of storytelling always had a payoff like this…

  9. billytheskink

    No Summer, Cayla doesn’t have a figurative or literal minute. Can’t you see she is right in the middle of performing some act related to one of the many, many duties, hobbies, and interests that this comic strip has shown her to have? It’s a minor miracle, really, that she even took the time to glance over her shoulder at you.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Someone really needs to speak to Summer, as this obsession with these stupid tapes is obviously totally out of control. Why is she sitting there staring at them like that? They’re DVDs, not photos or journals or diaries or some other contrivance. It’d be different of Batom was playing this off as an “issue” or something, but in his seriously warped mind this is adorable and touching, which makes it all the more disturbing and weird.

  11. What would the tapes say anyway? “Hello, person interested in Les. A few months before I passed on, I made a sarcastic comment about his having to wait until he was sixty to remarry. Please show him the tape marked ‘For God’s sake, Stupid…..I was KIDDING!!!'”

  12. ComicTrek

    @Epicus: There’s no help for young Summer, I’m afraid. The adults who probably could help her (LES) are the ones who made her this way. The only cure is to be like Cory (really Budd) Winkerbean and hightail it outta Westview!

  13. A HREF


    Endings like that are EARNED

  14. What’s really stupid about this current thread is that Crazy found these videos as “Easter eggs” which, to me, means they were out-takes that Lisa decided weren’t worthy of being their own separate entities and just forgot to record over. In other words, these are videos that Lisa herself rejected. So the idea that these are holy relics, to be stared at in awe and heeded by everyone, is idiotic even by Lisa standards.

  15. Rusty

    Oh god I just noticed the wasted Lisa up on top of the title block. No wig, no pretense, just wallowing in the agony and attention of her final days. No thanks.

  16. Just realized you can buy prints of strips – at a (cough) very reasonable $29, $59 or $99 rate (print, matte or matte/frame). No autographed option, unless maybe that is exclusively at the TB site. I’d love to know if anyone ever buys these… and ,better, which ones. “Hi honey, I got you this Funky Winkerbean strip, about this cancer patient arc, to help you get through your upcoming treatments…”

  17. Jim in Wisc.

    Only 2,379 more strips to go until L’Auteur Glorieux earns that damned T-Square award.

  18. Jim in Wisc.

    @ Nathan Obral: Oops! Sorry Nathan. Next time I’ll read the other comments before I post! :o)

  19. Howtheduck

    In the ideal scenario, Lisa will pass on useful information on how to deal with Les based on her own experience, and it will end up being a giant Les snarkfest.

  20. Jim in Wisc.

    There have been a lot of comments here (as well as at the Curmudgeon) over the years that Batiuk gets this dreck published day after day because King Features doesn’t have any editors reviewing strips when they’re submitted by the artists. If you want irrefutable proof that that’s true, you only have to take a look at yesterday’s and today’s Apt. 3-G strips, paying special attention to the backgrounds and a particular missing “prop” in today’s strip. Seriously, if King Features had any editors (especially ones who cared about the quality of the product they’re selling to newspapers), this would have never happened.

  21. @Jim in Wisc. Good LORD!

    Apartment 3G doesn’t run in my newspaper, but I do remember skipping over it in the funnies (I was not a big fan of the “soap opera” strips) when it was at least , but really, how is garbage like this continue to take up valuable space in the ever-shrinking comics pages? Whoever the “artist” is (could 91-year-old Frank Bolle still be drawing this?), it looks like the characters are traced and re-traced from a model sheet. This makes Funky Winkerbean look like Prince Valiant! Don’t even get me started on the lettering! Do any of you remember mimeograph copies? This sort of looks like it was scratched into a mimeo stencil and run off as a fanzine.

  22. Jim in Wisc.

    @TFHackett: Yes, Frank is still drawing this strip (or at least he’s still listed as the artist). I’ve said over at Josh’s blog that I won’t snark on the artwork in this strip anymore, because I see it as more tragic than anything else. It’s sad to see the decline of a once talented and well-accomplished comics artist like Frank Bolle play out daily in the comics pages.

  23. A HREF

    @TFHackett and @ Jim In Wisconsin. I think that if there is indeed an editor at King Features he must really hate Frank Bolle. and so allows this shit to run. At least the artwork in JP and RMMD is lucious if a bit boob heavy.


    In regards to Apt. 3G. I feel for Frank Bolle if it is just a matter of him not wanting to admit that he’s not well enough to draw the strip.

    That being said I agree with A HREF in that the artists of Judge Parker could really breathe life into that strip. I don’t mind the boob heavy art since it is a story about love lives of three sexy women in Manhattan. I

  25. However there’s plenty you can do that’s within your control!