Why, It’s Your Worst Nightmare, Other Woman

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Good God, just f*cking ponderous, man. Hopefully Lisa included some grammar tips for her daughter, as “it is some tapes my mom made” is one really awful sentence. That KSU education is already paying huge dividends for our beloved Summer, eh? If the next panel isn’t either Cayla tossing those DVDs in the trash or vomiting, I’ll be pretty disappointed. Seriously, how much of this crap is she willing to take? Lisa books, Lisa runs, Lisa tapes, Lisa screenplays, Lisa Lisa Lisa. It never ends. Now she has Les’ annoying daughter inexplicably hanging around the house waving Lisa DVDs in her face. What’s next, will Summer and Les put up a Lisa tree on Lisa’s Eve and exchange Lisa-related gifts too? They might as well, as it’d be no more demented than this nonsense is. Just look at Summer in panel two, she looks like she’s sharing some sort of earth-shattering information with Cayla instead of a few old DVDs featuring her mother’s endless meddlesome droning. Just awful.


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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m betting the “Other Woman” tape is long instructions on how to be just like Lisa, because obviously that’s what does it for Les. Although I’d love it if it was just sixty minutes of Lisa laughing hysterically at the thought of another woman actually falling for Les.

  2. I was in a bookstore the other day and I asked if they had a copy of Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe.

    “Well, if we did, it would be over there in ‘Hagiography.'”

  3. 2,377 more days until Tom Batiuk does his victory lap retirement in the front pages of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, the Medina Gazette and on Channel 5 Eyeball News.

    Seriously… SoSF should have a byline, “The Ba(n)Tom “Writing” March to 2022!”

  4. Apauled

    The whole second-wife-following-dead-icon thing could be fun, as it was when beautifully done in “Rebecca”. But TB is no Daphne du Maurier &, in his hands, the premise can only lead to maudlin soap opera. Poor Cayla seems like a nice person who deserves better but she’s in the wrong place with the wrong writer.

  5. bayoustu

    The “tape” for the other woman consists solely of instructions on how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  6. bad wolf

    “Oh, and one for Keisha, too! Where is she, by the way?” (Holds up disc labeled “The Other Daughter”)

  7. billytheskink

    I’ll bet that is the same face Cayla makes when a street corner solicitor hands her a Lyndon LaRouche pamphlet.

  8. Rusty

    Cayla ain’t got time for that.

  9. Jimmy

    I don’t have the heart for this snark today. My son came home and told me his classmate’s brother died yesterday of cancer, one day before he would have turned 19. That sucks worse than this strip ever could.

  10. Oh, I just can’t wait for the scenes when BSD Lisa gives her blessing to her successor. You never know when you might need a good ipecac.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Summer’s old “twee tomboy” shtick was annoying beyond belief but her “Lisa was my mom” routine is even worse. And Batiuk is so Lisa-addled he doesn’t even realize how utterly bizarre this is. He actually has Summer wandering around the house obsessing over Lisa’s OUTTAKES now. Next thing you know they’ll be gathering around the family TV to watch her blooper reel.

  12. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Epicus Doomus:
    I think what’s going to happen next is Les and Summer speculating on what Lisa would’ve taped if she’d been able to, and then Jessica Darling Whose Father John Darling Was Murdered will come by to tape them, with Cayla playing the role of Lisa.

  13. DOlz

    @Apauled, If I were to pick a Hitchcock movie that TB was modeling Lisa/Not-Lisa on, I’d go with “Vertigo”.

  14. i admittedly ignored Funky Winkerbean outright during Tom Batiuk’s staged execution of Dead St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy Who Was Cremated in a vain attempt at a Pulitzer Prize. But was Dead St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy Who Was Cremated ever as emaciated as she looks in the current SoSF masthead?

    And if she was presumably that frail, there was no way that she recorded all those stupid tapes by herself… Les had to have assisted in some way, completely negating any need for a special tape for him. Concurrently, Les clearly knew that another tape for “The Other Woman” was made. Etc., etc.

    This strip continues to enter a special level of stupid.

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    Next thing you know, Les will be dancing with the ghost of Lisa….oh wait, he’s done that already.

  16. What irritates me the most is that no one, not even Cayla herself, questions referring to her as the other woman. If you’ll pardon my profanity, Lisa is fucking DEAD!!! Cayla is no more the “other” woman than she is Queen Marie of fucking Romania. It’s time for everyone in Westview to fucking move on and quite riding a corpse’s coattails!!!

  17. Just think how easy it would be to label that episode “For the new woman.” But no, anyone other than Lisa is an “other.” Way to make your most prominent black character feel included, Tom.

  18. Jim in Wisc.

    I think it’s safe to assume that these newly discovered Blessed Dead Saint Lisa of the Holy Tumor Tapes™ are going to contain groundbreaking material that will turn Leslie’s new Blessed Dead Saint Lisa of the Holy Tumor, Vol. II™ into the greatest selling book of all time, easily eclipsing sales of the Bible and the dictionary combined.

  19. @beckoningchasm: The problem is that none of these idiots ever really moved on from high school. Since Cayla wasn’t part of their social circle back in Phase One, she’ll always be something of an intruder.

  20. ComicBookHarriet

    WE’VE ALREADY BEEN HERE! Has watching Dead!Lisa’s blessing of the remarriage tapes become like Band Camp was at the start of this comic? Something we have to go through every year, with different riffs on the same jokes? Will 20 years from now grief-counselors have yellowed clippings of this strip taped to their doors?

  21. Based on the box Summer was lugging, I’d say there were at least 20 tapes. And those were just the ones Lisa had made for Summer. Considering that these are two hour tapes, and that they have titles like “16th Birthday,” I’d say that Lisa tended to be just as much a blowhard as Les. (She probably goes on and on about comic books in each and every one of them.)

    I doubt anyone is masochistic enough to look at all the Lisa tapes strips, but has anything of substance ever been seen in any of them? All I’ve ever seen is a snarky introduction and once piece of fluff–“follow your heart.”

  22. A phone conversation between Lynn Johnston & Tom Batiuk.

    ring, ring! Lynn answers.

    LJ: It’s your dime, eh.

    TB: Hi Lynn! Tom Bantominc here!

    LJ: Who, eh?

    TB: Tom Batiuk, rhymes with attic when I spell it right!

    LJ: Oh, yah, sure, eh. You’re the depressing one, eh?

    TB: In the main, Lynn, I need to borrow your extra-large glurge gun. I’ve got a glurgical episode going on now, and I want to draw it out for a couple weeks.

    LJ: Oh, yah, sure, eh. I just filled it up, eh.

  23. One thing that’s been bugging me: Crazy is actually the one who labeled the 2 DVDs, not Lisa. He also discovered the content on one of the tapes rather than there being standalone tapes for the two. So are we to assume that Lisa somehow clearly segregated those two sections of content, possibly even labeling them as such (title cards, etc.) or was Crazy making that assumption based on careful scrutiny of her taped speeches?
    Aaahh, I’m overthinking as usual…

  24. Mehe

    Someone get Mary Worth over here. This seriously needs some meddling.

  25. @Fred – I’m sure Crazy saw Lisa turn on the camera and say something like “For the other woman, take 1” or “Forelegs, take 1” and that’s how he got the labels. Hell, with a treasure trove of Lisa right there, I don’t doubt that he watched every single tape. And then the DVDs to make sure they were perfect.

    After all, it’s Les and Lisa, the focus of the entire town.


    Well, the good news for Cayla is that the tape will be mixed with videos of Crazy’s nude Mr. Sponge solo cosplay that he mixed in by accident.

  27. At what point does Cayla totally lose her shit, videotape her own raging, ranting, cursing response, dig up St. Lisa’s grave in the middle of the night, throw her “response” in St. Lisa’s coffin, and re-bury everything??

  28. Rusty Shackleford


    Now if only Batty would approach overthinking….

  29. sgtsaunders

    “The Other Woman” DVD seems to confirm that Les had some dalliance on the side that Lisa knew about – most likely Station Wagon Susie. However, when the disc is played the utterly pathetic truth comes out. Instead of Lisa, Cayla sees Crazy Harry wearing nothing but a Lisa wig and too much Revlon, begging her to murder Les in his sleep and seek out “that adorable postman” that “Lisa, er, ah, I mean I” was always so fond of. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

  30. Dee Veedee

    Wait a minute!! STOP!!!! “It’s some tapes my mom made.” You trying to tell me Cayhole doesn’t know ALL about those tapes by now?? And I mean to the point where she was ready to stomp on them and burn them to a crisp? Why is BatDork making it look like she’s hearing about them for the first time??

    You can bet there will be a drippy, sappy, schlocky scene where Dead Saint Lisa gives her Holy Blessing for these two nitwits to go off and live their own lives. “Oh, well thankyewsoverymuch! You’ve been dead like 15 years or something. We’ve kinda been keeping things on hold in case you changed your mind about being dead, and decided to come back. Are you absolutely sure it’s okay, Lisa?”

    Then a week later, Crazy Harry will clone Lisa from some booger crust found on a tape cartridge. Can’t win, sometimes.