She’s Got Person-Banality

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Summer didn’t have any problem with being filmed while reading Lisa’s journal entry about the time Frankie sexually assaulted her, but somehow this video footage is “personal”, even though Cayla never even knew Lisa at all. Yup, that makes sense. Dollars to donuts says it’s the usual patented Lisa drivel, featuring lots of pious platitudes and cornpone idiocy centering around the loathsome “Spanky”, delivered with that sickening saintly grin and those dead Lisa eyes. That ghoulish Lisa image in the header is nightmare fuel, it’s just hideous.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to see Cayla finally grow a spine, right here and now. “Summer, for the final time: I am sorry about your mother but right now I want you to get these f*cking tapes out of my house and go back to school because I’ve had my fill of Lisa for ten thousand lifetimes”. Then maybe she could refer Summer to a really good therapist or something, as this kid just ain’t right. This arc is just so sniveling and obnoxious it’s almost unbelievable and Batom just doesn’t care how stupid and implausible it is, he just wants to keep reminding everyone about that goddamned cancer arc, again and again and again. I quite frankly think it’s time for HIM to consider talking to a mental health professional too. It’s like he’s flat-out admitting that he hasn’t done a single noteworthy thing since that horrible arc ended, which is true, but still. It’s just plain not normal.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    And get a load of Summer in panel three. A few weeks ago she was all angular and “grown up” but today she’s suddenly twelve years old again, all moon-faced and contrite about sticking her hand in Lisa’s magical DVD jar. Just repulsive.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’ve thought for a while Batiuk needs some help. Just look at how he portrays all the formerly hot girls who rejected Les in high school. There are some real issues there.
    I have a feeling that this “arc” is going to end with Cayla coming to Les and apologizing for giving him such a hard time about his Lisa fixation (ha!), and how after watching the DVD she realizes just how special Lisa was, and that she’s pretty lucky to have ended up with the widow of someone so saintly.

  3. “See those nice young men in the clean white coats? They’re here to HELP you, Tom.”

  4. I see Tom Batiuk as Dennis the Menace, and the Pulitzer Committee as Mr. Wilson.

  5. Tom Batiuk is deliberately stretching Funky Winkerbean just so he can get a participatory award from the National Cartoonists Society.

    That’s 2,376 more days of this crap.

    I actually want to see just if Batiuk can get away with such a sorry excuse for a scam. He just might, because alleged editor Brendan Buford is just like Wally from “Dilbert”… a useless sycophant that does nothing and gets paid for it.

  6. Jim in Wisc.

    @ Nathan Obral: Like I said a while back, Tom probably already has his acceptance speech all written and polished (many times over). So, it’d be hilarious if the NCS just boxed the damned thing up and mailed it to him.

  7. “Okay, I watched just enough to realize it was the same maudlin crap that comes out of every BSD Lisa story arc, and then I quit for the sake of my own sanity!”

  8. Rembrandt36

    I am sorry – but I am going to have to cuss. These character’s reactions, drawings and the story are retarded and cunty. I am actually pissed at TB right now. He is creating turds in a punch bowl.

  9. SpacemanSpiff85

    I can’t honestly think that even Batiuk thinks this strip is interesting to anyone anymore. For four straight days he’s stretched out “hey, Lisa made a tape for the other woman”, without any humor or plot advancement. He acts like there’s so much suspense over what’s on this tape. I can’t believe even he really thinks there are people out there eagerly reading this strip every day to see what Lisa recorded, or what’s going to happen with Bull’s bullying complaint, or anything that’s happened in this strip in years. It’s pretty telling that whenever anyone comments online and actually claims to like this strip, people kind of assume it’s him, because that’s more believable than someone being passionate about his strip. Really, you look at pretty much any random comic on Comics Kingdom or GoComics and you can find people who honestly like it. Except for this one.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    SpacemanSpiff85: His only agenda with this arc is to get to the part where he once again reminds you about the brave courageous kindly awesome character he created and killed off because he thinks it was an achievement so grand and so epic it bears revisiting all the f*cking time. He doesn’t care about somehow wrapping it in a coherent story, he doesn’t care if it makes any sense, it’s just all about getting to Lisa dying again. I kind of thought he’d finally put the worst of this behind him but apparently not. Every one of these Lisa arcs reads like another ad for himself, he’s the worst humble-bragger there is.

  11. billytheskink

    Is Cayla gonna be ticked at Crazy too when she realizes that he knows everything that is on this “personal” DVD?

    She should be angry with Summer though. Not about this stupid DVD business, but because Summer apparently has dropped out of college?

  12. Great. Another reminder that no one thinks that Cayla needs to be treated with anything like respect. It’s all about some dead woman who doesn’t realize that the passive shmuck she married would be paralyzed with fear if he had the chance to save her life. Let’s not forget that it’s all about Les’s emotional needs and his drive to never do anything lest he get blamed for things.

  13. Saturnino

    Aren’t we coming up to some anniversaries in October?

  14. Rusty

    I think the real life Lisa’s Legacy run/jog/walk/smirk has come back this year, and TB is coordinating this story arc with the walk just to remind people who the hell she is again.

  15. DOlz

    Considering everything Summer has watched and read about Lisa there’s only one way I can think of that it got too personal for her to watch this one. Lisa must be informing the Other Woman about Les’ sexual kinks in graphic detail. Including his onset of necrophilia.

  16. bad wolf

    @Saturnino–Yeah, Les and Cayla’s anniversary is the 15th, and as Rusty says the Lisa Legacy Run I think is just before that. So probably we have DVD>Run>Anniversary, although after last year’s big to-do about Cayla (“This time it’s about us!”) getting reversed and the recent Lisa-centric strips, who knows.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say killing Lisa wasn’t a bad idea, and a time-jump wasn’t a bad idea… but when the strip picks up again Les doesn’t really deal with losing her, they went real-time so much the new characters graduated too quickly, and since specifically 2012–Graduation, Kilimanjaro, Les & Cayla’s wedding–TB lost interest and has been flailing about trying to rehash everything from before.

  17. sgtsaunders

    Yes, “The Other Woman” is so very personal to Cayla, whom Lisa never actually met. Maybe Summer means it’s Les-based personal. In that case, ew. And by ew, I mean EW.

  18. @bad wolf – When it happened, I was (over-optimistically) expecting that the time jump was a convenient way to move on from Lisa and send the strip in some new directions. It’s just that every time we think there’s going to be a new direction he circles back to another Lisa arc. It’s like the comic strip equivalent of the Blair Witch Project.

    Anyway, if Cayla had one ounce of self-respect, she’d lay that DVD down on the counter, walk out to her car, start driving (optionally stop at KSU to pick up Keisha), and keep going until she is as far away from Westview as is physically possible.

  19. Since Lisa and Cayla never really knew each other, I’m going to go ahead and say “really personal” is about as personal as a phone caller asking for the “woman of the house”, or junk mail addressed to “resident”

  20. Has anyone tried mentioning to Tom that, you know, 45 is also a good number? Like, it’s not quite as “round” as 50, of course, but it’s still a respectable milestone? Because 2017 would be . . . so much sooner.

  21. Overthinking here again, but… isn’t it presumed that Les would have watched ALL the tapes already? For that matter, Summer too? (Unless she was parceling them out, one year or milestone marker at a time.) If so, it’s not credible that he would have overlooked the Easter egg content…

  22. Epicus Doomus

    Fred Blurt: I guess it’s why Crazy went out of his way to explain that the “easter eggs” were on the “senior year” tape, one that (presumably) Summer hadn’t watched yet. It’s Batiukian logic, it’s not meant for us to understand….

  23. sgtsaunders

    So far, the only evidence of any videotape or portion thereof being titled “The Other Woman” comes to us via Crazy Harry’s Sharpie. The Late Lady Lisa is taking a lot of heat that may or may not be warranted, although at this point it’s apparent that things have taken a sickening turn. Summer’s overt disgust indicates that the advice concerns Les at sexytime, which itself is enough send shivers of fear and loathing through everyone involved. Except Crazy Harry. Recall that Harry has seen the tape and has therefore heard some things yet he remains calm as a cucumber, awaiting Cayla’s inevitable flight from the Taj Moore-hal. “Come to Cray-Cray, Baby.”

  24. Howtheduck

    If he wanted to go with a bizarre angle, he could have Lisa recollect that she met Cayla during the time travel class reunion story, but did not realize she was the other woman until she got the cancer and knew that Les would end up with someone else. It would be a “So that’s why I wasn’t there and why Les was hanging around with that other woman” moment. If it weren’t for that time travel moment, it would be reasonable for Lisa to expect that Les wouldn’t end up with anyone.

  25. A HREF

    “Senior year tape”. Now is hat the for the fourth or fifth year of Kent State. Does she have a tape entitled “Red-shirt year” in case Summer took a red shirt at Kent State. Does Summer even play basketball any more? Does Lisa have any stock tips–after all she told Les not to get on the damned plane that time. Why no stock tips?

  26. @Rembrandt36:

    I am actually pissed at TB right now. He is creating turds in a punch bowl.

    The punch that Tom Batiuk usually serves is a nice mix of buffalo urine, arsenic and antifreeze.

  27. sgtsaunders

    Westview will hit the fan when Cayla gets a load of Lisa confessing Les’ deepest fantasy about a “colored girl” who is “ever so naughty”, and in the throes of passion, he calls her “Dionne Warwick.”

  28. Went back after reading Epicus’ comment about Summer’s face-he’s right, and the shift was even more recent than that. It was literally the strip the day before where she appeared “mature” compared to today. The difference is like it would be for a much older sibling, or even a mother-they look like totally different people! Unbelievable that no one mentions stuff like this to TB when he flubs continuity, plot wise or visually.