Tell Him It’s from Me

Um, not really. It’s also been watched by Crazy Harry and, at least in part, by Summer. Perhaps exhausted after delivering a lecture that’s gone from genial, to threatening, to condescending, today Lisa brings it all to a rather conspiratorial close. Speaking of Crazy Harry, I thought that this “found footage” that you, I, and Cayla have been suffering through was an “Easter egg” that Crazy happened upon:

Sunday, 9/20:

But it’s pretty clear that Lisa meant for this, and “the second tape”, to be viewed. And heeded.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    I love it when Batiuk proves me right. Remember when I said he’s so wrapped up in his demented Lisa fantasies that he doesn’t even remember the details of his own story? Witness today, where Lisa reminds Cayla about the “other tape”. Uh, excuse me there Tom, but there IS no other tape, as according to Harry this footage was discovered at the end of Summer’s “senior year” tape. Harry put the footage on two discs, not Lisa. Next time refer to the little cartoons you just drew instead of getting lost in your Lisa haze again, Pulitzer (nominee) Boy.

    At least Other Woman actually appears today, in her role as “Other Woman”. Maybe she’ll even get dialog before it’s all over! I’m calling her OW from now on, as it seems appropriate.

  2. billytheskink

    This past weekend, my mother described one of the new fall network television shows as “too stupid for words”.

    I hope she doesn’t mind if I borrow that phrase.

  3. Or why not re-name her Dora Matt?

  4. Rusty

    This kind of explains why Batiuk has that creepy Lisa shrine in his studio, with a clay figurine of her on the park bench with the stupid hat and wrapped in a blanket. Dying Lisa = Best Lisa. He wishes he could kill her again.

  5. Tom Batiuk is redefining awful with this storyline arc war crime against humanity, so much so that he ought to be renamed Slobodan Milosevic.

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    Cayla better hope Les never finds out what’s on that tape. If he knew there was a video of Lisa constantly praising him, he wouldn’t need her anymore.

  7. Jerry Brown

    Cayla, face it, you will forever be “The Other Woman”. Lisa’s other tape “For Les” will remind him – no, browbeat him into believing – that you aren’t worthy of your alleged saint of a husband.. You will never be able to succeed or best Lisa as Les’ ideal wife. She is his eternal goddess, and you will be reminded of your lesser status every moment of your wedded life. Who needs that crap? It is time to stand up for yourself. Give Les the other disc and tell him to shove it up his . . . .

    Then drive off and leave Westview and its losers in the rear view mirror.

  8. bad wolf

    Cayla may want look at the Les tape herself. God only knows what horrors await.

    Midway through this week I thought maybe it was running through the five stages of grief.
    Denial: Girl Talk between chicks with a boyfriend in common;
    Anger: Don’t you hurt him!
    Bargaining: Be nice to Summer and maybe I won’t curse you after all;
    Depression: Les is so special, he’s the specialest…
    Acceptance: Okay, we’re cool, just don’t ever tell anyone about this.

    Like most things in FW, it fell apart somewhere between the beginning and the end (?).

  9. Some days, Tom Batiuk and Funky Winkerbean make me ashamed to be from northeastern Ohio. This is one of those days.

    There is nothing of value with this strip. Pure nihilism, no hope, and a continual obsession with the past. Plus an unbelievable attention to detail in making sure that Dead St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy of the Misdiagnosed Mammogram Who Was Cremated is pictured just right, as she is waiting for Masky McDeath to take her away to Comic Strip Limbo… obviously Tom Batiuk is not just bitter and angry about his underwhelming career, he’s a bit psychotic.

    I shudder to think just how much worse this strip will be at this time next year. And the year after that.

  10. Jim in Wisc.

    He’s been quoted before in the comments section of this blog, but he really can’t be quoted often enough:

    “What the hell is this crap?”
    – Krusty the Klown

  11. Didn’t Les already have an “In Case You Ever Remarry” tape that he watched shortly before he and Cayla got married? What could Lisa possibly have to say here that she didn’t on that one?

    Cayla, meanwhile, has reached the point where she’s too dead inside to care anymore.

  12. Batty Funkyweiner

    “This [SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE] tape is between you and me, Other Woman. Because fuck continuity.”

  13. Epicus Doomus

    I’m sort of surprised that the tapes don’t have a self-destruct mechanism built right in, like on the old “Mission: Impossible” TV show.

  14. Guest Page Turner Author

    But she didn’t even really say anything, just generic platitudes and clichéd greeting card sentiments.

    “Summer is a tough kid, but she’ll need some hugs”

    “Les is moody, but somehow a special gift”

    “Les is gonna scream my name out while you’re getting funky because I can wrap that Gardner snake around my….well, let’s not talk about an, um, awkward moment”

    Fascinatingly awful shit going down here.

  15. I think it should also be noted that Lisa’s (and her creator’s) use of the term “The Other Woman” for Les’ eventual second wife (who it turns out is Cayla, who never knew Lisa at all or, for that matter, Les, until long after Lisa’s death) represents an odd choice. This term is usually reserved for a mistress or a woman who otherwise disrupts a marital or other long-term relationship. Because it connotes a “homewrecker” it is certainly not an appropriate description for a woman who is dating or marrying a widower and helping to raise his child who has lost her mother.

    It’s also somewhat creepy that the hug shown above is indeed “from Lisa”, almost echoing my snarky remrk in the last thread that Cayla, out of a sense of unworthyness, will allow Lisa’s spirit to possess her body and return to Les.

  16. After reading this week’s strips, I can’t stop thinking about that interview Batiuk gave that TFHackett posted. He said writing comes easiest to him, and drawing is way more difficult and complicated for him. The drawing part makes sense (because let’s face it, Funky artwork is derivative and bland mostly), but does Batiuk EVER show his ‘writing’ to anybody else before he puts it to print? Continutity? Flow of sentence structures? Stories that have even pacing a structure?

    Wasn’t there a story ostensibly about bullying a couple weeks ago, that got wrapped up about as quickly as it got started? Bull got called into a hearing over the course of 2-3 strips, and like that, it was over. And now we’ve been on this Lisa lecture from the grave for the same amount of given time. Or even more, if you count last week’s strips discovering the tapes, etc.

    Never has a comic strip been so awful and perplexing to me.

  17. Jimmy

    I like to think Cayla is only sitting that close to the screen because she’s going to spit at it.

    Alas, she has no backbone and no self esteem, even though she was original written as a vibrant woman who once was a star athlete.

  18. batgirl

    I had to run over to Wikipedia to check my memory of this story.
    “”Ligeia” is an early short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1838. The story follows an unnamed narrator and his wife Ligeia, a beautiful and intelligent raven-haired woman. She falls ill, composes “The Conqueror Worm”, and quotes lines attributed to Joseph Glanvill (which suggest that life is sustainable only through willpower) shortly before dying. After her death, the narrator marries the Lady Rowena. Rowena becomes ill and she dies as well. The distraught narrator stays with her body overnight and watches as Rowena slowly comes back from the dead – though she has transformed into Ligeia.”
    Maybe this is what the tapes are supposed to accomplish? Transform either Summer or The Other Woman into Undead Lisa?

  19. SpacemanSpiff85

    Writing is definitely easy if you just go with whatever crap falls out of your mind on the first try and never revise it or think about it again after you write it down.
    I have a feeling Batiuk gets told that people use his work in writing classes, and just loves hearing that. Never mind what context it’s in (“Can you believe somebody actually gets paid for this crap? You can definitely do better, high school freshmen.”).

  20. What really irritates me is that Lisa is so damned vain that she does think of anyone who might come after her as a disruption to a bond that’s supposed to be ‘eternal’. Seems to me that someone is so absorbed with herself that she forgot her vows included the word “until DEATH do you part.” She’s dead. She has no right to browbeat anyone into thinking that they can’t replace her because she’s DEAD. She has no right to feed into Les’s already monstrous ego AND make him feel bad about ‘cheating’ on her because she’s DEAD. She has no right to spout platitudes about a child she upped and died on because she wouldn’t take government pot to make chemo bearable because she’s DEAD.

  21. @SpacemanSpiff85: I keep thikng about the essay Mark Twain wrote about why Cooper was a bad writer; that’s because everything in said article applies to this….especially that part about how we hate the good people, are indifferent to the bad and wish they would all get drowned together.

  22. ComicTrek

    So, how in any way are these Lisa’s Death Anniversary strips heartwarming or emotionally effective? At this point, if we’re feeling anything at all besides annoyance (and maybe sadness because the strip has been so depressingly awful for sooooo long), it’s pity for Cayla. And you know what, let’s take pity on Summer, too. The girl has NO proper role models!

    “Tell him it’s a hug from ME…..”
    Reading this strip is like being force-fed an entire bottle of saccharine tablets. Corn flavored. (Remember “Barbie Forever”? (*gag*))

  23. @ComicTrek: Batiuk’s messed up in the head so he thinks that this repulsive display of fawning over a no-hoper and browbeating a second wife from beyond the grave is touching and edifying. When people us are irritated and feel that Cayla and Summer have lost out because of the sick fixation Les has on this unremarkable, annoying and unpleasant dead woman. we’re assholes who hate love.

    Man. I think that the Doctor would find a second unimportant person. She’s on a DVD promising to haunt people she doesn’t know.

  24. Rusty Shackleford


    I hear you. I am ashamed as well. Here we are, in the most beautiful time of the year, and Aaliyah Batty can do is give us Ms Cancer a Victim.

    But we did learn that Crazy Harry really is crazy. A sane person would have destroyed the Easter egg footage claiming that the tapes were damaged…so sorry, there was nothing I could salvage.

  25. Rusty Shackleford


    One more thing, I noticed that all the FW books in the Summit County Public Library are all in stock and the ones I’ve borrowed looked brand new. I know I’m probably the only one who checked them out.

    Actually, I liked his earlier stuff. It brought back some memories. Remover the “I Chong”. Book of Chinese wisdom? Ah, those were the days….Batty is probably ashamed of this.

  26. @Rusty Shackleford,

    I don’t lnow if Crazy Harry is crazy. Maybe he and the rest of Westview have been sitting around Montoni’s at night for years and discussing the insantiy of the cult of Lisa Moore. They certainly had no illusion that Les could actually organize a reunion when Cyndi left town and weren’t suprised that he’d faint when he found out there was no band.

    Given the number of ways Les screws up and avoids responsibility (sabotages his movie deal because he can’t argue against changes to his script, the already-mentioned fainting at the reunion because of the band screw-up, hides Lisa’s future from her in the “time pool” dream sequence during his fainting spell, can’t read a class list to know that two of his students are seniors and has to be straigthened out by Principal Nate), maybe subconcsiously Batiuk actually hates him too.

  27. MKay

    Is there anyone here who wouldn’t have just tossed the tape without watching because they just didn’t give a rat’s ass? Is there anyone in the history of humanity with fewer guts than Cayla?

  28. You can’t view characters like Cayla, Summer, Crazy Harry, Boy Lisa, One-Armed Becky, et. al, as representative of actual people. They only exist as simple plot advancement tools in the hands of Tom Batiuk because he is an incompetent writer.

  29. The “second tape” better be about how Less mercy-smothered St. Lisa of the Awkwardly Cried-Out Name to death with a pillow so this would stop. Just. Freaking. Stop.

  30. You can sure tell that TB regrets killing off Lisa. I mean Jesus Christ rose from the dead once, but Saint Lisa seemingly arises every six weeks.

  31. @ Nathan –

    You’re right on all counts. None of the characters in this strip are anything more than plot tools. That includes Les and Lisa. To give one example, how many interesting stories could have been written about the difficulties encountered by a single parent actually raising a child for years. Instead, we get a time jump that avoids all the thought and work that such a storyline would involve. Even now, we just get “Capt. Pike” Lisa spouting nonsense. I admit that we’re learning (unintended) things about her character that define her as a far less sympathetic figure and that make Les even more pathetic. (As an aside, given that Lisa died when Summer was very small, what possible advice on parenting is she remotely qualified to give? She was spared dealing with just about all of the big issues parents have to face.)

  32. billytheskink

    @ batgirl

    That would be far too interesting for this strip. I’m not sure there is any combination of words that could adequately describe the gap between Poe and TB’s writing.

  33. Professor Fate

    “The second tape is for Les.”
    I find Dorothy Parker works best under these sorts of circumstances:
    “Oh what fresh hell is this?”

  34. I tend to view this site and the CK site via iPad because I literally cannot view the CK site on my PC – my AdBlock program prevents the entire CK/ page from loading, so clogged is it with ads and popups. At any rate, for about a week I had been perplexed over why I wasn’t seeing any comments (via iPad) on the CK site below each day’s strip, then by chance one day I was using my iPhone for reading and lo and behold, the CK comments were viewable on that device. No idea why they weren’t loading on the iPad, maybe it had something to do with having installed IOS9. But THEN this morning I noticed I wasn’t getting comments over there now on the iPhone either, and a quick check revealed that they have been completely disabled for the FW strip; not even much earlier days in the month are displaying comments now.

    Ironically I discovered I had a cached page for the Oct. 1 CK page accidentally stored on the iPhone and just a few minutes ago I read the comments for that day – all 130 of them. Whew. While a bit more random, off-handed and at times veering towards commentor-to-commentor hostility (there seems to be an ongoing tension between newbies who lost a spouse or friend to cancer and therefore feel TB is doing something very sensitive and, uh, righteous, and those like us who have no qualms about calling TB out for spewing such maudlin crap), in general a lot of the same points are being made there as we do here. Which is to say, not being particularly kind towards the current story arc.

    I can only conclude that CK made the determination that the comments section was turning as a whole very, er, “uncivil” or something ridiculous like that, and therefore rather than remove individual comments or ban specific commentors it was just easier to kill the whole deal. Since I am a relative newbie to the CK site, can anyone tell me if that commonly happens, or more specifically, has it happened with FW before?

    That said, the conspiracy theorist in me wants to conclude that TB basically complained about the near-unanimous negative feedback this arc was generating and instructed CK to shut down the comments. Show me a writer who says he sincerely does not care what other people think and say about his writing, and I’ll show you someone who still scratches his crap on stone tablets then tosses them out into the ocean to let the tide wash them away to unknown shores. Wait – even that dude in B.C. stands on the beach, waiting for the other tablet to wash up so he can see what the other person commented… nevermind.

  35. Jim in Wisc.

    Judging from the tone and content of the video for The Other Woman, I can only imagine Les’s video will start out something like this:

    Blessed Dead Saint Lisa of the Holy and Venerated Tumor (in shrill harpy voice): “Leslie Moore! How dare you not chain yourself to my bones! (And I mean that literally, you worm!) However, since you’ve chosen to forsake my memory, here’s some advice for you, and you’d better follow it to the letter, or I won’t save your life when you’re flight is about to crash on take-off….”

  36. @ Fred Blurt

    The comments section on CK is working, although for some reason the app version doesn’t load them. I’m a subscriber to CK for a number of strips (FW is one of them. I’m a disillusioned fan and now a Funkaholic drawn to the ongoing train wreck.) If you use Safari on your iPad you should be able to access the full site. The criticism in the comments section is pretty withering.

  37. ComicBookHarriet

    I’ve heard that Mormons can be married either ‘for time’ or ‘for eternity’ and sometimes, after their ‘for eternity’ spouse dies they pick up a little something something to tide them over until heaven.

    Something tells me Les might be a closet Mormon…

  38. @ Gerard
    Very weird – am using Safari and not the app, have refreshed, cleared cache, etc. on the iPad and iPhone but still not getting comments at CK. Even the button under the strip you click to load comments isn’t displaying. Makes no sense if everyone else is seeing them. I suspect that it must be due to…. Lisa from beyond the grave! Please, TB, I take it all back, you are genius, please release me from my personal purgatory!

  39. Rembrandt36

    Okay I see I am going to have to come to the defense of Les and TB here. All over the web there is talk about how Les did nothing about Lisa during the time pool dream. If fact he was very noble. Young Les tipped the death board over so Lisa couldn’t see that she had died – and was remembered at a school she never went to, AND young Les hugged her. So there all you haters!

  40. @ Fred

    LIsa must work powerful juju against you. Just checked and there are 78 comments, mostly in the same vein as here.

    On a more serious note, I wonder if dear author is going through some kind of crisis. The last two “major” arcs – the “Time Pool” and “Harpy Lisa” are just weird and not in any kind of way that remotely makes artisitc sense. Over at the CK site someone noted that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but that the Lisa arc doesn’t even relate in any logical way to that. Aside from going to ComiCon in San Diego, he seems never to venture beyond Ohio for appearances. He used to travel more. I seem to remember something about an auto accident.

  41. @ Rembrant36

    Touche. One can obviously see the strong, quiet compassion that Les displays. (Sarcasm alert. Following in your perceived vein.)

  42. and’s aggregation of ComicsKingdom content does not include the comments anymore, which probably was at the discretion of Advance/Newhouse (which owns both newspapers and their respective websites).

    Do note that CK in aggregate form to newspaper websites also includes strips syndicated by Tribune Media Services. Those strips are primarily carried on but not on itself.

    As for GoComics, their app doesn’t display comments at all, which has been the case for quite a while…

  43. Epicus Doomus

    I just think it’s hilarious that as soon as BanTom got to the crux of his “story”…Lisa’s bland pointless mutterings…he totally forgot how he got there in the first place. Suddenly Lisa is aware of the existence of two “tapes” even after Harry explicitly pointed out that this footage was all on one individual tape. Not to mention how this “long-lost” Lisa footage suddenly became a heart-to-heart video chat. Batiuk either a) assumes his readers are too stupid to remember details of the story or b) he’s the laziest writer alive.

  44. Jason

    I really, really want a week of Crazy Harry watching the tape made for Less.