Sack-ological Disorder

It’s late, I’m tired, Mason is in fact bi…polar, Cindy cares not a whit. Good for her. Have at it, snarkers.



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  1. Easy money on Mason Jarr The Movie Actor Bi The Way being a cheap gag. It would fit in with the cheap gags Batiuk has used with PTSD, alcoholism and cancer in recent years.

    After all, Tom Batiuk uses his characters as nothing more than glorified prop devices… not as representatives of actual human beings.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    It seems too ambitious for Batom, Act III Batom at least. Still, I’m almost always wrong about this stuff.

  3. Chyron HR

    “Being bipolar is no big deal, Mason. It’s never even going to be mentioned again after this week.”

  4. Spacemanspiff85

    “Look at me. Look at how gracefully I carry the sack that is this haggard, age worn, face. And I only mention it in fifty percent of my conversations!”

  5. A sack of rocks! THAT’S what I’d like to beat every character in this strip with!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    “Sack of rocks”??? You mean like the typical FW dialog? I don’t know if this counts as continuing the bi-polar story or not.

  7. bad wolf

    Tonight’s results: A little from column A, and a little from column B.

  8. “As long as you’re not a self-pitying and self-absorbed asshole with a pathological love of a depressing pizza parlor that serves terrible Ohio pizza, I can get behind anything.”

  9. Monotony

    Cindy’s blasé reaction seems credible. Everyone she knows has some kind of severe mental disorder, addiction, disfigurement, or is dead.

  10. A HREF

    Types comment.

    Deletes comment.

    I will say however that TB is consistent–looks like he is going to handle mental illness with the same sensitivity and poignancy he has handled teen pregnancy, alcoholism, amputation, PTSD, deafness, getting, old, cancer, date rape, bullying, interracial marriages, coming out of the closet and what ever other very serious topic du jour he has tried to tackle.

  11. bayoustu

    I can picture the signs on the village borders: “Now Entering Westview- Where Life is a Sack of Rocks.”

  12. Apauled

    The nice thing about being with an older person is that your companion may utter little pearls of hard-won wisdom from time to time. But try to find one without a tin ear, or you’ll just get platitudes that sound as clunky as a sack of rocks.

  13. Rusty

    I’ll take Awkward Expressions that No One in Real Life Would Ever Say for $500, Alex.

  14. My comment today depends on a synonym of ham-fisted that rhymes with rocks. So I’m just making one up.

    Tom Batiuk’s tale of bipolar rocks
    Is meant for Pulitzer Prize’s shocks.
    Denouement will be so microscop-
    ic, and the plot quite maladrox.

  15. I demand “sack of rocks” be added to the Batiuktionary.

  16. Rusty Shackleford

    Meanwhile, Bloom County has been addressing a much more humorous topic dujour: the man bun hairstyle.

  17. Charles

    “Being bipolar is no big deal, Mason. It’s never even going to be mentioned again after this week.”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s probably just something Batiuk came to spread the misery around. “Their situation seems to be a little bit too nice. I’ll have to drop something awful on them so they don’t seem too happy.”

    And I know Batiuk thinks this shows how open minded and tolerant Cindy and he are toward the mentally ill, but… Mason just confessed to having a very serious mental illness. Do you think that it might be prudent to ask him some questions before deciding that it’s not a problem? And this makes Mason’s total lack of handlers and assistants even more inexplicable.

    “Cool! Just have to let you know that I don’t really manage my meds, so every so often, I’m going to just vanish, and you’re not going to be able to reach me, nor will you know where I am. Don’t be too surprised when I show up several days later having been arrested in a foreign country, for vandalism and public disturbance, without my passport or my pants.”

    Marvel as Cindy is awoken early one Tuesday morning by Mason crashing his car into her garage. He tells her he was worried that she wasn’t replying to his texts and had to make sure she was all right. Cindy checks her phone and finds that he sent her 175 texts between 3 and 3:30 AM, all of them complete gibberish.

    Let’s check in and discover that Mason had to get another credit card because he had hit his credit limit and he decided he really wanted to have a pair of snowmobiles. Why does a man living in Los Angeles need snowmobiles? Wasn’t his credit limit in excess of a quarter of a million dollars? AND DIDN’T HE HAVE EIGHT CREDIT CARDS ALREADY?

    Amuse ourselves as Cindy and Mason go to the 7/11 and Mason decides to buy the chip carousel. Not all the chips on the carousel, mind you, the carousel itself. He also decides to buy all 487 Blow Pops in the store and the garbage bags that the store uses for its own garbage cans.

    Let’s all learn a lesson about living with a mental illness as Cindy and Mason walk down Venice Beach, with Mason stopping every ten minutes to eat an entire meal because his full-blown mania has sent his appetite into the stratosphere. He stops every twenty minutes to take the largest shits Cindy has ever seen in her life, and she married Funky.

    Laugh as Mason stands Cindy up for dinner by being four hours late. He was talking to some elderly, addled woman about his watch. Laugh some more when Mason doesn’t understand why this upsets Cindy so much.

    I totally expect Batiuk to nail these perfectly in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.

    I was going to say that Batiuk wouldn’t address this any more than he currently addresses Funky’s alcoholism, by which I mean he only mentions it once a year but has it play no other role. And besides, Mason’s bizarre anxiety over the table read was more an OCD symptom than a bipolar, but then I realized that Mason coming to Ohio to read comic books on the floor of some stranger’s son’s bedroom was totally a bipolar move.

  18. Charles

    Oh, and I forgot the best one!

    Sit in terror with Cindy as she tries to trick the full-blown psychotic Mason into taking his meds or checking himself into the hospital, knowing that if he figures out what she’s doing, he’ll beat the living hell out of her.

    Yep, hooking up with someone who has a mental illness is totally something to make snap decisions over.

  19. Busters Crabs … Buster Crabbe .. the actor from the 1930’s & 40’s … oh I get it. BatHack .. you are just too clever. p.s. that wine Mason is sipping will do wonders for his Bi-Polar Meds ..