The Holly See

Good Monday morning all, billytheskink here, back for another two week tour of deconstruction.

Of all the many places on this terrestrial ball, where would you most like to be on a Monday morning? If you answered “why, waiting for someone in the Cleveland-Hopkins International airport terminal Mr. theskink, where else?” then today’s strip is definitely for you!

While this strip is seemingly innocuous, would it really surprise any of us if Holly mistaking every male-female pair of soldiers at the airport for Cory and (I’m guessing) Rocky was the launching point for a “very special story arc” about Prosopagnosia?



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20 responses to “The Holly See

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Why did you and every other woman, except Cayla and Cindy, at your reunion have to look exactly alike?
    And why does your husband look exactly like his father?
    Don’t go down this path, Holly.

  2. Is anyone surprised that Holly doesn’t know her own son?

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Cory is like the anti-Wally. His military experience has been the polar opposite of Wally’s. Maybe BanTom figured he needed to balance that out, who knows? Wally joined the service and came home in ruins, but Cory has become an absolute model citizen. Go figure.

    I do like Funky’s “what are you, an idiot?” look in panel three though. Well rendered.

  4. Merry Pookster

    Might as well ask why does everyone have a hooked nose?

  5. billytheskink

    It’s been six weeks since Cory was seen in camouflage class. He’s getting good…

  6. Great post title. And Funky’s face in the last panel perfectly represents that of any reader of this strip.

  7. Rusty

    Where’s the Superman display?

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    What really makes me hate Batiuk’s writing (one of the many things) is Holly’s face in the third panel. She’s not cracking a joke. She’s pleading with her man to explain to her why everyone in the army dresses the same. And Funky’s face isn’t amused or anything either. You just know he’s thinking “Why do I have to put up with this stupid broad? I could be talking comics with the guys at Montonis.”.

  9. Considering Tom Batiuk can’t draw any side profile (outside of his beloved self-portrait Les Moore) that isn’t bulbous-nosed Funky wearing a wig, the irony is rich here.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Maybe I’m forgetting it and it already happened (entirely possible) but I can’t believe he hasn’t done an arc about how the Army transformed Cory from a sullen whiny scumbag into a rail-straight and gosh-darned polite model citizen almost overnight. I mean it’s nothing short of remarkable yet no one ever expresses surprise, admiration or much of anything else, it’s always about how nervous Holly is instead. Maybe that will change this time around but honestly I seriously doubt it.

  11. ComicTrek

    @TheDiva: Nope! In fact, I’d be more surprised if she did.

    Epicus: Maybe Cory was acting out because the Army was what he wanted all along? (*shrug*) Not that we’ll ever know for sure, of course…

  12. All the pretty girls that rejected poor Les save one all degenerated into the same fat, stupid blonde woman and he has her freak out about soldiers all dressing the same. Right. Sure. Majorettes and popular girls are stupid. Whatever, Tommy Boy.

  13. A HREF

    Didn’t Wally have prosopagnosia when he returned from Afghanistan the second time? And it went the way of DInkle’s deafness, that is to say the condition lasted about a week and totally forgotten.

    Corey hasn’t transformed, TB just forgot Corey was an asshole.

  14. Professor Fate

    Ha Ha Women are sure dumb amirite?
    Just loathsome.

  15. “Say ‘good night,’ Holly!”

    “Good night, Holly.”


    Well if he was in a wooden box, would that help you recognize him better, Holly?

  17. It does seem that The Author goes out of his way to make Holly dumb.

  18. @Gerard Plourde: Yes, he does. As I’ve said, he thinks that all the pretty girls who turned him down pretty much the same time yours truly was teething had to have rocks in their head turning down a great catch like him. It’s like he’s Gamergate without games.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    Re: Holly’s stupidity. He definitely goes out of his way to make her dumb. Remember the comic book collecting arc? She learned exactly nothing during that story, she bungled and blundered her way into every “key issue”, acting like a nervous ninny the whole while. In fact, “nervous ninny” seems to be her default personality now.

  20. If the masthead is anything to go by, Rocky is morphing into Corey wearing a wig.