Bus driver please look for me

Today’s strip is actually kind of sweet, for the most part. It isn’t really a satisfying payoff to this past week’s glacial activity, but it does express a very nice sentiment.

Cory calling Westview “a sight for sore eyes” is, uh, some other things.

For one thing, it’s bizarre. In his teen years, Cory was pretty much never depicted as enjoying his life in Westview. Yes, that could be said about nearly every character in this strip, but unlike the adults around him Cory wallowed in it because he had no choice about living there. He seized his best opportunity of escaping and, until now, never looked back wistfully.

For another thing, calling Westview “a sight for sore eyes” in this context is a grave insult to the nation of Afghanistan.



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18 responses to “Bus driver please look for me

  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s hard to really eviscerate BanTom for this sort of well-meaning sentimental tripe, but again, it does nothing whatsoever to explain anything here. Is Cory home for good or what? He couldn’t spare a word balloon to explain this? And that car is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, it looks like something you’d see in a North Korean salvage yard. Maybe NEXT week he’ll bother to fill in the details, although I’m kind of expecting an abrupt arc shift involving comic books, as we’re way overdue.

  2. No, Cory, you mean that the sight of Westview makes your eyes sore.

  3. bayoustu

    Making a cameo appearance in panel 1- Donald Trump!

  4. Gyre

    I’d say too harsh. A soldier who’s just spent years at war is probably going to be pretty happy when he leaves the warzone and gets back home.

    Cory’s character would be a lot more interesting to me if, for example, he’d gotten a taste for travel and wanted to do a lot more work across the world after his time in the military, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with saying that he’s happy to be home.

  5. Gyre

    Okay, sorry. Just occurred to me that humor and irony don’t always transmit well online.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Even a hard-boiled hateful cynic like myself isn’t going to slam a “yellow ribbon” comic strip like this one, but again, Batom has spent a full seven days on this story and we’re STILL not really sure whether Cory (and Rocky) are home for good or what. Trees, luggage, weird Latvian-made cars all over the place but no actual story. I’d think that Cory returning home in one piece after defusing bombs in Afghanistan would be a pretty big deal, but somehow Batiuk has mundane-i-fied it by around 1000% or so. Once again Writer Guy badly boots another easy premise, keeping his perfect streak alive.

  7. Once again Writer Guy badly boots another easy premise, keeping his perfect streak alive.—@epicusdoomus

    No sir! Not boots, sir! He shanks it!

  8. Spacemanspiff85

    This is a nice strip, but it’s hilarious if you compare it to how Wally, who was a P.O.W. for a decade, was greeted when he got back. Finding out your wife has gotten married to the loser comic shop owner and being subsequently forgotten about by everyone is pretty rough.

  9. Spacemanspiff85

    The yellow ribbon is also used for suicide awareness, which seems much more fitting for this strip.

  10. What really irritates me is the default assumption that the scary outside world is too horrible to bear and makes people long for the good things in life: complaining about the failing school levies, eating terrible pizza in a depressing setting, watching the Scapegoats play and sitting in DSH’s place talking about comics. It’s why Corey views a place he had a good reason to hate as Xanadu and it’s why Les wet himself when contemplating Kilimanjaro.

  11. merrypookster

    Aren’t they going to give him a trombone or something? I’d like to see Cory and Wally meet.

  12. Jimmy

    Why should I care about Cory at all? I have seen nothing that makes me believe he has transformed from the criminal youth who stole money from a charity run into anything resembling a contributing member of society.

  13. Saturnino

    “Even a hard-boiled hateful cynic like myself isn’t going to slam a “yellow ribbon” comic strip like this one, but again”……………………………

    ……………where the hell has Rocky been all these years that she would be surprised to see yellow ribbons upon a return from active duty………………..

  14. Epicus Doomus

    It’s definitely possible to do “cornpone” AND tell a story simultaneously, one simple word balloon (“I can’t believe Cory’s completed his Army service!”) would have sufficed. Why he opted to ignore that is a mystery right up there with whatever happened to Becky’s mom on the scissor lift.

    Why is the park sign facing the wrong way? And if you look closely down that alleyway between those buildings, you can see some something in the background. Are those trees or are they buildings?

  15. Charles

    I still can’t get over how they’re riding in the back seat of a 2-door coupe. They’re picking up two adults with large duffel bags coming back from overseas and they take the damn Honda Prelude, forcing the two returning !heroes! to pull the seat forward so they can awkwardly climb in behind them.

    And this is doubly inexplicable since we’ve been shown that Rocky’s mom has 3 kids and 2 dogs, so she’s sure to have some sort of vehicle that would do the job much better, leaving Holly with more spare time to prepare the park for her wayward son’s return.

    That said, comparing head sizes (but not shapes. Dear God NOT SHAPES) Cory’s about half the size of Funky, so maybe he and his similarly-sized girlfriend are actually riding on the rear deck, with seats being unnecessary for their minuscule bodies.

  16. The Dreamer

    Why is Westview a “sight for sore eyes” for Cory when he was just there a few months ago for Mason Jar’s big visit from Hollywood?

  17. ComicTrek

    @SpacemanSpiff: Exactly. Also, we’re supposed to believe that Holly did all of that work herself. Now if there had been a strip featuring Holly at the store, buying yellow ribbon and stuff, instead of that random Sunday strip of them in bed…
    Why he put that right in the middle of an Undead Demon Lisa arc, I’m not sure.

  18. There’s a comment on the Daily Ink (King Features) website from RedRonin saying that tomorrow begins a new arc. More evidence of his identity?