Take me home, Rocky Rhodes

Both Cory and Rocky seem to have gained the ability to reshape their noses in today’s strip, presumably as a part of their 5 second “acclimation” to returning to the United States from deployment.

If only our real servicemen and women could acclimate so easily upon returning home. If only.



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20 responses to “Take me home, Rocky Rhodes

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Of course Batiuk would think leaves are all it takes for someone to get over PTSD and war.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Good heavens, that’s the worst Cory drawing I’ve ever seen. And yes, you’re not really back home in Westview until you’ve seen the Falling Of The Leaves, which runs roughly from Labor Day through Christmas. Hope they get to leave before blizzard season begins. Seriously, this reads and looks like something he threw together in two minutes, if that.

  3. bad wolf

    Some days, i’m like okay, let’s see how this plays out, see if it goes anywhere and the next thing you know it’s Saturday and this was the whole week. The whole week.

  4. SpacemanSpiff85

    Anyone saying “I’m good!” in this strip is obviously headed for immediate misery. I’m predicting tomorrow Cory will be hurled through the windshield of the car, and the rest of the week will reveal that Funky spend all morning secretly drinking as a way to cope with the stress of Cory’s return.

  5. Rembrandt36

    What the hell? Is that a baboon nose in the third panel? And I had a horrible thought. What if Corey is back to be part of the anti-bullying arc?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    bad wolf: It really is amazing, isn’t it? Six days of inane banter and dumb airport gags and we STILL don’t know what’s going on here. It’s not bad storytelling, it’s not storytelling at all.

    I don’t think I knew that Rocky’s last name was Rhodes, although it’s painfully obvious in hindsight that it would be. And while I normally don’t snark on the artwork TOO hard, these Cory drawings have been terrible this week. He looks like someone cloned Johnny Manziel, dipped him in a vat of thalidomide and hit him in the nose with a hammer. I mean why even have a Cory character if you’re not going to use him for anything or even try to draw him consistently?

  7. So Tom Batiuk simply can’t draw Corey, just like he made Bull into a giant toddler with gigantism, and made ever single female’s side profile into bulbous-nosed-octogenarian Funky with a wig.

    Having Rocky Rhodes in the strip is appropriate, because I want to pummel myself in the head with a bag of rocks.

  8. Spacemanspiff85

    @Nathan Obral:
    How are you going to hit yourself in the head with your totally not a big deal bi-polar disorder?

  9. Wow, and here I thought the way Wally’s arc was written was careless and insensitive…

  10. Tom. Please. Stop. Just stop.

  11. If I didn’t know that there’s a one year production lead time on this strip, I’d think this was the Author’s reaction to the criticism that he spends too mch time on misery, depression and Dead Saint Lisa and her post-mortem meddling. The only problem is that this total absence of plot is no improvement.

  12. Yeah, the real servicemembers I’ve known are simpletons just as these

    Tom Batiuk must really hate the troops.

  13. We spend a week going nowhere and proving nothing that isn’t that Batiuk hates air travel, loves to draw falling leaves and thinks that shell shock can be walked off. It’s like a trifecta of failure and waste.

  14. ComicTrek

    (*long beat*)

    You know, it’s times like this that make me question why I continue to subject myself to this trash…..no, this SLURRY literally every single day.

    But then I remember the users here who actually make it all fun and worthwhile. 🙂 So for that, I thank you!

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    The leaves, the leaves, it is always about the leaves.

  16. @ComicTrek:

    What makes it all the more annoying is dealing with fools who think we spend most of our time obsessing over Batiuk’s incapacity as a writer. The latest chump spends all kinds of time reading comments so he/she/it can bloviate about what awful people we are for not agreeing that tedious ineptitude is something to cherish while spending most of his/her/its time obsessing over our off the cuff comments about something we don’t spend all that much time on. As soon as I type “Retire, Tom” on CK, I get back to my life.

  17. Monotony

    I guess Wally didn’t return home in the autumn. If only the VA had gotten him to some dead leaves before it was too late.

  18. Continuity Police Alert: Cory’s nose is… ahh, fergit it….

  19. Professor Fate

    Is it me or does Cory now look a bit like Rondo Hatton?

  20. Merry Pookster

    At least Cory had 2 people to greet him…. Wally after being held POW had only 1 person.