The Pit of Man’s Fears

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I like things like photography, horror movies and cats, but those likings are not deep, obsessive interests–the kind that I talk about all the time, or am constantly steering the conversation toward–so this whole week has left me a little baffled.  I’m trying to imagine a child of mine coming up to me, showing me the engagement ring he’s bought, and my response is something like–

“Wow, cool!  Did you meet her through a camera club?  What kind of camera does she own, and what kind of pictures does she like to take?  Is she a Nikon or a Canon person?  How many pictures of cats has she taken?”

I’d be much more interested in what she’s like, how they met, are you sure about this, are you prepared to start a family, when can I meet her–all without throwing in anything about cameras or cats.   And adding my sincere congratulations and wishes for happiness.  That’s generally how these things work.

Not Holly.  All she can talk about are comic books, comic books, comic books.  As I said earlier, she has a mild interest in her son’s future, but it’s nothing to the torch she carries for comic books.  That doesn’t seem very healthy to me.  After having comic books relentlessly thrown in my face by this strip, I will reluctantly concede that it’s fine to have an interest in them, but unless you’re connected to the industry, a 24/7 love-fest is not a life.  Fat, drunk, and comic-book-obsessed is no way to go through life, son (if I may borrow a quote).

I’m guessing that Chester’s geyser of ecstasy is supposed to make him look ridiculous, but it comes across a bit hypocritical given the fury Holly displayed earlier–and her lackadaisical response to an upcoming massive change in Cory’s life.   Yeah, that Chester sure looks silly, Mr. Batiuk, but…physician, heal thyself.

Here’s a picture of my cat.  I took it with a Nikon after watching a horror DVD.  See, two can play that game.




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18 responses to “The Pit of Man’s Fears

  1. Spacemanspiff85

    In Batiuk’s blog and that Canton interview, he mentioned how comic conventions are supposed to be about trading and buying comics. But here he’s showing someone who just bought a bunch of comics as a literal cackling madman. I guess when it’s Batiuk doing it, it’s okay, but not when anyone else does it. Just like how it was last week with Les and the tree puns.

  2. He drew this on purpose to see if anyone would notice and drive to the Akron Comic-Con specifically to tell him that he stinks.

    Unfortunately for Chester the Manical Chisler, this is the world he gets to conquer:

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    @Nathan Obral:
    And yet Gabriella is far more attractive and recognizably feminine than Holly is.

  4. I’m not so sure that the intent is to mock Chester. Sadly, I think that The Author may think that his reaction illustrates Holly’s point and just reflects his unbridled ecstasy at completing the collection.

  5. Merry Pookster

    Okay let’s recap: Funky had SBJ # 1 and sold it for enough to salvage his business and the komic store both…. yet CW sold the entire collection just to buy nothing but a 2 bit ring from a cracker jack box … Tom, what type of fool do you take us for?

  6. merrypookster

    …..why that ring is worthless.

  7. @merrypookster I’ll sell it to you for $5000!

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Poor Chester, brooding over his comic books all alone in his cavernous comic book-funded mansion. When will he ever learn that obsessive comic book collectors like him are missing the whole point of comic books? Comic books are meant to be comic booked, not comic booked, comic booked and comic booked like they’re comic books or something. Like the comic book says, if a comic book falls on a comic book and no comic book is there to comic book it, does it comic book a comic book? Pizza.

    Coming next week: After being knocked into a coma by a runaway crate of old comic books, Funky travels back in time and gives himself a life-altering idea…a totally comic book-themed pizzeria. He awakes and put his dream into action only to fail miserably and nearly bankrupt himself. In the final panel he turns to Holly and says “thank God we have that SJ comic book collection to fall back on” while Holly smirks uneasily.

  9. I have a hard time talking about my interests IRL for several reasons, mostly to do with worrying that I’ll come off as weird or annoying. (It’s easier on the Internet, because I can be assured of finding people who at least are weird and annoying in the same way that I am.) Sometimes I tell myself that I should have more confidence in myself, that I shouldn’t be afraid to share my passions.

    …And then Funky Winkerbean goes on one of its comic book tangents, and I tell myself, “Well, at least it’s better than being that guy.”

  10. Epicus Doomus

    And check this out: how will Holly feel when she realizes that DSH John, who owes her a considerable amount of money from the Dick Tracy auction, just flipped the SJ collection he helped her assemble to the Chiseler, presumably for a decent profit? So now Chester has the complete collection, the ashcan AND Pete’s original Spongewhatever artwork, John and Cory have fistfuls of cash, Rocky gets a ring and Holly has her comic book collecting memories (most of which sucked) and a hug. Unless DSH forks over some cash, Holly just got royally hosed.

  11. @Merry Pookster:

    Okay let’s recap: Funky had SBJ # 1 and sold it for enough to salvage his business and the komic store both…. yet CW sold the entire collection just to buy nothing but a 2 bit ring from a cracker jack box … Tom, what type of fool do you take us for?

    Don’t forget the $50,001 that Hollee magically had lying around when she outbid by phone Chester at the Dick Tracy Comic Book Auction Atrocity.

  12. bad wolf

    I realized the other day that selling the collection to Mason Jarr would tie the two storylines together and sort of be a payoff but hey, why bother, i guess.

  13. Great. This whole thing is based on Batiuk’s nitwitted elitist concept of what a con is. It’s not a social gathering meant to display that all interests are okay or to announce new projects, it’s a bull session where sweaty idiots like DSH and his like can horse-trade and talk shop because some failure has no idea of what world he’s living in.

  14. ComicTrek

    Ohhh, boy. How did I know that this would happen?

  15. I love the smell of maniacal cackling in the morning. My subsequent groans, not so much.

  16. Rick Brooks

    merry pookster and beckoningchasm – It’s a trinket from a Crackerback Jox!

  17. The Dreamer

    Cory is going to marry Rocky Rhodes, and there is also a Rocky Rhodes in Crankshaft, which is pre-time shift (about what, ten or twelve years earlier than the current Funkyverse) Is the Rocky in Crankshaft the parent of the Rocky in Funky who is going to become a Winkerbean?


    Even M. Bison is shaking his head at this strip.