Rocky Road

Well well well! From the look on Holly’s face in Today’s strip, the idea of other people existing outside of Westview confuses her. The idea they take precedent over her really seems to be getting her goat!

Oh Rocky. Here’s hoping the infant-headed male or hatchet-faced female profile gene skips several generations.



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18 responses to “Rocky Road

  1. Your son showed you the ring, Holly. Sure, that wasn’t a guarantee he would be accepted, but you knew what he was doing. Furthermore, this is the first time anyone has even bothered to mention Mama Rocky since her daughter came home, so let her have this, all right?

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I wonder if Batiuk knows you don’t HAVE to stretch out a little incident so you only have one per week.

  3. The Diva – Totally agree. Holly has no complaint.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Get used to the “ma’am” stuff, as Rocky was in the Army, or so I’ve heard. Boy, he’s already having trouble drawing her, she’s just all over the place today. Look how totally unimpressed she looks in panel one, Rachel looked happier with her paper ring than the Rockster looks right there. And why is Holly acting like she didn’t know about this engagement, he showed her the ring last week for crying out loud.

  5. It looks as if Snowplow Mom has hit a boulder: having to pay due deference to another Snowplow Mom instead of dominating the conversation. Great. A week of her channeling Elly Patterson.

  6. Chyron HR

    There’s only two possible responses to “Does your mother know?” and apparently Holly didn’t want to hear “yes”. So what was the point of asking? Was she looking for an opportunity to gloat?

  7. Merry Pookster

    You know Holly…. rocky’s Mom your new best friend

  8. Rusty

    Well, we dodged that smitten awkwardness.

  9. bayoustu

    Holly: 3 panels, 3 different noses. How uneconomical!

  10. Is there some rule that says a newly engaged couple is required to notify the groom’s parents first? I’m not getting the faux indignation displayed by Holly here. What difference does it make who they tell first?

    Anyway, TB’s been so busy providing empty filler that he’s failed to tell us anything about the current situation with Cory and Rocky. Are they both discharged from the Army? Are they doing anything with themselves other than sleeping in their respective home bedrooms and looking for things to sell?


    Geez, Holly. Do you need a notarized certificate of authenticity from the jeweler as well? He proposed. She said yes (for reasons I can’t begin to fathom). What more do you need?

    I guess we should be thankful. At least Funky isn’t pawing over Rocky in a creepy lecherous manner. Though I’m sure that will be coming soon.

  12. Jimmy

    I would think most couples would inform the woman’s parents first.

    What bugs me is Rocky suddenly being a local. Was this previously established? Did her family move to Westview when she was an adult because they couldn’t avoid the gravitational pull of Westview despair?

  13. BT1 again:

    • The actual proposal
    • The informing of Rocky’s mom
    • Not even the flipping of the coin

    And he calls it “writing”!

  14. billytheskink

    Nice Gil Thorp-esque freak hands in panel 1. Whose are they? Only TB’s hairdresser knows for sure…

    Has Funky left this conversation? Off dusting his “father of the year” awards, no doubt…

  15. Oh GOD, the masthead surely portends more comic books…is Batiuk trying to make people so sick of comic books that Marvel comes crashing down?

  16. Howtheduck

    Traditionally, the groom is supposed to ask permission of the father of the bride for the marriage and then the mother of the bride learns of the impending proposal through him. That’s how I did it.

  17. A HREF


    Yes exactly, God forbid that anyone marry an outsider, other than maybe Cindy marrying Mason Jar, which is OK, but just barely, because Comic Books.

  18. Or maybe Holly thought Rocky is from Afghanistan!