A Harry Little Christmas

Today’s strip, and this whole past week really, is brought to you by the letter Y.

As in why did this happen? Why are so many things explosively offensive in Westview? Why did no one at the syndicate read this before allowing it to be printed? Why did TB decide that Nate should suddenly become Carl Moss, except without the humor or incisive commentary on modern American public school administration? Why is there not even an attempt at a punchline in today’s strip? Why are there so few notes in the opening of “I’m Dreaming Of A Rainbow Holiday”? Why is the allegedly retired Harry Dinkle at the high school? Why hasn’t Lefty changed the locks to the band room? Why, if all music is sacred to Harry, do attempts to censor it not bother him? Why would I rather listen to an Elmo and Patsy record for 24 consecutive hours than continue asking “why” questions about this comic strip?



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19 responses to “A Harry Little Christmas

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    If Nate is so worried about people being offended, then how on earth does he still employ Les?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh yes, toward the “end” of his career. He must be referring to that time when the guy who writes this thing decided that it’d be timely and topical to have his beloved band director and music teacher lose his hearing. Man, how we laughed. Remember how hilarious it was when the only thing he truly loved was being taken away from him forever? I love it when FW does that.

    “Rainbow Holiday”…har, har. How very brave of him to use his Sunday title header for some biting social commentary, you know? Most writers would have, you know, used the story for that but not our AuthorGuy, oh no no no. Bringing Dinkle into this is like spitting on someone’s shit sandwich, but he has to be involved because “music”. And what the hell is “sacred” music? I thought they were talking about Christmas songs, not Gregorian chants.

    God I detest that Dinkle guy. He never left after his “retirement” yet he keeps talking about being retired, it’s so bizarre and annoying. I just can’t stand his Act III persona, the whole kindly grandpa thing. It’d be funnier if he was constantly undermining and insulting Becky, but of course then it wouldn’t be as wry and we CANNOT HAVE THAT!!!

  3. What a pointless story arc this was. I’d call it a strange interlude but that would insult a great playwright to be associated with this nonsense.

    I was going to write that I supposed that The Author considered this to be a call-out against “political correctness” (whatever that actually means), but the sheer stupidity of the entire exercise including this appearance by apparently no longer deaf Harry Dinkle leaves me speechless. (FWIW – I liked Harry better when he had his hat.)

  4. Apauled

    I just realized that this strip has 2 characters named Harry: this Dinkle guy, & Crazy Harry. Why? I get that “Harry Dinkle” may be a hilarious innuendo (to Jr Hi boys), but Crazy could have had any name — Jerry, or Ralph, or Ambrose, or anything. How lazy!

  5. Said the man whose entire repertoire consisted of Sousa marches and his own failed flutophone opera.

  6. Rusty

    I don’t get it. If all music is sacred why would he be okay with censoring certain songs?

  7. A HREF

    Tell me Becky isn’t checking out Dinkle’s dinkle in panel three of the second row.

    Or maybe Dinkle’s tinkled on his pants.

  8. Well, this is possibly the stupidest way this could have ended. It would be one thing to have the thing scrapped because of an exaggerated fear of legal action possibly brought on by parents who hated being told they were stupid and blind not to love a grim, depressing play about cancer. It’s another thing to have Dinkle play mentor because Pinned-Up Sleeve hates the stupidest PC song available because it would cause her culture warrior mother to descend upon the high school.

  9. Today’s strip is an abortion, a genuine piece of shit drenched in soul-crushing blue by Manga Studio® that should have been spiked by anyone with an IQ above nine.

    billytheskink is asking Y. I’m simply telling Batiuk, F U.

  10. Even Bruce Tinsley is looking at today’s Funky Winkerbean and is appalled at the lack of anything remotely close to a punchline.

  11. Frank Bolton

    “Because to me, all music is sacred!”
    “I’m such a no-talent hack that music is to me by and large is undifferentiated melodic cacophonies. The Nutcracker Suite has the exact same effect on me as The Night Santa Went Crazy. Honestly, I only got into the whole band director business because physically punishing nubile teenage girls gives me a stiffie.”

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    All music is sacred? Well we know Batty doesn’t listen to music much.

    As for Carl Moss, at least Mike Judge knows how to write a funny cartoon!

  13. Jason

    I actually liked Dinkle’s line in this one. Music transcends the mundane boundaries of everyday life and will endure long after small minded ideas (or poorly written straw man arguments) turn to dust.

    A nice message, but delivered in the most ham-fisted and annoying way possible.

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    And all that snow….

  15. It’s like a perpetual game of limbo. No matter how low Brendan Buford sets the bar for quality, TB manages to squirm under it.

  16. Don

    “You can’t play ‘I’m Dreaming of a Rainbow Holiday’ as heterosexuals might take offense”

  17. Epicus Doomus

    Coming soon: After telling Nate to cram it, Becky has the band do “Jesus Christ Superstar” in its entirety, followed by a medley of Slayer & Mercyful Fate hits of the 80s. She’s fired immediately and after her new job at the archery range doesn’t pan out she ends up working at the Korner as Crazy’s personal page-turner, leading to hilarious friction between him and John.

  18. Well, this boring mess is over with. Let’s see what Mason Jarr is up to and why it is that he’s mutating into a character from a Rankin-Bass stop motion animation special from the seventies.

  19. Charles

    Since this strip has gone from the earlier week strips’ 99.99% nonsense to full 100% nonsense with its “discrimination against poison sumac”, I’m going to have to read this as Nate screwing with Becky in a completely over the top and absurd fashion in order to torment her for the awful way she treated fellow veteran Wally. He’s going to say something so purposely absurd and indefensible that no reasonable person can take him seriously. But because he is serious, there’s nothing Becky can do about it, as he proceeds to destroy the performance she and her class have no doubt been working on for over a month.

    Also, how is Becky still employed after all the cuts they’ve made, considering that she’s undeniably terrible at her job and nobody respects her?