The Bedside Manor sign makes another appearance in today’s strip because sight gags get funnier every time we see them, right?

I guess the word “sexism” makes what actually happened, sexual harassment a bit easier to swallow. Adding to the strip’s confusion is that it looks like Dinkle is addressing Funky in the last panel, which raises the squick factor by 100x. Miss Violin needs to get herself a can of bear spray.


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20 responses to “Tromboners

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Isn’t stuff like this the reason “Crankshaft” exists? He didn’t even bother including any jokes in this one, as he apparently assumed that the idea of adorable old coots playing “footsie” was hilarious enough. Wrong.

  2. HeyItsDave

    The drinking water at Bedside Manor must come directly from the Fountain of Youth. When Funky wheeled Mort in there for the first time, he was a drooling near-vegetable in a wheelchair…and now he’s getting frisky with that cute GILF one chair over.

    Careful jumping those bones, Mort you old horndog. You might break a hip.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    HeyItsDave: And incredibly, no one seems to even notice! Morty’s comeback has been nothing short of astonishing and everyone’s all nonchalant about it, like it’s just good ol’ Morty being zany again.

    And I just noticed that Playboy sticker on Morty’s trombone case. Mixed messages here. He’s a “ladies man” who is accused of harassment by women who secretly like it? What is this, 1961?

  4. Great. A week of whining because Batiuk doesn’t understand iTunes followed by a week of Jessica being rock stupid and what do we get? Verbal clumsiness and vintage moralizing. To think that he gets paid to torment people like this. There ain’t no justice in the world.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    What is it with Batty and old people? Does he just kiss their a$$ because he realizes they are the ones who buy the most newspapers?

  6. I may be wrong about this but Iseem to remember that Bedside Manor was originally depicted as a one-story, modern structure. Now it’s a four-story structure that looks like it was built in the ’20’s (or a contemporary reproduction of one).

  7. Once again TB uses the first word that occurred to him without thinking about whether it truly fits. This is not a demonstration of “sexism.” The knowing smile on the woman’s face would suggest she subscribes to a clear “yes means yes” philosophy.

  8. “Sexism” means to discriminate against someone based on their sex. If Mort and Whoever are fooling around, that is not “sexism.” This strip is the very definition of “snoring it in” while getting it wrong. It really is time to retire, Tom.

  9. Meanwhile, over in Crankshaft, a dark-haired Klablicnik is sending Lena’s “antimatter-trapping brownie” to Europe for testing at CERN and comparing it to the “God Particle”. Get ready to “do a jump to the left and then a step to the right, with your hand on your hips you bring your knees in tight…Let’s do the Time Warp again”.

  10. “Contemporary issues effecting young people” can include sexual harassment among members of a band at a retirement home! Who knew!

  11. I’m starting to think that it might not really be called “writing.”

  12. I spent several minutes trying to figure out why this was supposed to be funny. Then I realized that was more effort than Batiuk had put into it, and gave up.

  13. Rusty

    I’m trying to parse out a joke or stupid word-play in the last panel. “It isn’t the first time”: does that refer to a music term or movement, or something? This is just Dinkle scolding Mort for making an (unwelcome?) pass at the lady next to him. Is it because they’re old, tee her?

  14. batgirl

    Joking about rape culture? Pretty edgy there.
    Oh, wait, he didn’t name rape or harrassment, and he reduced it to ‘playing footsie’. Never mind.

  15. I’m starting to think that it might not really be called “writing.”

    It’s called “shite-ing”.

  16. Bobby Joe

    And what business is this of Dinkle. This seems to e consentual. Mort should tell him to f***off.

  17. @Rusty Shackleford: Of course he’s pandering to old people because they buy newspapers. He doesn’t SEE them as being old people but he’s doing it. Meanwhile, the guy who does Pluggers is glad that his competition is in fewer newspapers.


    Are we sure that’s Grampa Winkerbean and not Funky?? I’m serious about this question!

  19. A HREF

    If it has a violin in it, its not a band. Its an orchestra. Just saying.