A Homage To That Which Never Was

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Anyone who didn’t see one of these comic books covers coming, please pay more attention going forward. I only know what this is because I (hangs head in shame) regularly check out the official Batom Comics…er, I mean FW blog. Without going into way too much detail, blah blah blah comic books comic books comic books. That’s really all you need to know to be “up to speed”, as it were.

Are we looking at modern-day Pete and Boy Lisa here or their retro counterparts again? I guess the bow ties indicate “retro” but who really knows? “Charlie and Chuck” is another one of his fanciful fictional funny books and yes, it has a whole convoluted back story behind it too. Apparently “theft” is the theme here, as retro Pete and Boy Lisa are still bemoaning how they lost the rights to Starbuck Jones right before the (sigh) point in its retconned history when it really took off. Even his fantasies are miserable.

A propeller beanie AND a slingshot in the back pocket…where’s his Lone Ranger mask and Dick Tracy wristwatch? Too bad this creativity never finds its way into his daily strips, one gets the impression that THOSE obligations are really cutting into his vivid world of make-believe. Nothing’s happened in FW in almost a decade, yet the world of Batom Comics is exploding with all sorts of history and new characters. Go figure.



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19 responses to “A Homage To That Which Never Was

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    I wonder how many of his readers actually care about comic books? My guess: 7

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    What I think is really amazing about this week is the setup. It’s ended up in whining about the rights to Superman. And yet the best way Batiuk could think of to start it was “a female character in a movie is popular”.

  3. Contrasted against the slapdash treatment he gives the daily strip, the amount of attention and detail he spends on his Batom world is truly troublesome. It’s as if he would rather inhabit that world than the real one – like a model railroader who gets more and more involved with the details of the layout he’s built in his basement while letting his house fall down around him.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Maybe retro Pete and Darin could visit Westview, wait around for a few years, then remind the infant Crazy Harry that he’s to give Pete and Darin access to his time pool in 2016. Then they could use the time pool to remind retro Pete and Darin to make sure they don’t get ripped off like how the Superman guys did.

    Or, barring that, they (meaning “now” Pete and Darin) could just imagine it differently and save all that trouble. Who the hell fantasizes about things going wrong all the time? Every daydream ends in disaster for these characters, they’re so inept they can even do THAT right.

  5. So, either Charlie or Chuck is so brain-damaged that he wields a ray-gun shaped squirt-pistol at all times, even pointing it at his friend in a moment of triumph. Yes, that is exactly the kind of clod that will inspire merchandising.

    Unless…unless it’s an actual ray-gun and he’s just revealed he’s working for the other side? “Not so fast, Charlie–or Chuck! Don’t move, I’ve got you covered! It’s all yours, Captain Meanman!”

    If that’s the case, this cover has more storytelling than anything in Funky Winkerbean for a long, long time! No wonder Tom Batiuk didn’t draw it.

    …though…Charlie or Chuck’s facial expression (whichever one wears the beanie) tells a far sadder story. That is the face of someone who never got even a participation award.

  6. Nothing like good world-building to really draw you into a story. And this is nothing like good world-building.

  7. Rusty

    Well, at least we know Mopey Pete never fantasizes about getting laid. I’d hate to see that comic book cover.

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Rusty: It would be presumably be based off the issue where Superman gets tricked into making a porno.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    Rusty: If he did, it’d probably involve her putting on an additional layer of clothes before walking backwards out the door.

  10. HeyItsDave

    There are a huge number of people who only subscribe to the Sunday editions of their papers. Because of this, the Sunday comic is a stand-alone gag for many strips (or in the case of some “drama” comics, a weekly recap of the dailies.)

    This “homage to nostalgia” crap is confusing and tiresome enough for masochists like me who read FW every day. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a casual Sunday reader.

  11. Great, More martyrdom cancer about how he isn’t getting paid as much as he’d like.

  12. ComicTrek

    Let’s see, guns, complaining about characters that they don’t own…could it be an attempt to justify “John Darling”?

    (Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!)

  13. This was a comic cover in his Jan blog. If he does FW so far in advance, does that mean he also plans his blog out that far out? And does he draw the comic covers, or farm them out, or even get a fellow artist to guest like he did a few months ago? The detail in the homage, both in the art and the actual level of high concep, is remarkable. Almost like, “Okay, lemme knock out 2 months worth of FW this morning so I can spend the rest of the week on this comic cover idea…”

  14. bad wolf

    I’m a few days late but remember Monday’s strip about adding a female character named Jupiter Moon? Coincidentally I was watching a DVD of Jupiter Ascending this weekend and noticed that the female lead’s name was indeed… Jupiter Jones. Could this have possibly influenced the Jupiter Moon referenced? Let’s check IMDB.

    Title: Jupiter Ascending:
    Release date: February 6, 2015 (USA)

    It’s like that whole year-ahead bit is becoming it’s own thing, where i wonder constantly if there was something in the news a year ago today that explains today’s strip. And who on earth would write a strip like that.

  15. I was thinking the same thing as @bad wolf. This stuff is getting way too meta, given the rabbit holes TB is leading us down. Maybe he really is an evil genius…. Naaahhhhh….

  16. I was kinda hoping “Adventure Dan” was an homage to Cappy Dick.

  17. bayoustu

    Looks like ol’ Mopey Pete Reiffort is auditioning for a role in The Family Circus strip!

  18. HeyItsDave

    @TFHackett – Looked more Clutch Cargoish to me.

  19. The Dreamer

    I thought they wrote comics for the joy of writing comics…but now Batiuk reveals they are just doing it for the money they hoped to make and if there isn’t any money, ‘whats the point”?

    Batiuk is proving to be a money obsessed right winger