A View with A Room

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As Old Dexter once said, “Ah, thank you Billy!” and I thank BillyTheSkink for as always leaving the chair of Funky Winkerbean snark…just a little bit out of my reach!  Yes, it’s BChasm, your least favorite uncle, back in the chair of the unhallowed study group!

Like pretty much all of Funky Winkerbean, I don’t get this one.  The Doublemint Twins are looking for a particular room.  Given that numbered rooms follow a pattern in every universe, it would seem as if Room 107 would be somewhere in the 100’s, and thus, not that difficult to find.  Westview High can’t be that massive, can it?  It’s not a colony ship destined for Alpha Centauri, is it?  Is Cordwainer Bird around?

I should think that it’s odd, too, that the Twins just spent a week with Principal Nate, and he apparently told them nothing of value, such as where their classrooms would be located.  “Here’s Becky, and here’s Les.  Good luck!”

Knowing this (–one supposes), Redshirt McMeltface decided he’d have a spot of fun with the Twins, and thus directed them to a featureless door which he assured them used to be yclept “107.”  Why?  I can see no reason for McMeltface to be this mean, except…well, it’s an excuse to detail some kind of maintenance room.

And to be fair, the detail in this room is really impressive.  And I mean that sincerely; one can almost identify the make and model of the equipment presented herein.  Kudos to Mr. Batiuk for some nice artwork here.  This is the sort of stuff that makes me pause my snark, in that it shows Tom Batiuk can really draw when he wants to.  Really, I’m not hot-dogging you, this is good artwork–it’s nicely detailed and has all the bits and touches that make the scene work.  I’ve always wanted to praise this strip when the opportunity arose, and here’s an opportunity.

Tom Batiuk’s obsession over certain details–the lovingly rendered bricks, for example–have long a source of amusement, but to me, it does show a certain dedication to craft.  The details have to be there.

I just wish his craft had been put to better purpose.  Does “Room 107” have any kind of significance?  Because I can think of better numbers just off the top of my head–

Room 100, Hotel Chelsea.  Nancy’s dead, Sid’s out of his head.  Punk rock fell over dead.  Now it’s Miley Cyrus instead!  Wake me–going back to bed.

Room 101, from George Orwell’s 1984.  The room of the ultimate fear, where Winston Smith is forced to read The Complete Funky Winkerbean.

Room 217, from Stephen King’s The Shining.  Danny knew he shouldn’t go into this room, but he did anyway.  And there, standing in the middle of the room, was Les Moore.

Room 237, from Stanley Kubrick’s film of Stephen King’s book.  As Jack Torrance embraced the beautiful woman, he glanced in the mirror and saw that, instead, he was holding a naked Les Moore.  (This scene was changed by studio executives to allow an R rating.  In the film as released, Jack was holding a withered old hag.)

Speaking of changed by studio executives, Doublemint Naughty certainly has…developed…in that last panel.  In fact you might say, “Oh, she’s got a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!”



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16 responses to “A View with A Room

  1. HeyItsDave

    Pretty sure that redshirt dude just got Anthonied into the cornfield.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    My guess is that Room 107 is probably between rooms 106 and 108, although in this town you just don’t know. I cannot believe he’s dragging this out for another week. Why didn’t he use this in September, when a “new student” arc would kind of be seasonally appropriate?

    And yeah, that boiler room is something else again. He can’t get Darin’s nose right from day to day but tell him to draw a boiler room and it’s like Architectural Digest all of a sudden. Just another weird Batiukian paradox in a Funkyverse full of them.

  3. Spacemanspiff85

    They opened the door, despite it not being labelled 107? And it was unlocked? This reminds me a lot of that stupid panel of Holly in the middle of the empty room where Comic Con just was. It made no sense at all that a real person would actually be in that position.

  4. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Welcome to the boiler room, where even as we speak, Principal Nate is banging Cayla so hard, her airbags go off. These two girls are about to get an eyeful.

    Meanwhile, what are the chances that a big doofy guy would treat a couple of new blondie girls (who actually look like girls!!) like this? A new dorky boy, maybe. But new girls, not a chance. Still hate high school girls this much, BatDweeb? You graduated like 50 or 60 years ago! Jesus!

  5. Stacks of Whacks

    So Dorky McSweatshirt is gay and a jerk? That is the joke here, right?

  6. The attention to detail when it comes to inanimate things is interesting and telling. It shows where his priorities lie.

    And, as mentioned, the fact that they can’t find the room on their own is perplexing. Are they that clueless? Didn’t Nate tell them anything about the layout of the school while he was taking them to see Becky and Les?

  7. billytheskink

    With pranks, there’s a fine line between funny and cruel. Sending these two to Les’ office crosses that line…

  8. Jimmy

    There is a movement afoot to return to apprenticeships in the United States based upon some success in Europe. I see this as a great opportunity for these girls to learn a trade.

    HVAC can be a very lucrative field.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    I don’t understand why he’s spending all this time introducing two Crankshaft characters, is there any chance at all that these two actually have any kind of FW future to speak of? I mean will they be featured in arcs, will they be eating at Montoni’s, will they be reading and discussing comic books? Or is this just a one-time crossover thing, like when the “Hello Larry” cast visited the Drummonds on “Diff’rent Strokes” back in the day or when Mork from Ork visited Arnold’s on “Happy Days”?

    So did he regularly do high school-centric arcs in Crankshaft too? Or is this his chance to use these two characters in a high school setting as opposed to having them visit Auntie Lilac at the home or whatever the hell it is they do over there at CS? I ask because quite frankly this seems like BanTom’s WHS dream team: the good twin sets the bad twin up to deliver the wry sarcastic wisecracks…how did he overlook this twin premise for all these years? Imagine if Darin had a twin brother and Fred’s trademark line was changed to “I helped with both deliveries”? Imagine if Summer had a twin sister named Autumn who was awesome at field hockey? Imagine Les’ obese twin brother, Wade, who married Lisa’s twin sister Destiny Life Crawford, who saw a competent doctor when she got cancer and didn’t die and no one wrote anything about it. Or Funky’s twin brother Downbeat, who’s kind of redundant. Or Perfectly Sane Larry. Or Becky’s twin, who was born with three arms but unfortunately, two rights. Or DSH John’s twin, Normal Haired Jack, who owns a real business and buys his clothes in the big-boy’s aisle. Or Cory’s twin Maury, who was a good kid until he enlisted in the Navy and came home with uncontrollable sea-sickness and a deep-seated hatred of comic books. Or Pete’s twin, who writes novels and really enjoys his work. Or Dinkle’s twin, who prefers listening to ambient jazz, spends a lot of time with his wife and isn’t a cackling asshole. Or Wally’s twin, a loud gregarious sort who enjoys constant socializing and playing with fireworks. Or Owen’s twin, a nice looking kid with a great attitude. Or Cayla’s twin, who hates Les and thinks he should get his pear-shaped ass off the porch swing and fetch his own damn lemonade. You get the idea.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Hey was that the old mainframe from Act 1 in the second panel?

  11. Great. A pointlessly cruel joke and another reminder that he cares more for inanimate objects than people.

  12. ComicBookHarriet

    No one has considered that the boiler room actually IS room 107. And that the DoubleBlonde twins were simply the only ones who signed up for Shop Class 128: The Repair and Maintenance of Antique Industrial Appliances.


    Couple of things

    1. If your lettering is that piss poor, make sure your “is” doesn’t look like the number 15. Especially when you put it next to a number. I spent needless minutes. trying to figure out what 107 15 meant!

    2. It actually isn’t unusual for a classroom to look like this to be honest. I have seen schools that have had boiler or service rooms converted to classrooms. Heck this actually doesn’t look to different from a science lab.

    3. It’s good to know that dangerous areas like boiler room or maintenance rooms are open and accessible by the student body.

  14. Professor Fate

    “Hello, I’m Freddy I’ll be your janitor today.”