Looks like another antique joke in today’s strip.

I actually don’t dislike the hacky old jokes that TB so often leans on, but they never EVER land in this strip because they are delivered in an environment completely and totally absent of joy. It’s like interrupting the end of Old Yeller with Hee Haw cornfield shtick and then using scenes from Schindler’s list for reaction shots.

That elderly relative we all have who asks “if it’s nacho cheese then whose is it?” doesn’t do so in between discussing their various medical ailments and how their life insurance policy will only pay for a fraction of their funeral. If your elderly relative does do this, then I am sorry that you are related to Tom Batiuk.

The often imitated but never duplicated beckoningchasm returns to the helm tomorrow. Thanks for putting up with me for the past couple weeks.



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13 responses to “Krack-a-toe-r

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    Something only hurting half the time is basically a miracle in Westview.

  2. Rusty

    Well, it’s stopped snowing finally. Still not warm enough to need a sweatband around your big head, Les.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Hey, I know who these characters are! Classic FW today, as Les bemusedly smirks as his “pal” Funky attempts to jog despite suffering from a possible fractured toe. Man, the zaniness! Total stupidity, obnoxious smirking, complaining and Funky suffering from some sort of misfortune or ailment…like I said, classic FW.

  4. bayoustu

    Nice to see Morty Winkerbean getting some exercise.

  5. billytheskink

    Funky lost a fight with a tomato can. Go figure…

  6. It figures that Montoni’s toppings are based on a big-ass can of grocery store pasta sauce.

  7. At first I couldn’t figure out why this old chestnut of a joke troubled me. Then I realized that part of the humor comes from the questionable judgment of the subject and in order to be funny calls for him to be anonymous. The usual intro would be “A man running with his friend says…”. The way The Author has set it up it becomes another instance of Funky being dumb.

  8. Frank Bolton

    I’d just like to point out that the amount of calories you burn from aerobic exercise, especially as you get older, pales in insignificance compared to what you get from dieting. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of benefits to exercising (heart health, muscular development, staving off diabetes, etc.) but unless you spent 2-3 hours every day running you’re not going to bust that beer gut if you continue to eat unhealthily.

    Funky works at and regularly enjoys the food of a pizza joint, undoubtedly getting around 300 calories (the equivalent of two cans of Coca Cola) from soda pop and around 600 calories (the equivalent of two medium-sized meat lovers’ pizza slices). And I’m sure that he eats even more than that. If Funky does this one or two times a week then he’s not going to lose weight even if the rest of his diet is sensible.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    What’s next, a dog biting the mailman?

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Oh, was there a joke about a tomato can and a sore toe? I’m still stuck on “Flunky can RUN???” 55 years old and 80 pounds overweight normally does not add up to “jogger.”

    Leslie looks oh-so-precious in his furry headband. No yoga pants and shorts today? Les seems more like a leg warmers sort of “man.”

    Your assignment: Go running and kick your back leg up as high as these boys do. See how it feels. See if anyone stares at you. Because artwork.

  11. A HREF

    Well at least it TB didn’t use a whole week to set this joke up like he did yesterday’s (which was stale when Ringo Starr made it fifty two years ago)

    Next week–Funky’s car gets a flat tire–but its OK, it is only flat on one side.

    Week after–Les and Funky are running, they come to a railroad
    Les: “A train must have just gone by”

    Funky “How can you tell”

    Les: “it left its tracks,.”

    Funk {smirk]

    Le: “Lisa died after I told that joke”

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Lisa: “One of my breasts has the cancer.”

    Les: “Mneh. Your other side won’t be dead. SMIRK!”

  13. HeyItsDave

    Funky runs a restaurant, and I’m going to assume, given how much T-Bats worships his shitty Ohio pizza, that Montoni’s is a continuing success.

    This means that every day, Funky is up at 5 and down to the restaurant by 6. He’s getting the pizza dough ready which still involves a measure of hand work regardless of the gigantic Hobart mixer he probably has in the kitchen. He’s luging cases of tomato paste and cooking it up into sauce. He’s doing all the other prep work, lifting crates of vegetables and fifty-pound bags of onions and potatoes. He’s cleaning the walk-in, taking inventory, and doing all the other prep work before opening at 11:00. And yet, he still finds time to go running with Les – even though that restaurant is probably a seven-day job.

    Funky and Les have always been friends. Back in high school, Les was the school loser, and yet Funky – the most popular kid in his class – still always had time for him. They hung out together all the time. He stood by Les through his most difficult times as Lisa declined and died – remember the strip when Les was siting alone in the rain after Lisa walked off with that stupid-ass mime wo represents Death in the Funkyverse? You know he was thinking of offing himself. His whole world was in shambles around him. And yet, there was Funky, to bring him home and remind him of what he had to live for, ive him a shoulder to cry on, and just be there because Les was his friend.

    Now, of course, Funky is Batty’s whipping boy. He’s the loser now, a fat shlub who lost his high school sweetheart and married a dumpy ex-majorette, who couldn’t find a job after college and wound up delivering pizza, and who has failed to parlay his small modicum of success with his home-town pizza business into anything bigger, having tried unsuccessfully to franchise and expand. And Les, T-Bats’ avatar, is the successful one…nice house, solid career with the school system, attractive wife, a published author. Les has got everything going for him nowadays but instead of being the stand-up guy who’s always there when his buddy needs him, he’s the dick who makes everything about himself and smirks like a smug asshole at everyone else’s misfortune. What a tool.