Look Back in Anger

It speaks to the drawn out pacing of this comic strip that today’s strip could seamlessly follow last week’s, completely doing away with Cindy’s fire escape escapade. I’m not an avid Mary Worth reader but I imagine the same thing must happen over there a lot.

A cursory search of Grandpa Google for the phrase “grandpa google” reveals that nobody except Pete and Tom Batiuk actually call Google that, so into the Batiuktionary it goes. A good gag would have had cranky old Cliff reply to Pete “Who are you callin’ Grandpa?” But clearly this is one internet savvy old man. He’s used the web to move enough SJ collectibles to create a trail that has led these strangers hundreds of miles to find him. What little inventory he has left fits in an old suitcase: a raygun, rocketship, some action figures (and were “action figures” even a thing back in the days of serials? Boys didn’t play with dolls until G.I. Joe), along with a rather intriguing “coloring book” whose cover will probably serve as next Sunday’s entire strip.


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15 responses to “Look Back in Anger

  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s so aggressively, Batiukian-ly stupid in every conceivable way. No one crafts these one-dimensional characters like BanTom does. So this Anger asshole did some SJ films in the fifties, then left the business, then sat in his squalid NYC apartment waiting to be re-discovered by these three imbeciles? That’s some magical storytelling right there. He really ought to be ashamed of himself, seriously.

  2. HeyItsDave

    Too bad Cliff took all those toys out of the packaging. Stuff ain’t worth shit now.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    So we’re to believe that Cliff Anger’s sole acting job was in to star in the Starbuck Jones Serial? If that’s the case, what did he do in the intervening 60+ years? In real life, he would have had to have found some means of earning money to feed, house, and clothe himself, meaning he would have found a second career of some sort. But that kind of reality is obviously of no use to The Author. Straw men make much easier targets. He’ll probably also mention that he had some form of cancer (which can conveniently recur).

  4. Jim in Wisc.

    One problem I have with this storyline is a glaring one. Back in the 1940s-50s-60s, any low budget studio that would have produced films like these, would not have let a C-or-D-list actor walk off with the props. Or even given them to him as some sort of farewell gifts. To save money, they would have kept them and repurposed them in other films. (Robby the Robot, anyone?) Heck, for that matter even major studios were known to reuse props and sets. And they all still do.

  5. None of this evasive tension from Cliff makes any sense. Unless there’s some evil super secret organization seeking Starbuck Jones-related people and memorabilia, why does it seem like Cliff is some sort of fugitive in hiding?

  6. Great. Super. A poorly-researched look at the heartache of typecasting that makes its hero look like a typical Batiukian whiny, ungrateful muttonhead with entitlement issues. Jinkies. I’m stoked.

  7. Professor Fate

    So he made the one movie and then retired to bitterness? And then kept this stuff from the one movie he was in? Why? To remind him of his complete failure as an actor and to wallow in it…well actually considering the Author yeah that make sense.
    Just another attempt of the Author to create pathos and enduing up with Bathos.

  8. A HREF

    There were action figures in the 50’s for matinee serials? Maybe? I thought that the action figure for every movie thing started with Star Wars in 1977.

  9. I prefer the term “Big Brother Google.”

    @A HREF–And “action figures” didn’t begin till the mid-1960s with “G.I. Joe.” And l learned this fact via a two-minute websearch, which is about two minute more than the research Batiuk did for this strip.

  10. Figured I’d not (yet) do the obvious one…

  11. Didn’t they find Anger by tracking down someone putting Starbuck Jones merchandise on eBay? Ol’ Cliff isn’t going to stave off eviction for very long if this is all he’s got to sell.

  12. One more… today’s strip just seems to be a “target rich environment”…

  13. Hitorque

    Uh… Yeah… If all you have is one low rent movie in 60 years, you didn’t have a “career” unless you were doing Broadway or something… And does Hollywood really want to cast someone who hasn’t worked in 60 years? Because there must be a reason…

  14. I want to make a joke about George Lazenby or Klinton Spilsbury, but I can’t think of anything clever. So I’ll simply point out their existence. (Hey, it works for Batiuk…)