Note your cuts of meat

Hello folks, billytheskink back for another round of kicking off our daily deconstruction of the Batiukverse. As always, I hope to facilitate a strong discussion by highlighting key aspects of each comic and offering a basic analysis to be exapnded upon in the comments. When today’s strip sends that plan off the rails in a few seconds, I will likely resort to comparing the characters to various basketball players from the 1970s or reciting the specs of vintage Macintoshes.

Harry Dinkle is hosting a barbeque, which is a new thing for him… I think. Probably a new thing, given how overdone those hamburgers look. The phrase “Harry Dinkle barbeque” sounds like a setup on a hidden camera show aimed at 7-year olds. What a Harry Dinkle barbeque entails however, making poorly-timed complaints about the community band, sounds like a setup on a hidden camera show aimed at nobody.

Anyways, did you know?
– That the Macintosh IIfx, released in 1990, ran at an impressive 40 MHz and would remain the fastest Macintosh in existence until the release of the Quadra 840av in 1993. Originally priced at $9,900, the Macintosh IIfx cost roughly as much as a new, base model Ford Tempo in 1990.
– That Harry Dinkle did not become the “World’s Greatest Band Director” until after he changed his last name from Dinkl?



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19 responses to “Note your cuts of meat

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Har har har. The always mean-spirited and malevolently cackling Dinkle is back, ready to save the perpetually overwhelmed Lefty yet again. That Becky, always trying to juggle so much, it’s great how Harry is always there to lend her a hand.

    But seriously, Becky has always been such a strange character. No backbone at all, never able to make a decision, always leaning on the guy who retired a hundred years ago. It’s literally every single Becky arc too, they’re almost always a variation on the same premise. And, in case you didn’t notice, one of her arms is missing.

  2. Charles

    This one’s more subtle, but notice how it hasn’t established the premise of this week’s strips, which will presumably be Becky’s problem and how Harry Dinkle and his stupid music-based wordplay won’t help her an iota. He does this all the time, but since this one has an attempt at a joke, a joke loaf, if you will, you may not immediately notice. If he’s really slacking, which last week’s “Mason adds an E” is great evidence of, we won’t even get an explanation of Becky’s problem until Wednesday.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Yeah, winter weight’s a real concern for the Fourth of July concert.

  4. billytheskink

    “I’ve got a problem with the community band.”

    Get in line, Lefty. Get in line.

  5. Rusty

    Is Dinkle mocking her by wielding a spatula in one hand and a plate in the other? I think so.

  6. Does anyone in Westview genuinely enjoy what they do? I can’t recall anybody saying one positive thing they liked about their occupation. Maybe they just resent that they have to devote part of the day to something other than reading comic books.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Isn’t it weird how you just forget all about Becky when she isn’t around and how fast you remember what an utter sad-sack she is when she reappears? The “community band”…yeah, bet THAT’S a real whopper of a dilemma there, Becky. Does she call Dinkle when there’s a spider in the bathtub too? is there anything at all she can do without Dinkle being involved?

  8. Gerard Plourde

    So we’re a week away from the Fourth of July and she’s just noticing a problem now? How active is this band? Does it just assemble once a year? Yet another example of Batty flitting to a new arc without resolving the last one.

  9. Jimmy

    First, Bravo on the Dinkl take.

    Second, @Epicus: I wish there was some way Batiuk could convey that she is missing an arm.

    I have several problems with today’s strip, including:
    * At first glance, it appears Panel 2 is engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
    * Dinkmeister only cooked enough meat for five people, tops. I count at least five recognizable faces and many more silhouettes. Maybe he’s trying the old Home Alone party trick.
    * Blondie (Rachel?) looks like she is wearing a gas mask. Good call.
    * Do high school band teachers generally lead community bands? In my experience, these people are busy over the summer with activities focused on their jobs, and they wouldn’t have time for such a thing.

    There are many more issues, including those many have pointed out, but my beady eyes are tired.

  10. Great. A whole damned week of Extreme Doormat Becky needing the help of a big strong MAN to make a simple decision that’s beyong the capacity of a mere woman. And he wonders why Winkerbean isn’t loved by anyone who isn’t Marge Simpson.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Well Batty gets one thing right: he portrays teachers as people who complain a lot. That’s certainly been my experience with educators.

    Shouldn’t Becky be busy with band camp? I played in a community band and it was run by the local community college.

  12. Jim in Wisc.

    Meanwhile, over in Centerville, it looks like we’re in for another of L’ Auteur Glorieux’s week-long rants about how all that newfangled technology sucks. Today: A dead tree newspaper arriving on your front porch with a “Thud!” is better than getting a digital version on your iPad.


    Is this it?? Is this the end of the great Starbucks Jones movie saga? I seriously think this is it, guys. I’ll bet a million shitty decoder rings that we never return to the movie set again.

  14. @Westview Oncologist–

    I’m betting you’re right, that the next time we see anything related to the movie it will be at the premiere. But, you have to give Tom Batiuk a break here. I think the “stunt with school bus” and the “graduation attack” pretty much exhausted his storytelling ability. Hence he needed a week about an imbecile thinking of changing his name to rest up.

    Boy do I hate Dinkle. To my mind, only Les is worse.

  15. ComicBookHarriet

    I live in a town that seems about Westview sized. (9-10K) Our HS band director ran the community band over the summer too, and directed every pit orchestra for the community theater musicals.. And his predecessor was a member of the said community band until the day he died. So…very small town realistic.

  16. Professor Fate

    and thus we witness what Les will be like in his old age.
    Oh yes isn’t he supposed to be deaf?

  17. HeyItsDave

    Dinkle was a minor background asshole in Act I. I guess it’s a testament of sorts to Batiuk’s character development skills that he’s matured Dinks into a truly loathsome regular.

    How many unpleasant characters can one strip hold?

  18. Oh boy! We had Masone Saturday, Les on Sunday, and Dinkle on Sunday, the strip’s three most obnoxious characters. Congratulations, Batiuk, you’ve score the Triple Crown.

    But I will admit I was wrong. I thought this week we’d be back to the tired trope about Funky and Nazi Fitness Girl. Instead we’re at another tired trope, the community band. And we still don’t know what happened to Becky’s mother; she and her husband haven’t been seen since Becky told him to turn off the video record almost four years ago.