You Boater Believe It

Darin! After seeing you dragging around like a half-deflated helium balloon for the last decade it’s kind of strange seeing you thump your chest in Today’s Strip! Of course, your plan doesn’t go beyond the chest beat but it’s impressive nonetheless! I’m sure you can talk Mopey Pete into risking getting killed or imprisoned alongside with you in your quest for your $16 set of pens.



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15 responses to “You Boater Believe It

  1. Great. The stupid idiot is going to get himself and Pete beaten up by dock workers and arrested over a first world problem. Hope the damned things are worth it.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Sigh. Just a few short years ago he was illustrating Dick Facey’s crappy new graphic novel, now he’s the Great Artist who completely loses his mind when everything isn’t exactly perfect. What DOES he do exactly? Does he draw what Pete writes? Is he still designing action figures? Is he still married?

  3. Well, I’m disappointed. The containers on those ships aren’t drawn with anything approaching the love and precision that Batty draws bricks. Shows that even he’s not interested in this storyline.

    And if Durwood’s going to change his name, shouldn’t he follow the Funkyverse convention and change it to “ArtE”?

  4. Gerard Plourde

    So this week’s “contemporary issue affecting young adults” treated “in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner” is Batty’s take on the effect obsessive compulsive disorder has on the capacity for rational thought. The only thought it provokes in me is “What was he thinking?” .

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Really…King features can’t just fire Batty and replace him?

  6. Rusty

    Unfortunately, this now looks like it will be a 2-week story arc, at minimum. Durrrrwood runs out of pens.

  7. Most. Awesome. Container. Ship. Armada. Ever! Who knew they arrive on our shores Normandy invasion style!

  8. Jason

    Initially, I didn’t think the concept of an artist complaining about not being able to buy a specific tool wasn’t a terrible one. People have certain ways of working, and having the right tool for the right job is actually important. And quality does matter.


    This is bordering on the psychotic. The concept itself would have worked better if he was making increasingly bizarre excuses for why his work wasn’t getting done because he didn’t want to reveal the real reason. It’s still a shaky concept to hang 6(!) days of comics on, but this is downright idiotic.

  9. In the official FW blog, Batiuk teases us with an upcoming Batom Comics Cover Sunday, but offers no context whatsoever…

  10. Meanwhile, production on this entire multi-million dollar project has ground to a halt because their idiot storyboard artist can’t just use a different pen.

  11. Scroll down the blog posts: after the cover is another Flash Friday where he meditates upon…wait for it…. retconning!!!! Then in the next section he talks about…wait for it…. Doing his strip without any editorial oversight!!! Imagine that.

  12. @Fred Blurt: Bantom’s blog posts are astounding in their lack of self-awareness, but you might have warned us about this!

  13. superdollyllama

    Please let tomorrow be Pete swimming to the pens…please let tomorrow be Pete swimming to the pens…please, please, I beg of you Tom…

  14. Hitorque

    So Darrin is going to cross a picket line all in the name of art? Or is he just going to resort to some good old fashioned piracy??

    Either way, he’s a dead son of a bitch…

  15. Hmm… no new entry for Sunday’s strip. Here’s something to bridge both days:

    And regarding the Sunday strip, if Funky can’t find his keys, why are they both spending the entire strip getting INTO the car, and ending up buckled into their seats? Have they regressed to the point of six-year-olds, sitting in the car going “vroom vroom”?