PT Loser

I’d forgotten Funky sold off his PT Cruiser until today’s strip reminded me he traded it for something far less funky.

In any case, did I miss a time jump or are the ravages of age working much faster on Funky than the rest of the gang? No wonder Les looks smug all the time– he looks 15 years younger than his best high school pal.



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  1. Gerard Plourde

    So we set aside the “Great Pen Caper” for a brief excursion to Westview for a rant about cars that no longer have traditional ignition keys. Because we all know that this is a “contemporary issue affecting young adults” that needs to be treated “in a thought-provoking and sensitive manner.”

  2. Well, Funky didn’t sell his PT Cruiser; it was totaled when Cell Phone Girl smashed into it. And Funky is beginning to looke more like Crankshaft, even though they are decades apart. And Batiuk doesn’t care.

  3. How did they open the doors?

  4. And why do they spend the entire comic getting INTO the car and buckling themselves in, given that they already know they can’t actually start and drive it? Creeping senility has cost them their understanding of cause and effect? Or have Batty’s endless time-jumps so scrambled things that the panels are actually in reverse order–they arrived, got out of the car, and then lost their keys?

  5. They really are running the pictures in backward-time and the dialog in forward-time. I didn’t change a word, or tamper with any picture, just reversed the order of panels while keeping dialog as is. The Funkyverse is in need of Doctor Who.

    Luckily, tomorrow we’ll be back to Durwood drowning in the Pacific. If we’re lucky. If not, maybe a “back in the days” flashback about getting the special felt-tips during the war.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    This is really stupid. This has nothing to do with smart cars. If you get into your car without your key, you’re not going to be able to drive, whether it’s a smart car or not.

  7. A HREF

    I think Funky bought a Volvo XC 90 and named it “Snowball”, right before Les and Dead Lisa climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

  8. A HREF

    Oh and over on Crankshaft we find out that Bull’s grandfather, (great-grandfather? uncle? or something?) bean-balled Ed Crankshaft years ago. Is that Ed doing the reading?

    Has time become unstuck again? Or did CS make a time jump and maybe Crankie dies?

  9. Gerard Plourde

    @ A HREF – The oxygen tank behind the old guy reading the book is marked “Bushka”, so I think it’s “Beanball” Bushka who’s doing the reading, but given Batty’s “every old guy took alike” style of drawing one can never be sure.

  10. On the one side, a dumb guy and a smart car. On the other, someone cramming to get into Heaven.