Tony in the sky, with Pizza

In typical Batom® fashion, today’s strip is nothing but more of yesterday’s scribble – does anyone really need to be told that a “pizza drone” is intended to deliver pizza? Gotta hand it to T-Bats: no one can cram two panels of plot development into four panels so well.

And the more I look at that ridiculous little Guido-headed quad copter, the stupider this idea is. I see the props and landing gear, and a really small box in the middle which probably holds the batteries and control circuitry. Where does the pizza go? Inside that little red box? Maybe Tony’s going to send pizza out one slice at a time.



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22 responses to “Tony in the sky, with Pizza

  1. Epicus Doomus

    WHAT doesn’t “seem natural”? The idea? The drone? Funky’s peculiar expression doesn’t offer any clues and neither does Tony’s “wet blanket” remark. And why does Wally appear to have just woken from some sort of drugged-out daze? As usual Batiuk is just rambling again here and I’m expecting this to make even less sense before anything becomes clear, if it ever does.

  2. 1966tvbatman

    …and Funky’s nose changes between panels. Son of a bitch he looks older than Tony.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Based on their faces today that drone is powered with uranium, and it’s leaking like crazy.
    And if Batiuk doesn’t use the term “pie in the sky” this week, he really, really, really needs to retire.

  4. billytheskink

    “That doesn’t seem natural.”

    This is coming from the guy who entered a completely unbaked “gazpacho pizza” in a pizza competition?

  5. Gerard Plourde

    I’m pretty certain that each drone is only capable of carrying one pizza at a time, so it’s less efficient than a single driver making multiple stops. Is he investing in more than one drone? If so he’s going to need to hire additional staff to remotely fly them in an urban environment that will require skillful maneuvering. And how does he propose to keep the pizza warm in transit? Or dry, for that matter, when it rains or snows?

    I guess Batty is resorting to Tony as comic relief much as he did with the multiple dopey Starbuck Jones-themed pizzas a few months back. But then that brings up the question – If Tony is that incompetent how did Montoni’s manage to stay in business before Funky joined the staff and became part owner?

  6. spacemanspiff85

    Did Tony fly all the way from Florida just to show this? He was in Westview just a few months ago. Batiuk takes his characters out of Westview, like Tony, Darin, and Pete, and then has them going back every other week. And I’m really shocked that Tony’s able to fly around at the drop of a hat like this. How much money did Montoni’s make that he’s able to live like this?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    A few years back BanTom did an arc about Tony centering around how he preferred to use a good ol’ paper and pencil to take notes instead of those annoying newfangled gadgets they have now. The “gag” was when he excused himself, went down to the basement and began playing “Space Invaders”. So it is a little odd that he’s suddenly into drone technology this week. Now if it was a hydrogen-inflated pizza delivery zeppelin, I could understand.

  8. Here, we have the comic trio: Tony, the overconfident idiot schemere, Wally, the simpleminded follower and Funky, the doomed and powerless complainer. On the other side, a dumb blonde joke at Incredibly Hot Mindy’s expense because silly girls just can’t understand baseball, Title IX be damned.

  9. Where did Tony leave his wet blanket?

    In his bed at the nursing home, as usual.

  10. Saturnino

    ” Incredibly Hot Mindy ”

    Yet apparently without any involvement with men even though she’s in her thirties………..

  11. Chyron HR

    Did Tony fly all the way from Florida just to show this?

    Yes, and boy is his drone tired.

  12. Seriously, what is the purpose of propping up Wally’s emaciated corpse here? Doesn’t he have dishes to wash? I guess it’s better than seeing Les’ smirking visage.

  13. Times like this I wish wordpress had a way to edit comments…

  14. Jimmy

    Wally is there because he’s going to pilot the thing, but he’s going to freak out when his PTSD makes him think he’s dropping bombs on kids, not delivering pizzas to them.

    Don’t worry, though. That plot will all be a dream.

  15. billytheskink

    Yet apparently without any involvement with men even though she’s in her thirties………..

    Well, she did date Pete and Durwood’s lay-about pal Mooch Myers back in Act II (which is kind of where Crankshaft’s timeline still is), so maybe she’s just spectacularly bad at the dating game. Even so, among Westview High’s Act II boys, Mooch was probably the catch of the bunch. Mindy apparently only knew the westerly road heading out of Centerville.

  16. Montoni’s wants to smother Funky with a wet blanket. Now that’s perfectly natural.

  17. Eldon of Galt

    More terrible, terrible writing.
    Fast pizza delivery is not natural? So Funky is dedicated to making each pizza as cold and cardboard-like as

    possible? What a thrill it must be to dine on Montoni’s food.
    And Tony’s “wet blanket” comment. How does that in any way refer to the actual use of the term “don’t be a wet


  18. @Epicus: any pizza-delivery zeppelin would have to be inflated with methane. Hydrogen is not normally found in farts.


    Why do they even need to deliver. They’re only damn functioning restaurant business in town other than Toxic Tacos!! You better wait 2 hours for your pizza to be delivered by truck if you want to eat something other than salmonella quesadillas!!

  20. A. Tucker

    “Ma vaffunculo” literally translates to “fuck you”. Seriously.

  21. @bobanero: I would expect Wally has something to do with this storyline, but then I remember Batiuk is writing this.

  22. Rusty Shackleford

    I like the idea. Looks like you get a little head with each pizza. Who wouldn’t want that?