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Link to today’s strip.

This is probably more “inside baseball” than you folks need, but WordPress has recently changed the post editor into a near-disastrous model. Everything is hidden, and when it isn’t, it’s nowhere near where it should be.

We used to have a list of all the tags available for a post, so we could pick and choose which ones were appropriate. Now, we have to guess–typing the first three letters will usually bring up something, but not always.

All this is an extremely roundabout way of saying that when Tony showed up on Monday, I typed in “ton” and got not only “Tony” but “Tony’s stupid ideas.” And today’s strip illustrates that perfectly! “Who’s going to feed them” is not the only legitimate question–“Where are they going to go, on the roof, all day and night?” is another good one. “Where do they go after Christmas?” “Who’s paying for this?” There are lots more.

Thank you, Tony’s stupid ideas.


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If only I could believe that Cayla’s question in today’s strip truly represented some self-awareness from TB, because YES! why didn’t Mason lead with this inevitable smoke-blowing? Sure, STILL nothing has actually happened, but we’ve wasted several days of strips even getting to Mason’s effusive and unwarranted praise, a scene we all knew was coming before this movie thing got to the point where Les could start trying to undermine specific elements of it.

As far as Mason’s opinion of Lisa’s Story goes, why would he think it would succeed in winning an Oscar where the beloved film Love Story (which, incidentally, turns 50 years old this year) largely failed. Does Love Story simply not exist in the Batiukverse? I guess I could buy that, given that this is a universe where Lisa’s Story was an Eisner Award finalist. But will Mason be satisfied with just a nomination or a Golden Globe? …or, more appropriately, a Razzie?


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Flying the friendly skies of Montoni’s

8jtsuooToday’s strip teaches us that there are two things T-Bats knows nothing about. The first is drawing handshakes. Here’s a guy who’s had his doodles in the newspaper for over forty years, and yet whenever two of his characters shake hands, they always look like one of them is blocking a punch from the other. Pro tip, Tom, the fingers wrap around under the wrists.

The other thing of which he’s apparently ignorant is the time it takes to make a decent pizza. If the restaurant is keeping a bunch of pre-made pies in the walk-in, it might be possible to get it through the oven, into a box, and into the sky in under twenty minutes, but that’s not good quality…and they’re trying out an unproven technology to boot. Pretty clever the way Funky has gotten Tony so riled up that this drone thing is practically guaranteed to fail.

I’ve got no idea what the hell Wally is supposed to be doing with that cell phone. He’s been pretty much in his own little world this whole week, so I bet he’s just playing Pokemon Go while those two old fools argue.


 LATE EDIT: As of this morning, nj.com seems to be having problems displaying today’s strip (at least, none of the machines I’ve used to access it in the past two days show the comic.) So here is an alternate link directly from Comics Kingdom.


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“Anyone who has never made a mistake…

…has never tried anything new.” – Einstein

It’s taken four days to come to the point, but in today’s strip, we’ve finally Batiuked around to it: Funky knows the Pizza Drone is going to fail because all of Tony’s other ideas have failed.

It seems to me that T-Bats really didn’t put a lot of time or effort into Funky’s list.

  • Pizza Fax – There are still pizzerias in my area which accept take-out orders via fax. It started back in the bad old days of pay phones and copper landlines, but because some business still inexplicably insist on using the clunky, slow, and low-resolution fax even in an era with reliable and cheap internet, the service lives on.
  • Pizza on a Stick – Popular at heartland State Fairs, apparently. Just not in Westview.
  • Bucket of Pizza…well, okay, I’ll give him that one.

But I’d venture to say that most of Tony’s ideas have worked out pretty well for him. He immigrated to the US, opened a  successful restaurant which provided him with a good living and a decent retirement (after all, he spends his winters in Florida) and – with the exception of taking on a business partner who holds little respect for him – shows evidence of having made some pretty good decisions over the years.

And notice that none of Tony’s failures were on the scale of nearly bankrupting the company by trying to sell shitty Ohio pizza in New York City, Funky.


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* yawn… ι(´Д`)ノ


Oh…sorry… it’s just that today’s strip is more of the same “Wabbit season!  Duck season!” crap between Tony and Funky and it’s, well… not very interesting.

Poor Wally, though. We can just turn the page or (more likely) click away. But he’s stuck there in Westview, the comics version of Purgatory, standing helplessly by in his gaunt and so weary way as the two Morons in Chief discuss using toys to deliver pizzas.

You know what would be cool? If Funky had secretly fallen off the wagon and suddenly started getting the DTs while looking at that stupid drone:


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