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OK, so now things are becoming clearer here. Bull is obviously suffering from CTE aka post-concussion syndrome. Either that or he’s just been working with Les for way, way, way too long. It’s certainly one of the more “relevant” topics FW has addressed in a while, definitely a change from the usual drivel about comic books, pizza, time pools, Lisa and etc. I could point out that Owen’s concussion was played for ha-has a few years back but hey, why even bother? I could also point out that Morton’s degenerative brain disease seems to have miraculously healed thanks to cigarettes and a trombone, which is something Bull might want to look into right about n0w.

So how will Batiuk handle this contemporary issue affecting old athletes who ran into things with their heads? With sensitivity and pathos, or with his typically heavy-handed felt-tip drollery? Or perhaps some incomprehensible combination of both? Who knows? At least it’s a bit different than the typical Act III fodder, I’ll give him that. A timely issue that he ripped straight from the headlines a few years ago when it was somehow brought to his attention in between pizzas and comic cons, which will no doubt impact tens of daily readers.



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24 responses to “Forgeta-Bull

  1. DOlz

    “and, without any reason, he gets violently angry at the least little thing.”

    He should stop reading FW every day, I know that helps me.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I hope that last panel is foreshadowing him beating the crap out of Les when he sees him with Linda.

  3. billytheskink

    He has memory lapses…

    Dinkle’s hearing loss and retirement
    Morton’s apparent dementia
    Les’ graphic novel, “Roses in December” or whatever
    The 2008 reunion version of Mary Sue Sweetwater
    The elder Fairgoods
    Wally Jr.
    Rachel’s kid
    The news desk Cindy donated to Westview High
    Cayla’s ethnicity
    The shape of Durwood’s nose
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    You know, maybe King Features should look into creating a concussion protocol…

  4. So, at last we see some real light shed on Bull’s condition. So how’s it going to play out going forward? This is much too serious a condition to play for laughs (isn’t it?). If it’s really progressing, there’s no way he will be able to maintain his jobs as athletic director, football coach, women’s basketball coach, and physical therapist. Who’s going to step up and take the role of Scapegoat sports joke butt?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    bobanero: I’ve been pondering this too. Then again, Pa Winkerbean was basically catatonic several years ago and now he’s learned how to play the trombone, taken up smoking and become an incorrigible elderly horn-dog, so who knows?

    I’ve always thought that Summer’s eventual destiny was to return to WHS as a gym coach. What the hell else is she gonna do? But then again, her special brand of jockishness isn’t funny, it’s just gritty and no one really likes grit unless there’s wagering involved. So again, who the hell knows?

  6. ComicTrek

    Looks like we’re about to find ourselves in another Very Special Disease arc. Which could lead to some action, but will most likely peter out into nothing if TB doesn’t receive an award for it.

    Also, why is she confiding in Les??? What could, or would, he possibly do that could be of any help? He hasn’t saved a life or solved any major problems since way back in Act II. Even when he could do so, he’ll either wimp out of it or do something equally mediocre. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Act III-esque Kid Les deciding to “leave the future in the past”.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    Man, I forgot how loathsome that storyline was. It was all in Les’s head. So apparently, given the chance to prevent it, he’d let Lisa die anyway, because doing something about it or telling her about what could happen would make her sad? Or something? Seriously, as soon as he woke up, Les should’ve screamed “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!” and checked in for serious, intensive psychotherapy. Instead he just gripes about how hard doing a few things for the reunion was, and that’s that.
    This really is the “philosophy” of this strip in a nutshell. “Oh well, what can you do?”. Everyone in this strip constantly bitches about their jobs, their health, their relationships, and throughout it they’re totally passive. They don’t have any control or effect on it. They just have to sit back and suffer and get fat and lose football games and have dumb students and hope that maybe someone will hand them a comic book.

  8. iansdrunkenbeard

    Panel #3, Less’ thought balloon: “Oh, god. Why did I ever give this crazy biatch a ride?”

    His speech balloon: “Jesus Christ, Linda! I’m just giving you a ride, not psychoanalyzing you!”

  9. This pervasive sense of being helpless in the face of preventable misery also informs the sister strip. Just as these passive lumps of nothing moan about how terrible things are when not moaning and doing something about it would make you respect them, we have to deal with no one good and nice being allowed to do anything about the preventable menace that is Ed Crankshaft. We can do something about the problem of a banal, poorly-researched and maudlin pile of crap CTE arc: tell Batiuk to retire.

  10. sgtsaunders

    I love that “Oh shit, I’m next” look on Les’ face in P3.

  11. Hitorque

    CTE… I called it

  12. Rusty

    Batiuk forgot to draw Les smirking in the last panel.

  13. TB is overdue for killing someone off and it looks like this (CTE) is how Bull dies. It’s a shame because I suspect what TB knows about CTE is what he saw in the movie, “Concussion.”

  14. Gerard Plourde

    @Spacemanspiff85 and Comic Trek

    The “Very Special Reunion” fantasy arc was the one that turned me into a full-fledged critic.


    I would forgive everything Batiuk has done if this leads to Bull Bushka becoming Leatherface and turning the whole cast into furniture.



    Take panel 3 out of context and you have a much more interesting strip.

  17. Comic Book Harriet

    Hmm… I have all of those symptoms, but usually only for a couple days once a month.

    Naw, here’s my vote. Bully will be JUST disabled enough to retire and be replaced by Summer, but he will still hang around all the time offering advice with seemingly no symptoms of whatever disease pushed him out of the job.

    Summer will reveal herself to be the Lesbian hidden by the castle of gayness at the big gay prom years ago, allowing Battom to get a GLADD award. It may not be a Pulitzer…but eh.

  18. You can tell a lot about this strip just by looking at today’s artwork. Les is so front and center that Linda’s being blocked by the steering wheel in that last panel. Gotta get that face out in front!

    Greater love hath no man than Tom Batiuk for Les Moore.

  19. spacemanspiff85

    How much do you want to bet we’re going to get multiple flashbacks to Bull bullying (wait, wasn’t he only pretending) Les in high school? And Les whining about how they should’ve seen this coming.

  20. hitorque

    @Gerard Plourde:

    I was already a full-fledged critic at the time… That reunion time jump honestly made me wonder if Batiuk was specifically trolling the fuck out of SOSF…

  21. From what I could briefly look up on the symptoms, it seems that he might have dementia.

  22. Charles

    It’s a shame because I suspect what TB knows about CTE is what he saw in the movie, “Concussion.”

    Well, he certainly didn’t research it beyond going to a movie.

    CTE symptoms aren’t something that suddenly come up. They’ve been since the repeated head trauma. It’s just that it gets worse and worse, so that you go from having constant headaches and being short tempered to where you beat up your wife because she asked you again to take the damn garbage out. Or you decide to go somewhere in your car and get halfway there and realize that you’ve forgotten where you were going.