There Are No Scraps In Bull’s Scrapbook

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Look at Dick Facey in panel one, he’s not even bothering to pretend to be interested. What a jerk. Anyhow, Bull’s scrapbook is full of memories he can’t remember anymore, which is pretty depressing in that special FW way, I must admit. Good thing she bothered to assemble a scrapbook for him then, eh? She could pretty much summarize his entire life by simply saying “you sucked at everything until a few years ago”, or she could call Batom Inc. Studios and simply ask Author Guy to re-retcon everything and supply Bull with all new retconned memories, like BanTom does with his readers. It’s a win-win for Bull.



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18 responses to “There Are No Scraps In Bull’s Scrapbook

  1. spacemanspiff85

    “Maybe he should’ve recorded some helpful videos like my spouse did, huh? Lisa, who died? From cancer? Cancer beats memory loss, you know.”

  2. sgtsaunders

    Everything, all memories, will come rushing back simultaneously once Bull gets a load of Les’ Stank Yellow Shirt ™. Such is the power of the human olfactory.

  3. bayoustu

    Bull should go to the same doctor who cured Dinkle’s deafness and did the rhinoplasty on Durwood.

  4. “But the question he kept asking was, ‘Why did you think I want to remember this crap? Football was the worst time of my life, and whenever I start thinking I’m putting it behind me I trip over this damn scrapbook…’ Do you think he’s trying to tell me something, Les?”

  5. ComicTrek

    Haha! Right, @bayoustu! All of this drama will eventually fade away into nothing, so (*shrug*). I’m just surprised that Les is still listening.

  6. Is Les’ car shrinking? In panel two, it looks like he can barely steer without copping a feel. Not that the possibility can move him from his relentless focus on himself. He looks completely bored. “Boy, am I sorry I gave a ride to this dull woman! Summer’s certainly going to hear about this in the tape I make for her tonight!”

  7. spacemanspiff85

    I’d say there’s still a really good chance that Sunday or Monday’s strip will just be Pete and Darrin bitching about having to write, and this will be the end of Bull’s Tragedy.

  8. The Dreamer

    Bull clearly has CTE (chronic traumatic encepholapathy) which is the advanced dementia old NFL players get. Bull obviously got it playing running back at Westview which had the worlds worst offensive line. Bull needs to sue the school, he will end up in the same nursing home where Crankshaft is

  9. DOlz

    “CBR News spoke with Tom Batiuk about the importance of telling stories that resonate with his readership, and why comic strips — even in this age — remain a vital and irreplaceable storytelling form.”

    “resonate with his readership”, oh please give me a break! Of course Tb once again goes to well he drained long ago.

  10. He resonates pretty good with frightened old folks who still see themselves as being young adults. Worrying about Alzheimer’s does seem to resonate with deluded geezers like him.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Don’t believe the bogus CBS time filler story on Batty. Instead, see for yourself what kind of readership he has.

    Check out his book rankings on Amazon. Or try this fun test. If you see someone reading the newspaper, ask them if they read FW. Here in the heart of Battyville, I hear: ” that strip is depressing “., it makes no sense, I don’t read it, it is preachy.

  12. fudgeripple82

    I’d also like to point out that in panel 1, Linda appears to be driving through the countryside in Great Britain, transporting a giant, hideous papier-mâché head of Les…


    Thats OK, Linda. Tom Batiuk goes through his old strips all the time and he doesn’t seem to remember a lot of it.

  14. Eldon of Galt

    This “story” sure is doing some super-slow-motion advancing of the narrative. It’s like watching a sloth run the 100-metre dash.

  15. Don

    He probably just wants to forget that his “minus two” GPA cost Westview its only football win in years

  16. So Bull is losing his mind. Don’t worry. It’ll inexplicably get better the next time that BanTom gets served a pullet surprise.

  17. The Dreamer

    I think Les and Linda need to have an affair. Bull’s mind is shot and Cayla is barely mentioned anymore

  18. Thing is, my grandmother is dealing with memory loss right now, and it’s the short-term stuff you have to watch out for-a person may remember things from their youth quite well, but have difficulty keeping track of daily appointments. So Batiuk is starting off in his usual top form with his latest Very Serious Issue.