The Inevitable Consequences Of Wryness

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A comic book reference and global warming. OK then. What this has to do with anything I have no idea. Good thing I’m short on time today. I hate it when he veers away from an ongoing arc to do a “one-off” Sunday strip, I mean couldn’t this have waited?


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  1. spacemanspiff85

    So I’m guessing the fifth panel means his way of escaping is pretending to be Superman’s father? That’s not funny. I’d love the see what came before this.
    “Hey, I was in the alley behind the comic book store and met a homeless man who said his name was Jor-El and he was a scientist.”
    “Damn, that’s cool! Let’s give him air-time!”
    Or Batiuk’s thought process.
    “You know what would be funny? A guy talking about how the end of the world is coming and his name is Jor-El!”
    You write this strip, Batiuk. His name could be whatever you want. It could be Climate Changey or Doom A. Gloom. That doesn’t make it funny.

  2. Good to know that Cynthia in fact still has her job, or at least that Batiuk remembers that she has a job. Still waiting for that up-close-and-personal with Cliff Anger, by the way.

  3. DOlz

    Just go screw yourself TB.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    I also look forward to the follow-up to this strip, when this guy makes national headlines for launching his baby off in a rocket.

  5. *thumps microphone a couple of times*
    “Hey, can you folks hear me? [pause for laughter] Hey, hi, as you know, my name’s Tom Batiuk, and I’m a cartoonist. I do a couple of daily strips you might have caught your kids avoiding! Ha ha!

    “But tonight, I’d like to get serious for just a bit. Don’t worry, there’s still lots of fun to come, so don’t start leaving yet! Ha ha, yes, I can see you! Come back, everyone can see you! Ha ha! Stop leaving, ha ha!

    “No, everyone, really, I’d–” [long pause, waving hands downward] “I really want to talk about something serious. Because I believe comic strips can do that. Yes I do! I do indeed. [Waves for non-existent applause to stop]

    “Yes, I believe that there are serious issues that comic strips can–and should address. And I’d like to ask you all a question that will start this ball rolling. If you’re ready, I’m going to ask. Are you ready? [waits for a moment]

    “Good, good, let’s start. [long pause] At what point do you think–and I do mean you–did The Flash become really awesome? I know my answer, but I want to hear yours! Yes, you there! [pause] Ha ha, I don’t think that’s anatomically possible, but thank you, you will be getting a bobblehead! How about you?”

  6. ComicTrek

    “How do you personally deal with such a gloomy and dire outlook?”

    Um, isn’t that what this WHOLE STRIP is about?!

  7. Gerard Plourde

    So we move from Bull most likely suffering from CTE to Batty’s unsubtle way of stating that we’re all doomed. Good to know that his worldview remains consistent.

  8. Gloom, doom, and comic books. Just another day at the office.

  9. He’s to be congratulated…..for making the soppy mess he’s going to make of the CTE arc look good.

  10. the dreamer

    we are not *all* doomeded– Dr. Jor-El will save his only son, blast him off into space

  11. Rusty

    “As a voice crying in the wilderness…” holy crap that’s a phrase never said in conversation.It must be Cindy’s “professional” vernacular.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, wasn’t expecting a BuddyBlog moment. Cindy’s nose is so bulbous today…bad plastic surgery? Steroid use? Nah, just poor quality artwork.

  13. Saturnino

    Wondering why they didn’t cover the effects of climate change on kitten videos………………………………

  14. Hitorque

    Lameass joke tacked on to a serious issue? Fuck you, Tom Batiuk… Have fun trying not to piss the whole country off with your doomed to failure CTE storyline

  15. Charles

    So I’ve got one of two ways of reading this, and they’re both stupid.

    First, that the guy’s name actually is Dr. Jor-El, which means that the joke is that Batiuk gave this guy a ridiculous name.

    Second, his name’s not actually Jor-El, and Cindy’s merely pointing out a connection between what he’s saying and a character from comic books. It’s less stupid than the previous option, but it’s still stupid. It requires us to believe that Cindy has comic books on the mind so often that she’d make that connection. And Batiuk would have us believe that if you throw in a random comic book reference, enough people in the audience would get it so that it doesn’t come off as a bizarre, brain-injured response. What would Cindy do if this gentleman reacted in the entirely reasonable fashion with “what the hell are you talking about? My name is Johnson.”

  16. spacemanspiff85

    At first I assumed his name wasn’t actually Jor-El and Cindy was trying to be funny, but then that makes the second to last panel completely random and not connected to the rest of the strip.


    Two things

    1. I love how there is no call to action in this “topical” strip. It’s no “we have to do this” or “we need to do this”. It’s simply “the world is fucked. Nothing we can do about it”.

    2. This strip highlights why Batiuk is bad at political cartoons. The only why you get the punchline of this strip is if you know who “Jor-El” is. I know this is shocking to you, Batiuk, but a lot of people don’t closely follow comic book history and lore. To a non-comic reader, this strip just comes off as a preachy environmental message. Which admittedly is probably all Batiuk wanted to do with this strip. Berke Breathed and Gary Trudeau do these type of strips far better and even come up with a good punchline.