Sepia Water-Colored Loss Of Memories

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Dick Facey once again steals the show with his always-annoying presence. He looks more disgusted than concerned in panel three. He is impossible to draw in any way that isn’t completely objectionable. And I totally love how Bull’s scrapbook is helpfully labeled as “Bull’s Scrap Book”, just in case he forgets which, ironically enough, he apparently has! Amazing.

This is a rather baffling arc so far. I mean it’s a certainty that he’s find some completely insane way out of this than no normal person could have ever seen coming, that’s a given. I’d be very surprised if he wrote Bull out of the strip and I’d be equally surprised if the lovable hapless gym coach Bull suddenly became the hapless insane maniac who angrily stormed around forgetting things, as intriguing as that premise does seem. Imagine it, Bull suddenly thinks it’s 1980 and viciously beats Les to a bloody pulp, now THAT is promise. So rule that out.

Is it at all possible that Bull is just all annoyed about something else entirely and is just being badly misread by his wife? Like maybe she forgot their anniversary or something, I don’t know. Based on everything I know about FW I can say with some confidence that this is guaranteed to go nowhere, but how? Maybe it’ll turn out that he’ll “be fine” followed by a Bull-led crusade against concussions, that’s the most boring resolution I can come up with right off the top of my head.



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  1. Hey, at least it’s funny in a Batiukian way!

  2. Also, why is Les there? I mean, he drove Linda back to her house, after which he should have driven back to his own house. Now, if he had shown the slightest amount of concern over Bull’s problems, , she might have invited him inside to discuss them further. Instead…he was Les. Linda invited him in because he was Les. She further discussed Bull’s problems, because he was Les.

    Les Moore, the worst character of all time. The only way Tom Batiuk can get into heaven is if he murders Les horribly. Who will take that bet?

  3. spacemanspiff85

    You think she actually invited Les in? Nobody invites him, he just walks right in. Nobody dares ask him to leave, since they all know he’s so much better than they are. And if they did, he’d just say: “One word. Lisa.” and they’d apologize and bring him cookies.
    Batiuk’s posts about the Lisa run made me think. If he really, really wants to raise money, he should have a “kill a character” fundraiser, where people can donate money and vote for which character they want him to kill off. I guarantee the “Kill Les” vote would raise more than the run ever has.

  4. billytheskink

    Let’s see, Bull played football for:

    – A Westview High School football team that won fewer than 10 games in 20 years worth of strips.
    – An Eastern/Enormous Midwest University team that regards his letterman status so highly that he has to beg their representatives for a free t-shirt when they come to the Westview campus.
    – A then-St. Louis Cardinals team that cut him in training camp in favor of keeping former pro-bowl fullback Jim Otis before losing their first 8 games of the 1978 season.

    And now he’s “forgetting” about all of this? Go figure…

  5. Epicus Doomus

    I suppose he could just leave it off with Bull saying something really drippy and sappy, like “I want to keep coaching, to remember the smell of the autumn leaves one last time” and leave it at that. Then in a year or two Bull could just reappear with no explanation like it never happened. Admit it, it’s as likely as anything else.

    Or maybe BanTom will “forget” to finish the arc, as sort of a meta-“hip” commentary on head injuries and the comic strip author’s comparable ailment, Felt-tip Fume Disorder. He can brag about in in next October’s puff piece interview with the Canton Monthly Bugle.

  6. What he won’t do is have Les look in the mirror and think about the crappy way he’s treated Bull over the years. It would be like Ed Crankshaft admitting that he’s in the wrong…..or Batiuk admitting he shouldn’t have named Keesterman something that didn’t mean “Strawman Antagonist.”

  7. ComicTrek

    Aww, man, more retcons. Until now, Bull has been portrayed as a “dumb jock” who grew up. We all know this.

    It’s like TB stumbles upon trending articles of diseases and other related topics and thinks to himself, “Here’s an idea! I can inflict pain on my comic strip characters with that!”

    Another thing. Wouldn’t this Bull stuff have been discussed between them or the other guys years or at least months earlier? Especially since they’re supposedly close friends.

  8. Saturnino

    “You think she actually invited Les in? Nobody invites him, he just walks right in. Nobody dares ask him to leave”

    Once you let the vampire in, you can’t ask him to leave…………….

  9. A HREF

    @Epicus Doomus:

    You’re right, Bull will be Dinkle all over again. Except instead of forgetting he’s deaf, like DInkle, Bull will forget he can’t remember,.

    In the meantime Lisa will at some point forget she’s dead again.

    @ Saturnino. So yeah that’s why Lisa kept re-appearing.

  10. Rusty

    Maybe the retcon with Bull not actually beating Les in the closet is just Bull’s faulty memory of all the bullying he did. Genius.

  11. So, this scrap book contains pictures of Bull talking to his team in the locker room, complete with word balloons?

    For a guy who apparently began having symptoms of CTE in High School, he’s had a pretty successful career.

    Odd that neither Les nor Linda seem particularly concerned that Bull is somewhere out there racing around aimlessly in a amnesiac rage.

  12. So after years of making fun of Bull’s intellectual slowness, Batiuk just up and decides it’s a symptom of a Very Special Issue that deserves attention and concern (and awards). Now who’s the bully?

  13. 1. Did I miss something? Did Les become a doctor sometime when I wasn’t looking? Otherwise why is she telling him all this?

    2. After yesterday’s strip, I’m trying to predict how Tom will work in some lame comics-related fanservice into this CTE arc…


    What a coincidence! Les Moore has been experiencing douchiness as far back as high school!



    Um, I admit I’m not a law expert. But do you need a lawyer in this situation? Isn’t Butthead here supposed to contact the United States Postal Service and claim that Crankshaft is committing a federal offense. Also how is destroying personal property a federal offense. I..I..I’m thinking about this too hard aren’t I?

  16. Always look on the bright side of life…

  17. Jim in Wisc.

    Linda: “Ya know, my husband may very well be in imminent danger. But instead of trying to do something to help him, let’s just sit around thumbing through his scrapbook.”

  18. Jim in Wisc.

    @ $$$WESTVIEW ONCOLOGIST$$$: Actually, even though you spend to money to put up a mailbox, it’s technically considered Federal property. And you are correct that he shouldn’t be hiring a lawyer to sue. All he needs to do is go to his local post office and file formal complaint. The USPS will then take it from there.

  19. @A HREF: “In the meantime Lisa will at some point forget she’s dead again.”

    You know, we *are* overdue for another hidden batch of Lisa’s Limited Edition videotapes to be unearthed… Eighty hours of rare, exclusive, never-before-seen content, including director commentary and an outtake blooper reel!

  20. Epicus Doomus

    Sorry Jim in Wisc., sometimes posts with links get caught in the spam filter.

  21. Wait a minute, don’t Linda and Bull have a daughter (Jinx)? I’m surprised she hasn’t been mentioned or will be.

  22. batgirl

    Okay, so we seem to be headed pretty directly (but slowly) for Bull having brain damage from his athletic career. So…what was that tennis game about? Those looked like heart-attack symptoms, the inability to catch his breath, flushed face – and he didn’t lose his temper with Les, though Lord knows he had every reason to.

  23. Howtheduck

    Are we about to hit a point where a member of the old school cast is going to have to retire due to illness? That’s an intriguing notion, although they don’t ever seem to be able to get rid of Dinkle.