It’s The Stoppit Show

SosfdavidO here, totally, completely fooled into thinking this unlikely scenario is actually happening, despite Jupiter Moon’s not-so-gentle nudge to the reader that, hey, with the black and white comic, the ridiculous premise and now me saying “I can’t believe this is real” this is totally, totally really happening and is Funky canon.

That’s a problem with today’s strip. We all know it’s Cindy dreaming, or maybe Buddy the dog, since it’s black and white, but damn it, this is *not* unfolding in real time in any actual reality, Funkyverse or otherwise. And we’re going to have to slog through until Saturday (or more) to find that out.

I can’t believe this is happening. Again.



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17 responses to “It’s The Stoppit Show

  1. spacemanspiff85

    So is pretty much every other movie character ever, Mason. You’re not being witty in the least.

  2. billytheskink

    Is that Mr. Director or did an extra from a remake of The Outsiders wander on to the set? A rumble ain’t a rumble without him…

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Dream, reality…it’s FW so what’s the difference? All I know is that Ban Tom’s peculiar little fantasies about Cindy’s rampant insecurities and insane jealousy makes me queasy and not in that fun opium sort of way either. It’s more like when you find half a bug in your soup or when the engine light comes on in your car.

  4. Cindy continues to regress in maturity, as she starts looking and acting like a bratty eight-year-old.

  5. Charles

    Panel 1, remove her mascara and Marianne is Summer. Again, I guess this is what gets Batiuk going.

  6. I’m just waiting for her hairstyle to devolve into the ridiculous one she had back when she was first pulling shit like this. It’s all going to explode in her face when it’s revealed that her rival is gay.

  7. Just how goofball will this get? Is Cindy going to imagine that the real Starbuck Jones appears and carries off Marianne Winters under the delusion that she’s really Jupiter Moon?

  8. Chyron HR

    Did Batiuk forget that Jupiter Moon is being played by a real actress and not a waitress who got the job because Mason saw her working at Montoni’s? Or is she expressing disbelief that a studio would actually make such a shoddy-looking film?

  9. HeyItsDave

    Maybe Cliff Anger will come in and sweep Cindy off her feet. He’s closer to her age anyway.

  10. Professor Fate

    yes please stop it. Sense this does not make story wise or even emotionally – she’s acting like a 13 year old with issues. Strips like this make one wonder: Does the author know any women?

  11. Gerard Plourde

    @HeyItsDave – More likely that she falls for an aging cartoonist who wanders onto the set and he disses her, thereby fulfilling Batty’s fantasy about the cheerleader who ignored him in high school.


    What great chemistry those too, have. Have Mason Jarr seems to be happier with Marrianne than he ever was with Cindy. Um, so why shouldn’t we root for Mason to dump Cindy, again?



    Guys, could this be?? Could we finally see Crankshaft die in in a painful way? A lightning bolt? Broken neck? Will he break his legs and die slowly in the rain??!! I’ve never been more happy for a main character’s anticipated death!!!

  14. 1. Batiuk probably thinks actors really talk like this, doesn’t he? Good old Mason, displaying that Forrest Gump intellect which made Cindy fall so hard for him…

    2. The black+white clearly means this is another dumbassed daydream, so I won’t try to dive into this too deeply until Cindy finally wakes the hell up.

    3. I’ll give Crankshaft credit for one thing — No matter how old and decrepit he gets, he lives to taunt death — Practically daring the Grim Reaper to grow a ballsack and chop him down… At Crank’s age, it’s probably the only thing left that makes him feel alive…

  15. @Chyron HR: Ironically, Ms. Winters is the first person to actually show some the first bit of fucking enthusiasm and gratitude to be working on this project…

    No enthusiasm from Masone, who expected this role as his birthright (even though he gets stage fright on table reads), only to be worried that he’ll never be taken “seriously” as an actor…

    No gratitude from Pete+Darrin, who have seen their involvement as nothing but a dull chore, despite it being a job opportunity any sane person would kill for…

    No gratitude from Cindy, for obvious reasons…

    Well, I guess DSH John and the Crazy dude are full of enthusiasm and gratitude for getting a free trip to somewhere they’ve already been frequently, I guess…

  16. How this could be really happening in the strip: after a few days, Mason confirms that Cindy is his gal, and she says, “I’m so glad! All the color left my world, and now it’s back!”

  17. Jimmy

    I refuse to believe this is another Batiuk dream sequence. No one could be that hacky, right?