Burgers and Brats

As a reader of Funky Winkerbean, I’ve grown used to Tombat expecting us to know (and care) about every single one of Westview’s 16,934 citizens and have memorized their backstory in excruciating detail. But now that we’ve done that, it appears Batuik is throwing a few dozen assorted Hollywood characters into the mix! Characters who might have an entire week devoted to them only to completely disappear forever, like what may happen to the starlet in today’s strip.

Then again, any one of these seemingly random people could be John Darling’s love child, here to give Lisa’s Story the fitting screen treatment it deserves.

At this rate, the next time jump’s cast page is going to resemble a damn Where’s Waldo puzzle!





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15 responses to “Burgers and Brats

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Even the DREAMS of FW characters are boring beyond belief. Assuming this is all a dream sequence, of course, but with Batom you never really know. As usual, things started out stupidly, then it got weird in an uncomfortably disturbing way and now it’s just plain annoying. Once he finds a template he likes he really goes all-in with it. Apparently Marianne and Mason are really hitting it off and poor, poor Cindy is just this close to having her tired, old, wrinkly and undesirable ass kicked to the curb like a bag of garbage…or so she believes. I guess. Again, with this Batom nut you just don’t know.

  2. People with positive attitudes? Pretty sure the Westview antibodies are now prowling the streets…nice knowing ya, Marianne!

  3. spacemanspiff85

    What is supposed to be clever or interesting here? Is this just supposed to be a fascinating look into Marianne’s backstory? Because it’s not. Or is her saying she inherited her mom’s dream supposed to be some kind of pun? It’s not even close. Telling boring stories about your made up comic hero is one thing, but there’s no excuse for not even trying to put in humor or excitement or basically anything to make someone want to keep reading your strip for any reason other than to mock it.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    And what is actually going on here? Cindy was feet away from the two of them. Did they just wander off to get lunch together, right in front of her? And she just stood there, pouting? Cindy, if you’re not even going to say anything as your fiancée goes off right in front of you to get lunch with the woman you’re jealous of, what do you expect to happen?

  5. It’s like a very boring attempt at turning this into Judge Parker. Going “Hey, hi, my mother is living vicariously through me” is supposed to be dramatic but it’s just banal.

  6. Rusty

    Maybe she’s bi-polar also. Hijinks ensue!

  7. DOlz


    “As a reader of Funky Winkerbean, I’ve grown used to Tombat expecting us to know (and care) about every single one of Westview’s 16,934 citizens and have memorized their backstory in excruciating detail.”

    That’s our TB, expecting us to put more work and care into reading this strip than he does “writing” it. Of course that’s only until we spot a glaring inconsistency, then we’re beady eyed nitpickers. That, brick walls, and Becky’s sleeve are the only things he’s consistent about.

  8. billytheskink

    I guess we’re supposed to infer that she’s looking for Mason to help her fulfill the single parent side of her mother… I really don’t know.


    It can’t be said more, how much more pleasant Marianne Winters is as a character. I actually would like to know more about her life and her mothers dreams and what happened to them. Did she get used up by the Hoilywood system. Is her mother living vicariously through her daughters success. Does Marriane have a Mulholland Drive-esque backstory? I really want to know more about this character. I care more about her than anything that happens to Beardo, Funky, DSH John or any of the other characters.



    So what I am getting her is that Crankshaft is going through the most blatant suicide attempt in history. Well that’s fine. Better late then never. It would save him his potential fate in the current Funky Winkerbean timeline as husk of humanity. Or was that another character? I really can’t keep up with the idiotic plotlines in this strip.

  11. This whole thing is shaping up for Cliffe Angere to be her long, lost absentee dad, isn’t it?

  12. bayoustu

    So, the only physical difference between Marianne Winters and Summer (And thus, by extension, Mopey Pete Rayburn) is the fact that she has an upper lip. And this is what makes her hot enough to start forest fires?!

  13. Gerard Plourde

    @Hitorque – That’s plausible. Could Batty actually put together and sustain a storyline that coherent?

  14. Professor Fate

    So just where is this in relation to this week’s Strips? is it later that same day? And where is Cindy? has she left or have these two killed her and are now having some coffee after disposing of the body. I’d like to think so, to quote Casablanca “it’s the romantic in me.”

  15. Is anyone else thinking of “All About Eve?” Young actress with a sob story poaches on the older woman’s turf? Maybe that’s why this is in black-and-white.