The Long Goodbye…

starts today, as Westview High School’s CCTV news program announces Bull’s retirement to the student body. I don’t know what to call it anymore, though, because apparently either Tom or his Sunday Artist Intern is spelling  the title “The Bleet” nowadays. So, what do you think? Is T-Bats slipping in mistakes like this intentionally to screw around with the snark community, or is he just going a little soft in the noggin?

Since we’re talking about The Bleat/Bleet, say hello to Bernie Silver who seems to have inherited the anchor’s chair from Owen. And since he reports that the official retirement sendoff will be on Friday, we can probably expect the entirety of next week to depict =- or at least talk about – said ceremony.

So, we’ve got Bull’s retirement, a new anchor, and a stupid typo. Other than that, this is pretty much your typical mediocre Sunday throw-away, just like last week with Funky’s leafy hairline. I can’t help thinking, though, that Tom is setting Bull up for a fall. Look at Les in panel three. That filthy, squint-eyed, lifted-eyebrow smirk. He knows something, that smug fuccboi. I’m starting to hate Dick Facey as much as Epicus Doomus does.


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11 responses to “The Long Goodbye…

  1. Epicus Doomus

    The Monotonous Misery Tour…thanks for the loss of memories, Coach Bushka! There was that time he did something stupid, then there was that time he got all angry and…hey, so why is he retiring again? What are the odds that his seldom-seen kids will make an appearance?

  2. Though it’s nice that Batty’s giving the nod to Halloween with that grinning, grotesque Jack-O-Lantern in panel one…oh wait, that’s supposed to be Bull.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Here’s the fall:
    It is a brain tumor, after all. And Bull had it checked out a month ago, and diagnosed. But then forgot all about it, because of the classic CTE.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    I’m also kind of amazed that a stock dork character like Bernie is okay having his no doubt acne-ridden face fill up the entire camera like that.


    Why do I have the feeling their idea of retirement involves moving to Centerville,Ohio?


    Wait a sec.. Summer’s too young…so is Frankie going to become the new coach?? In a sort of reformation plot? Or is Cayla going to become the coach in a feeble nod to new age feminism?

  7. spacemanspiff85

    Les takes over as the new coach. In addition to teaching English and journalism. And the basketball and football teams never lose a game under his brilliant leadership.
    I honestly can see Batiuk doing that. So much of this strip is just him taking potshots at the people he feels wronged him in high school. So having his avatar take over for and surpass his jock bully would make perfect sense, for Batiuk.

  8. That’s two misspellings in one week. Yow.

  9. Don

    Either that was a very bad attempt at a pun at the end (give him a tie for his retirement), or this is an Ohio where tied high school football games don’t have overtime

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Of course Bernie McHebrewstein, Batwit’s first attempt at a Jewish character, takes over for Owen the Idiot in the Morning Anouncement anchor chair. Owen graduated, so obviously it would be silly to have him stay on. This presented BatLazy with more of a problem than you might have thought. What to do? Does he have to strain his brain to invent a WHOLE NEW CHARACTER to perform that function?? Naaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s waaay too much work. Why not take the one new character he created, and assign morning announcements to HIM. Bernardo also takes on Owen’s “idiot slacker smartass” role in the classroom, as we’ve already seen. He’ll also be the entire marching band, and the new quarterback on the football team. He’ll soon be bullying himself.

  11. Yeah, I’m beginning to believe that Les will at least take over as the girls’ basketball coach. Principal Nate will probably make Les do it to have more time to be alone with Cayla.