They’re naming it WHAT?


paul-winfieldFirst off, ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a big round of applause for the late Paul Winfield, appearing in today’s strip in the roll of game show host Principal Green.

Now let’s talk about this stadium stuff. Talk about a kick in the head (ha ha, no pun intended) to Bull. They’re kind of naming the stadium after him, but not really, since they also have a corporate sponsor who is presumably paying for stadium naming rights. So…thanks, Bull, for those three championships your teams managed to win despite sucking at football, but it wasn’t quite good enough. Sorry.

Oh, and Tom? A & L Automotive? I’m giving you points not only for making an asshole pun, but also  for getting it past the censors at King Features. If you’re ever in New Haven, look me up and I’ll treat you to a REAL pizza and not one of those Ohio shit pies.



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18 responses to “They’re naming it WHAT?

  1. spacemanspiff85

    So, Jinx still exists. It’s weird how Batiuk remembers these characters, but never does anything remotely interesting with them.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    And I think just going ahead and naming it the Jerome T. Bushka Memorial Stadium would’ve been funnier, and just saving time and money.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “A & L Automotive…getting your ass in gear since 2015”. So there ARE other businesses in Westview. Montoni’s, the Korner, the travel agency, Sprawl-Mart, the motel and A & L. And, presumably, the mortuary. Just fascinating. I’m kind of shocked at how fast this is all unfolding, normally it’d take years if not entire decades for something like this to play out.

  4. I suppose all the graduates from DUI go to work at A&L.

  5. billytheskink

    So, Jinx still exists.

    That looks more like Mickey, Linda’s daughter-from-a-prior-relationship. She once scored the winning touchdown against Big Walnut Tech while wearing a prom dress. I’m reasonably sure she had graduated and moved out by the time Bull and Linda became a serious item. Jinx, it would appear, is now hanging out with Wally Jr. and Chuck Cunningham.

    Is there a point in featuring BWT’s heavy-lidded football players so prominently in this strip? Maybe it is a moderately effective bit of foreshadowing of some villainous act they will commit against Bull or the Scapegoat football team… Nah. That might actually be interesting, so obviously it won’t be happening.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    “Jinx, it would appear, is now hanging out with Wally Jr. and Chuck Cunningham.”

    Or perhaps she asked to be allowed to return to China with the thought that living in a country with lax environmental and labor laws and lacking in personal freedom was preferable to staying in Westview.

  7. Here, we have a player from a good team wondering why they’re wasting time lavishing affection on a man who can’t find his ass with a road map. On the other side, Cranky is about to fall and cripple himself.

  8. HeyItsDave

    So, Jinx still exists.

    I’m pretty sure that’s Mickey – she’s got really long wavy hair and, when Batiuk remembers to check his “How To Draw Minor Characters” handbook, kind of resembles Linda. Jinx has straight, shoulder-length hair and wears glasses, and T-Bats usually paints her with a lighter skin tone than he does Linda and Mickey.

    Damn…I pay way too much attention to this crappy comic strip.

  9. Alas, I fear Batiuk was really reaching for “Arm and Leg Automotive.” Cause car repair sure is expensive, amirite? Next, an appearance by the town dentist, Dr. Payne (geddit?).

  10. 1. Since when were BWT colors black and blue? Or have they always been that??

    2. Jerry Bushka has had a fair amount of success against his blood rival in recent years… The ‘Girl playing in a formal dress scores the last-second TD on a QB dive” -game, the “Chullo Kid catches a Hail Mary while wearing the mascot suit” -game (incidentally, BWT appealed the results of both games to the Ohio High School Athletic Association on the grounds of Westview using ineligible players, and both appeals were denied), and the OHSAA Division I championship game, which was such a seminal moment at the pinnacle of Bull’s career that Batiuk spent three weeks building up anticipation for the big game, only to tell us the result after-the-fact (maybe TB had run out of new ideas on how Bull could cheat his way to another victory, Belichick-style…)

    3. So since this is his last-ever game against his old blood rival, how does Bull go out?

    A. He ends up punching a BWT player, ala Woody Hayes…

    B. CTE and the rulebook be damned, Bull puts himself in the game and scores the winning TD…

    C. Bull has a cerebral aneurysm on the sideline and slips into a coma, which will allow Batiuk to take another long, dreamy stroll down memory lane and all the characters are back to their circa-1974 selves…

    D. Masone Jarre remembers he needs to shoot a high school football game as a backdrop to the Starsuck Jones movie, and shows up unannounced with his entire production crew…

    E. After a thrilling, victory marred by cheating, Bull is offered the head coaching position at Notre Dame (could he really be any worse?)

    F. Harry Dinkle and Holly come out of “retirement” to put on a halftime show, and just like in the old days, Holly’s flaming baton ends up burning down the stadium…


    Yeah I agree with the sentiment of heavy lidded background football player, over there . Murdering these these idiots in a steroid induced rage is the only rational option.

  12. I actually think TB is taking another one of his too clever by half swipes at the contemporary world’s ongoing abandonment of its innocence- you know, “everyone and everything selling its soul to the big corporations” type stuff. He doesn’t even realize he was making an anal pun, because his puns are never that subtle (or funny). Love the Beavis, btw.


    Crankshaft –

    I’ll give Batiuk this. Death by fallen leaf would be the most appropriate death for Crankshaft.

  14. I actually found today’s strip amusing. It was a decent swipe at the trend of corporate arena sponsorships, and there was no sign of Les/Dinkle/Becky or any other distasteful FW characters. I’d say that’s a goo Monday. I’m just afraid of where things are going to go over the next five days.

  15. Jimmy

    If Batty did even a little bit of research, he would discover that the trend is to name the field after a person and leave the stadium naming rights up to bid.

  16. Don

    What, no mention of Bull’s other claim to fame – how he single-handedly lost the game that had broken Westview’s years-long losing streak, thanks to has “negative 2” GPA making him ineligible to play?

    And in real life, it would more likely be be Jerome T. Bushka Field at A&L Automotive Stadium.

  17. The Dreamer

    when were these three championships Westview won? I hadn’t realizes the Scapegoats football team had ever won anything, they usually finish in last place. They are naming a stadium for a coach with a serious losing record!

  18. batgirl

    I thought black and blue were the Scapegoats’ colours, but I don’t remember seeing any strips that would confirm that.