Ho Ho Ho

So it took until today’s strip for anyone to think about contacting Marianne?

I guess that is consistent with last week, when Mr. Director waited until Mason showed up at the lot to dress him down for his excursion to Marianne’s mom’s abode. We see today that he has a phone, so obviously that wasn’t stopping him from calling Mason last week, or Marianne anytime between last week and now. Must not be a talker… or he knows Mason screens and ignores his calls (which makes some sense, Mason makes all the decisions on this lot, after all). Marianne apparently does the same.

I consider myself fairly fluent in comic strip language, but am quite unsure as to what exactly panel 3’s wavy-border is supposed to signify. As I am sure most all of you know, wavy panel borders typically mean that what we are seeing is a dream/daydream, hallucination, or flashback. However, Marianne’s trip to the Hollywood sign began in an un-wavy panel (and also in color, for… reasons?) back on Sunday. I guess it is not unfair to assume that Marianne’s scenes are supposed to actually be occurring but in a surreal state, but it comes across more like the wavy panel border is being used to signal a change in setting. This is really awkward. Nice shot of the “HO” sign, though.



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    “Phone messages” aren’t a thing, Batiuk.

  2. I wonder…could Marianne’s actions be simply someone (Mason, maybe–or even better, Cindy) imagining what she’s going through, and doing? Granted, it would be the first time “imagining” makes an appearance in the strip…

  3. Epicus Doomus

    As far as I can tell this is all happening on the SAME day. Mason and Marianne were filming their “love scenes” in front of a seething Cindy. Then Cindy left to go interview Cliff and Mason and Marianne had lunch, then went to visit Marianne’s mother. Mason returned from Marianne’s house only to be browbeaten by Director Guy, then Cindy, who saw the DMZ story immediately after interviewing Cliff, stormed onto the scene. Meanwhile Marianne was getting comfortable and settling in for some internet time. She saw the story and immediately left in her twee car. So again, as far as I can tell, this is all happening over the span of a few hours. Then again, time in the Funkyverse can often be a very fluid and unpredictable thing, not like here on Earth.

  4. billytheskink

    Is that Mason or Jay Leno in panel 2?

    This story arc sure isn’t going to tell us much about Marianne, because c’mon, TB doesn’t develop female characters that he created after 1983. It may tell us something about Mason, though. Will he save the day by remembering the one thing Marianne has ever spent multiple complete sentences talking about, that she and her mother would go look at the Hollywood sign when they were feeling low? Or will he just continue to play Internet psychologist in the aftermath?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: Oh God I forgot all about that. It couldn’t be THAT predictable…could it? Oh, yeah…right, sure it could and probably even more so.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    So to recap – /Marianne is reacting in this way to a story published online that has not yet resulted in any negative consequences. She has her job, Mason and Cindy haven’t broken up, there aren’t hordes of angry Starbuck Jones fans demanding she be fired. If one false internet posting can have this potentially fatal result, the issue is more one of the character’s fragile mental health than the evils of cyber bullying.

  7. louder

    Hey, pretty girl, time to wake up.

  8. @Gerard Plourde: Batiuk has never had anything like insight into the female mind. To him, it makes sense that the reaction of a weak little woman to the ‘malice’ of the ‘stunted’ would have to be despairing suicide. That being said, making garbage look like a documentary by going grey-scale on us just leaves us with garbage in black and white.

  9. She may have intended to return to the comfort of the Hollywood sign, but has inadvertently arrived at what I can only conclude, given the visual evidence, is the Hoi Polloi sign. It’s one of L.A.’s lesser-known landmarks, and, as I’ve just remembered, is Hollywoodland-sign shaped.

    Remember to leap from the H, Ms. Winters!

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    More “roses in December” courtesy of Batty.

  11. This has to be a head fake… As low as my opinion of Batiuk is, even he isn’t about to do something as maudlin and cliche as the dramatic “Goodbye cruel world” leap off the HOLLYWOODLAND sign because some yahoo on the innernettes said something… Batiuk is trying SO goddamned hard to make us think Marianne is despondent and suicidal that this has to be bullshit…

    Marianne is obviously driving directly to the DMZ main office where she will either 1. Give them a piece of her mind, “Harper Valley PTA”-style, or 2. Cynically toss a hundred barrels of alcohol on the fire by giving TMZ all the salacious details (both real and imaginary) of her sexploits with Hollywood’s top leading me, bestowing even *MORE* hype on the most overhyped, over-budgeted, way-behind-schedule film production since “Heaven’s Gate”, and increasing her Q-rating in the process… Because lest we all forget, Marianne is a seasoned actress and knows how to make the game work in her favor…

    As an aside, Mr. Batiuk please stop pretending that ‘slut shaming’ is still a thing for women in the entertainment industry… That stopped 10-12 years ago when celebrities realized their private sex videos leaking on the internet was such a powerful boost that other borderline celebs started “accidentally” leaking their own videos…

  12. Somebody over at CK noted that you can’t get anywhere near this close to the “HOLLYWOOD” sign by road. So this has got to be some other sign, perhaps the “HOI POLLOI” sign suggested by oddnoc, or maybe something from a far more feverish corner of Batty’s imagination: a sign promoting “HOLLY’S FLAMING BATON TRICK,” to be performed this Saturday night at the Grove.

    Mariann is planning to jump, but to her dismay the letters are only eight feet high and all that she’ll manage to do is twist her ankle. This will require a complete rewrite of the movie, of course.

  13. Yes, I think that somehow, Marianne will be reached by Masone and Cindy as she is teetering atop the big H. It will be Cindy who will actually talk her down, because, despite the fact that she is insanely jealous and irrationally insecure, she actually has a heart of gold. They’ll then join together forces to entrap the evil Frankie and DMZ into something terrible (maybe they’ll fake Marianne’s leap from the sign and thus bring the wrath of the internuts and twitter-tots against them).

  14. Comic Book Harriet

    I’m going to give Batuik the benefit of the doubt and agree with Hitorque that this is a head fake. Cindy and Mason will come tearing up to the sign, all prepared to talk her down from suicide, gape mouthed, eyes wide, and she’ll simply be taking in the view to remind herself that this whole ‘Hollywood Dream’ is worth it despite the struggles. Wry grins all around.

  15. The strips this week are grayscale because Batty’s not even “phoning it in” at this point…he’s now faxing it in.

  16. @Louder – I should Lynch you for that!

  17. bayoustu

    And all this over a ridiculously chaste kiss! I can’t wait to see how Marianne reacts when her sex tape leaks!


    —So it took until today’s strip for anyone to think about contacting Marianne?—

    Of course, not. Linda didn’t go looking for Bull during his CTE episode. In Westview when someone has a chance to die…you don’t get in the way of it.


    Oh, no. I just realized something terrible. This is going to turn into a Bi-Polar Disorder story isn’t it?


    You know what else is extremely stupid about this? Marianne’s mother knows what really happened. She was fucking there!!! So it’s not like her family will be looking at her in shame over an alleged affair.

  21. spacemanspiff85

    I’d say there’s a very good chance she’s actually on the way to go console herself by reading comic books while sitting under the H.

  22. batgirl

    @spacemanspiff – except that icky girls don’t read comics. They would get girl cooties all over the Flash.