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Sosfdavido here, barely  to update after a long power outage in the Santa Cruz mountains! Here’s a post for today from my cell phone but HTML doesn’t show up from my phone. :/


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    A particularly lifeless outing just to remind us that Becky and the WHS band still exist. I guess Bernie is the new Owen, which is just such a depressing notion to ponder.

  2. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Heir to the Idiot Throne of King Owen, it’s Bernie Silver, Batschmuck’s first attempt at a Jewish character. Writing for Bernie is easy. BatHack just uses recycled or not yet used lines written for Owen.

    For Bernie, Batty backed the truck up to the Stereotype Store and asked to be loaded up with every Jewish Stereotype they had in stock. Short? Check. A bit pudgy? Check. Glasses? Check. Nerdish? Check. But UH OH! They were out of “hard working and industrious!” It was on backorder! Batso said, “Mneh, never mind that. I’ll throw in something else.” He had plenty of “slacker” and “stupid” left over after Owen’s departure, and used that.

    As a result, he has a character that basically makes no sense. But as of now, Bernie’s his ONLY current high school student character, so he’s stuck with him. Let’s give him a big hand! Whoops… Sorry, Becky.

  3. Rusty

    Batiuk showing some restraint, not a single peek at the missing arm. this must have killed him. And where the hell is that famous Ohio snow?

  4. Gerard Plourde

    Like Rusty, I also wondered how Westview could be lacking snow in January? The green grass and rain also makes this appear to be a misplaced Spring in Ahia strip. We appear to be jumping around even more than usual. Are we just having a quick check-in with the Westview crew before we make tanother extended return to Starbuck Jones which the banner seems to foreshadow?

  5. billytheskink

    No Dinkle, no chullo, that is presumably not Wally’s trombone, no gratuitous pinned up sleeve shot, no comic books, no Les, NO STARBUCK JONES. Just Bernie in a baseball shirt and an inoffensive joke TB probably first used in 1983.

    This is the eye of the storm, folks.

  6. hitorque

    Meanwhile over in Krankenschaaftenland — Who the hell “makes out” past high school age?? What Blondie should be asking for is a little poke…

  7. Charles

    So when did Becky start teaching elementary school kids?

    That is Becky, right? I can’t really tell because the pinned-up sleeve isn’t slapping me across the face.

  8. This is something of a palate cleanser to prepare us for more bullcrap about that stupid movie, isn’t it?

  9. Saturnino

    “Batiuk showing some restraint, not a single peek at the missing arm. this must have killed him. And where the hell is that famous Ohio snow?”
    And what happened to the tape holding the band room sign on the door?

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    I see that pinned up sleeve in panel 2. Gotta show it…even though I have never seen an amputee who pins their clothes.

    Another stop in the Batty zone.

  11. To be fair, in panels 4 and 6, her armless side is completely cut off.

    Heh, heh heh.

  12. It’s a dumb joke, but it’s a harmless dumb joke. Best strip in weeks.

  13. Couple random observations… This is what I’ve come to call one of his “perspective” exercises in which he demonstrates his abilities in precision and detail – all the lines of symmetry in the background objects in particular. He clearly is proud of this, and I would wager that when he’s done he leans back in his chair with a deeply self satisfied sigh. Probably even runs downstairs to show it to (insert name of whoever would be downstairs… maybe his elementary school art teacher?) so he’ll. Get a little pat on the head. Bless your heart, TB. And here, storytelling or coherency/consistency are secondary because, well, it’s all in the little details – right down to the oh so careful avoidance of the pinned sleeve, save the knowing wink (or, in his mind, Easter egg for us, his always ready to be impressed fans) that is panel 2’s sleeve. Just a hint, mind you, and definitely not enough to distract the average reader. Oh no. To show the sleeve in all its unflapping, pinned up glory, would create an unsettling visual dissonance for the eyes, a distraction from appreciating all the other subtle artistic nuances. Who wants to ponder the implied tragedy of amputation on a Sunday morning when there are clean lines of symmetry to soothe the eyes? So he carefully “draws” that empty sleeve just outside other panels – more precision. Meanwhile, though, crucial other details get overlooked. For example, that may be Becky, but it could also be Summer. Or Marianne Winters. Or that teenager outside the window of this coffee shop I’m in, strolling down the street, fresh from Sports Clips. And while that may be Bernie by name, it is not a high schooler in body. The physique and facial characteristics are those of an elementary school student – who would tend to be fairly short in relation to an adult teacher – or a young middle schooler at most. Mr. Batiuk, I live with a high schooler, and that is not a high schooler. Be glad to send some photos so you can practice your drawing skills. You’d have to put down your ruler and graph paper first, though. Human bodies have an odd way of throwing off linear symmetry when drawing them. Prepare for some aggravating bouts of dissonance if you accept my challenge.

  14. I would assume this strip is one of those “pulled out of the reject drawer” things. Comic book tribute to Casablanca probably came out too terrible even for this strip, so Tom Batiuk had to go fishing..

  15. sgtsaunders

    Bravo Zulu for the effort put in by sonofdavido to get today’s post in. Which is far more than I can say for Batcave and his “effort” on today’s sorry FW entry.

  16. Doug Puthoff

    Bernie is the poor person’s Owen, who was the poor person’s Wally, who was the poor person’s Funky.

  17. Rusty Shackleford

    Oh goody, Batty has a look at what “might have been” with Lisa’s story over on his blog.

    He found some lost cover art in his studio. I love the way he focuses in on Lisa’s bald head. It’s obvious he is baiting us.