Pain as the Nose on Your Face

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As the comic books say, “What th–?”

“On the nose” means “with great precision.”  In other words, this comic has characters saying “I thought your talk was very precise,” and the other responding, “No, it was very scattered and vague.”  So, Dinkle is saying he’s a talentless loser who wastes everyone’s time.  Given yesterday’s strip, I can certainly agree with that!  C’mon, Becky, you should pop that old coot with your patented left hook!  Oh wait.

Now, if, in an alternate reality, “on the nose” meant “barely touching something,” then yes, that describes his clinic perfectly.  And thus the comic makes a tiny bit of sense, with Dinkle responding, “No, I was more thorough than that.”  But that makes Becky’s remark kind of insulting–and we certainly can’t have that if Dinkle is involved.  But not to worry, “on the nose” doesn’t mean that, so no one is dissing Dinkle!  Cancel the panic!

If a person is really determined to base his comic strip around word-play, then he needs to get that aspect done correctly.  One cannot just take a phrase like “on the nose” and think, What other body parts can I use to make a pun? and just settle on the first thing that pops to mind.  Making a good pun–and there are such beasts, from time to time–requires thought.

So, if Becky said Dinkle’s chat was “on the nose” he could say, “too bad, I was aiming for the brain,” then that could work as word-play.   Admittedly, it took me half a minute to come up with that, and maybe Tom Batiuk just doesn’t have that kind of time available.

A while ago I suggested that we get together and buy Tom Batiuk a dictionary.  I’m thinking now some kind of book on puns would be useful, too–maybe this one?

And here’s Wednesday’s Crankshaft!  I’m telling you, that writing job is practically mine.



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9 responses to “Pain as the Nose on Your Face

  1. billytheskink

    Maybe Lefty meant that Dinkle’s conducting clinic was oddly shaped and dangerously sharp? I’m just going by noses that I see in and around the Funkyverse.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    So if you’re a reader unfamiliar with the immutable laws of the Batiukiverse you’d read this one and assume that the old cackling guy is being an obnoxious jerk because he’s the one-armed woman’s boss or something. But regular FW readers are aware that being a sneering dick is Dinkle’s entire personality and despite being a terrible teacher, husband, mentor and all-around person the locals love him dearly because he taught marching band back when they were in (sigh) high school. The funny thing about it is that being up to speed on how the Funkyverse operates actually makes the strips dumber and less funny than they’d be to someone with no working knowledge of how this strip works. Not by a lot, mind you, but still.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Maybe all this talk about clinics will sink in for Batiuk and he’ll actually attend some. “Fundamentals of Writing”, for starters.

  4. Doug Puthoff

    It’s such a time as this I wish another character would get cancer and/or die.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    I can’t believe that I’m trying to figure out how this exchange makes sense, but here goes – Lefty’s comment is about precision and Dinkle is countering that his presentation was comprehensive as well. Thus the author adds another off the wall contribution to stand with “vendos”, “solo car date”, and “I stand in line”.

  6. @Gerard Plourde: That was my take on it. We’re getting more Batiukese that not only gives us more insight into how the maniac author thinks, it also allows Dinkle to boast that he has all the best words.

  7. Admittedly, it took me half a minute to come up with that, and maybe Tom Batiuk just doesn’t have that kind of time available.

    Nope, that doesn’t stand in line, on the whole. He has a whole year.

    If what Batiuk does is called writing, then I’m called Julius Caesar.


    The worst part is that Batiuk intends this to be Dinkle responding to Lefty’s compliment by congratulating himself on how great the clinic went, and Lefty practically beams in approval. Or, in other words, just like every other day in the Funkyverse. Over in Crankshaft, it would be hilarious if the busload of kids ruins Crazy Harry’s viewing of Casablanca.

  9. Hitorque

    This is why I’m convinced that we’ll never see Bull “retire”… He will spend more time at school than at home, and his successor will constantly tail him around the hallways and practice field, praising Bull’s experience and endless wisdom.