Dotting The “I”s, Crossing The (zzzzzz)s

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Good GOD man, this is STILL going on, just lumbering along like TB at a small town Comic Con “Silver Age” round-table discussion. F*cking PONDEROUS, man. As was speculated, Funky the loser has to re-take the driver’s test, which knowing what I know about FW, should go really, really well. I mean we all know how BanTom can wring any premise bone dry but geez, this is unbearable. Why is it that every other premise gets broken up into one or two week installments that take YEARS to play out but THIS one runs for months at a time? Sigh.



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  1. spacemanspiff85

    So, this storyline is pretty obviously leading to Funky bombing the DMV, right? Like he bombed the post office years ago, when they told him he needed to have his license with him when he wanted to get a passport.

  2. Wow, Funky is really terrified about having to retake the driver’s exam. I mean, I expect him to clutch his chest and scream, “My heart!”

    I guess Funky hasn’t driven a car in years. I also guess that Les Moore always has all of his expiration dates lined up, so that he can suss them in order. Except the one all the readers want: the day Les Moore dies horribly.

    And at length.

    And screaming in agony over the course of…oh, a month. I mean, be fair.

  3. count of tower grove

    Called this in Comics Kingdom two weeks ago. No doubt further hilarity to ensue.

  4. Bobby Joe

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. His license expired over a year ago. It is SOP to require a retest under those circumstances. I would assume he will need to take the written test and an eye test also.

  5. billytheskink

    I would say I’m more interested in what whichever of the Crankshaft’s neighbor-visiting twins that is in line is doing at the DMV, but I know this strip well enough to know it is probably less interesting than this. At least she’s as interested in this scene as we are.

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “It says here you need corrective lenses to drive.”

    “Who needs what now?”

    “Corrective lenses. Glasses. You need to wear glasses to drive.”

    “Oh, shit! I left my glasses at home!”

    And the hilarity continues…

  7. Jimmy

    Only TB could make a bored, humorless bureaucrat the sympathetic character in all this.

  8. Judging by the masthead, it would seem that we switch unintentionally sympathetic government officials. Also, judging by Crankshaft, we’re about to get even more unintentionally sympathetic outsiders when the state inspectors show up to ask Lena pointed questions about the collection of idiot bus drivers half-assing their way through life she fails to discipline.

  9. Rusty Shackleford


    Epic. Some of your best work! Unlike Batty’s work, this made me laugh.


    You know what these strips are really doing?

    They are letting us know just fucking boring Tom Batiuk’s life really is.

  11. If this storyline doesn’t end with Funky going off the wagon or being arrest for driving without a license, I’m going to be p!ssed.

  12. Over at the FW blog, TB continues to tease the 10th anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Lisa.

  13. Jim in Wisc.

    @TFHackett: The sad thing is, that drawing shows that Batiuk still has some artistic chops. He’s just too lazy to put in the effort on the day-to-day basis.

  14. It’s always interesting to read that blog. You come across sentences like this one (under Flash Fridays)

    “Zed, dumbs the weapons and let’s they wreak havoc there instead of in his spaceship”

    This is presumably after writing, reading, and re-reading.

    I know I don’t have the best grammar or spelling habits, but I always try to re-read what I post until it makes some kind of sense.

    And, apparently, we’re going to see a John Darling character retire in a Funky Winkerbean adventure this year.


    —And, apparently, we’re going to see a John Darling character retire in a Funky Winkerbean adventure this year. —

    Whoah, action packed! Retirement! Geez, it makes you wonder why kids are playing Playstation games and not reading such thrilling excitement in the comics pages!

  16. Don

    So, which day is going to have the comic book cover with somebody flying through an asteroid field, and at the bottom, the test instructor giving Funky some command like “turn into traffic”?

  17. Another thing I spotted at the Bantom Blog is this image–from the Lisa’s Story “boxed set” I gather.

    The drawing is not bad…except for the head. I guess that’s supposed to be Lisa, her head turned to the side wistfully, but it looks like one of the Cauliflower People sitting for a moment before dashing back into the forest.

  18. Jimmy

    You know by the statey’s look in the masthead, he does like Funky’s upcoming attempt at a pun.